Diabetic retinopathy group 7 period 2 new 4
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Diabetic retinopathy group 7 period 2 new 4 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By: Steyn Funk, Renata Offen, Nathaly Merine,Aileen
  • 2. Those who get affected… People who generally have long- term diabetes, or Type 1 and Type 2 Those who are Hispanic and African American have a greater risk There is no age limit with this disease; however it generally occurs in adolescents and people who have had diabetes for 30+ years It also affects both genders Extra info: Diabetes is a disease of the metabolism, which means it can either be genetic (born with it) or it can happen over time due to an unhealthy lifestyle
  • 3. Stages Of Diabetic Retinopathy Note the slow loss of red color the eye undergoes, and the change in vein size
  • 4. What is retinopathy? Damage to the eye’s retina that occurs with long-term diabetes Symptoms include: blind spots, difficulty in vision in dim light, double vision, hazy or blurry focus, pain in the eye, headaches, floating spots, no peripheral vision, and shadows Possible complications include: cataracts, glaucoma, macular edema, retinal detachment.
  • 5. This would be a person’s vision with amild to severe case of DiabeticRetinopathy
  • 6. Areas of infection Infects blood vessels in the eyes Blocks the blood vessel Small bleeding (or retinal hemorrhages) and fluid leaking into the retina. New blood vessels are fragile and can bleed Scars develop on retina and other parts of the eye (the vitreous, Macula, Optic Nerve, Retina, ext…)
  • 7. A test to determine the deterioration of the Macula is… Distortions could indicate a problem in the MACULA, the center of the retina. If you close one eye and look at something that should be straight, like the edge of a door, blinds on a window, or the grid shown below, you should not see distortions.
  • 8. In the diagramto the right youcan see thedamaged bloodvessels, inaddition it willcause redspots in theeye were thebloodcoagulates
  • 9. The cause of infection Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Damage to blood vessels of retina When you are diagnosed with Type 1 or 2 diabetes you are more susceptible to infection A person in adolescence or of more than 30 years with diabetes are at greatest risk
  • 10. Personal Treatment Prevention Control levels of: blood sugar blood pressure cholesterol Refrain from tobacco use In other words eat healthy and limit sugar intake along with regular exercise!!
  • 11. Other Treatments are… Surgical Treatments: focal laser photocoagulation is used Scatter laser treatment or panretinal photocoagulation Also surgical treatment called vitrectomy Perceptions include: corticosteroids
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