Endangered Species
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Endangered Species






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Endangered Species Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Endangered Species www.funnybytes.net
  • 2. TIGER 7,700 left, due to deforestation and poaching
  • 3. ALBATROSS 600 left, exploitation of their feathers and destruction of their habitat .
  • 4. BLUE WHALE Declined from 20000 to just 800 at the present day. Hunted for monetary gain.
  • 5. CHIMPANZEE 17,000 left, hunted for pets and the young are hunted for biomedical experiments.
  • 6. ELEPHANTS No count available, hunted for ivory and destruction of habitat
  • 7. GOLDEN TAMARIN 550 left, due to deforestation and agriculture
  • 8. GORILLA No count available, deforestation, agriculture, poaching and commercial logging
  • 9. MARKHOR 700 left. Hunting for trophies, and traditional Asian medicine.
  • 10. GREY WOLF Conflict with humans that misunderstand the threat and breeding with feral dogs. 50,000 left.
  • 11. HAWKSBILL TURTLE Believed to be only a few hundred left, hunted for their attractive shell
  • 12. IBERIAN LYNX Traps set for rabbits and foxes count for over half of the deaths, and lack of breeding range. 1000 left
  • 13. MANED SLOTH No count available, deforestation, hunted for pets and biomedical experiments
  • 14. HUMPBACK WHALE Just a few thousand left. Hunted to the brink of extinction, now making a slow incline in population.
  • 15. GIANT PANDA Only 400 left in the wild. Deforestation and hunted for their coats
  • 16. ARABIAN ORYX Only 700 left, over half of which are in captivity. Reason for decline was hunting for sport.
  • 17. MARINE OTTER Already extinct in most parts of the world, due to hunting for its fur.
  • 18. ORANG UTAN Only 5,500 left, deforestation and hunted for it skull
  • 19. RHINO 2,500 left, killed for sport, and hunted for its horn which is believed to have medicinal properties.
  • 20. RUFFED LEMUR Deforestation and hunting for pets
  • 21. SNOW LEOPARD 4,500 left. Hunted for its fur, and loss of natural prey
  • 22. SWIFT FOX 400 left. It was hunted to extinction in many parts of the world, but a conservation programme is reintroducing them back into the wild
  • 23. WOOLY SPIDER MONKEY 900 left. Deforestation and hunting the young as pets
  • 24. WHALE SHARK Very rare, count unknown. Decline to destruction of its natural food.
  • 25. GOLDEN BAMBOO LEMUR 1000 in a national park, none known elsewhere. Loss of habitat and hunting for pets.
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