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0906 - CIM presentation
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0906 - CIM presentation

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Presentation that I gave at the CIM tutors conference

Presentation that I gave at the CIM tutors conference

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  • About the research In late 2007, TNS media intelligence/Cymfony, in coordination with TNS UK, TNS media intelligence France and TNS Canadian Facts, conducted a survey dubbed, “Harnessing Influence: How Savvy Brands are Unleashing the New Power of Blogs and other Social Media.” Speaking with executives from companies like Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Hyundai, and GlaxoSmithKline, TNS media intelligence/Cymfony polled 70+ marketers around the globe about their experiences incorporating all types of social media tools in their marketing strategies. Represented countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France.
  • Lets see how digital storytelling can come together as part of a campaign. As part of a product launch…Lets look at the campaign for Windows Server 2008Beta release viral video (launch +12 mo)Naming Convention flash slideshow (launch +9 moDigital Storytelling (via Publisher @ launch)Lone Server Campaign (via direct @ launch)Seeded to video sharing sitesDistribution via DPRPick up by 32 tech / IT blogs~25,000 video views Translated and used by the subs300,000 downloads of Beta 3 codePackaged pitch with screencasts, product video, interviewsFacilitated publishers’ digital video crews to launch event30 instances of third party multimedia coverage from launch (videos, podcasts and interactive slide shows)Video interviews with eWeek, InfoWorld, CNET and othersLaunched blog “written” by the Lone ServerSupported by Facebook & LinkedIn initiativesSeeded to video sharing sites~90,000 video views70,000 visits to the Lone Server blog>700 ‘friends’ via Social Media sitesPick up by 60 tech / IT blogs


  • 1. Planning for a digital future
    Ged Carroll: director, digital strategies
  • 2. In this presentation
    Who am I?
    Why digital?
    The environment (at least the way we see it)
    The challenges that PR as an industry faces
    Some case studies
    Liz Claiborne
    World Malaria Day
  • 3. Who On Earth Am I?
  • 4. Why digital?
    Media fragmentation
    Declining editorial space
    Blurring lines between editorial and commercial space in some media sectors
    Easier measurement
    Direct audience engagement
    24/7/365 reputational risk
  • 5. If you had to live on a deserted island which would you take?
  • 6. Global marketers viewpoint
    Which of the following most closely matches your personal point of view on the
    potential impact that social media will have in business?
    TNS media intelligence/Cymfony polled 70+ marketers around the globe about their experiences incorporating all types of social media tools in their marketing strategies. Represented countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France.
  • 7. People trust ‘people like us’
    • Edelman found that people most likely to trust ‘people like me’
    Marketers realising that WOM is an extension of loyalty
    • Fits in with Net Promoter measure
    Marketers finding greater efficiency in focusing on consumers who count
  • 8. Changes on the web
  • 9. Changes in online communications
  • 10. Digital and PR challenges
    • Over 50 per cent of online PR is done by marketing and digital agencies
    • 11. Currently falls between digital marketing, customer services, SEO and PR for most organisations
    • 12. PR runs the risk of being defined by its traditional channels
    • 13. Lack of expertise and resources in research, planning, measurement and monitoring
    • 14. Lack of resources, support and training from CIPR/PRCA etc
    • 15. Other digital marketing disciplines filling online PR skills chasm
    • 16. Measurement is a never-ending debate in PR
    Does PR as a discipline have ‘brand permission’ in the online space?
  • 17. Here’s something that we made earlier…
  • 18. The thought kitchen
    Nau had great ideas for a sustainable clothing line
    They sustained their brand and customer base through bankruptcy to be sold and re-emerge
  • 19. Reducing customer dissonance
    HTC struggled to handle all the customer service enquiries
    Complex devices
    Challenging software partner
    Looking to launch its own-brand in Western markets
  • 20. The UN stands up against poverty
    The UN needed to create awareness and generate interest for an event designed to highlight and reinforce the pledge made by governments from 189 countries to work toward the eradication of poverty worldwide by 2015.
    Targeted more than 343 influentials via three digital press releases
    SEO that increased impressions and clicks by 20 percent
    Conducted blogger outreach that resulted in at least 338 blog posts
    25,000 followed via Twitter
    290,400 connections via LinkedIn
    9,500+ views on YouTube and UStream.TV
  • 21. Love is respect
    Liz Claiborne wanted to engage teens, parents, and communities in their campaign to raise awareness of teen dating abuse
    Bring campaign content, including videos, information and user-generated content, to popular social networking
    Webby Award-winning campaign created thousands of teen advocates igniting conversations and communities across facebook, myspace and YouTube
  • 22. World Malaria Day
    Raise awareness of malaria and the MDG
    Highlight work that has been done by partners
    Encourage consumers to show political support for the Global Malaria Action Plan
  • 23. The lone server
  • 24. Portumna
    • Portumna has been a commercial centre for centuries
    • 25. Position at a strategic crossing point on the river Shannon
    • 26. Local shopkeepers who’ve know my family for at least four generations
    • 27. Understand their consumer needs
    • 28. Life-long relationships
    We’re trying to ‘bottle this lightning’ with online marketing!
  • 29. Any questions?
  • 30. Thank you for listening
    http://ruderfinn.co.uk | http://renaissancechambara.jp