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Past Tense Continuous

Past Tense Continuous



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    Heath u09 past_tensecontinuouspp Heath u09 past_tensecontinuouspp Presentation Transcript

    • PAST CONTINUOUS FORM:WAS/WERE (AUXILIARY VERB --BE ) + PRESENT PARTICIPLE (MAIN VERB)EX. YESTERDAY, I WAS PLAYING SOCCER.   Yesterday:  Today: • It happened in the past. • The action was continuous. • The action is now over.
    • HOW DO WE MAKE THE PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE? Subject + auxiliary verb BE (conjugated in simple past tense) + main verb (present participle)  Subject + was/were + base + ing I + was + watching TV. I was watching TV. was watching = Past Continuous
    • THERE ARE 6 MAIN USES OF PAST TENSE CONTINUOUS:  4. Atmosphere 1. Interrupted Action in the Past  Example: At the fair, a lady was drinking cola, while another one was watching the Ferris wheel. A man was paying for a game and his son was playing another one. The sun was shining and the flags were blowing in the wind. Example: I was watching TV when she called me. 2. Specific Time as an Interruption 5. Repetition and Irritation with “Always” Example: Last night at 7pm, I was watching TV. Example: She was always coming to school late. 3. Parallel Time 6. Polite Questions Example: I was wondering if you could give me Example: When Tom was reading, I directions? was watching TV.
    • PAST TENSE CONTINUOUS FORMS Positive I was singing. You were singing. We were singing. They were singing. He was singing. Example: He was singing. She was singing. It was singing. Negative I was not singing. You were not singing. We were not singing. They were not singing. He was not singing. Example: He was not singing. She was not singing. It was not singing. Question Was I singing? Were you singing? Were we singing? Were they singing? Was he singing? Example: Was he singing? Was she singing? Was it singing?
    • WAS VS. WERE TO FORM THE PAST CONTINUOUS PHRASE, YOU WOULD: Use was + present participle for 1 person or thing Examples: He was dancing all night long! She was talking the whole night! The dog was not tired. It was running the whole time! The car was making noise the entire trip. Use were + present participle for more than one person or thing. Examples: The people were cheering the entire game. (please note: In a sentence like: The crowd was cheering. You would use was cheering because it is 1 crowd.) The players were running down the field. The birds were chirping. The dogs were barking.
    • TODAY FOR OUR LESSON WE WILL BE FOCUSING ON THE FIRST 3 USES : 1. Interrupted Action in the Past Example: I was watching TV when she called me. 2. Specific Time as an Interruption Example: Last night at 7pm, I was eating dinner. 3. Parallel Time Example: When you were reading, Tom was watching TV.
    • INTERRUPTED ACTION IN THE PAST : USE THE PAST CONTINUOUS TO INDICATE THAT A LONGERACTION IN THE PAST WAS INTERRUPTED. PLEASE SEE THE DIAGRAM BELOW. 1. Interrupted Action in the Past: Examples: I was watching TV when you asked me a question. When the doorbell rang, she was cooking dinner. While we were playing soccer, it started to rain. What were you doing when the car crashed? I was listening to the radio, so I didnt hear the phone ring. You were not listening to me when I told you to turn the water off. While Kate was sleeping last night, her cat ran away.
    • LET’S PRACTICE!SEE IF YOU CAN FIND THE PAST CONTINUOUS PHRASES IN THIS STORY. HIGHLIGHTCIRCLE OR WRITE THE ANSWERS DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER.Remember to look for: was/were + present participle (-ing)Yesterday, I was playing soccer. While Julia was kicking the soccer ball, it started to rain. I was running to my car and I tripped. I looked at my knee and I saw that I was bleeding. I was looking for my phone and I heard thunder. When I looked up, a baby was crying. I jumped into my car and I looked up. I saw that the rain was coming down hard. We were hoping it would stop. We really wanted to play soccer again!Answers: was/were + present participlewas playing was + playingwas kicking was + kickingwas running was + runningwas bleeding was + bleedingwas looking was + lookingwas crying was + cryingwas coming was + comingwere hoping were + hoping
    • SPECIFIC TIME AS AN INTERRUPTION: THE PAST CONTINUOUS IS INTERRUPTED AT A SPECIFICTIME Please note: the only difference between this use and use #1 is the specific time stated. Examples: Last night at 10 PM, I was brushing my teeth. At midnight, we were still dancing. Yesterday at this time, I was sitting at my desk at work. Two days ago, at 9 AM, she was flying to California. Yesterday at lunchtime, he was sleeping. At 8 PM last night, the movie theater was starting to get crowded.
    • LET’S PRACTICE! Remember to use: was/were + present participle (-ing) At 10 pm last night, I ___________. (sleep) Yesterday, he ___________ outside all day. (play) Yesterday morning, my dog __________ a lot! (bark) This past Tuesday, my throat ___________ me. (hurt) The other day at school, she __________ a lot. (talk) This past winter it _________for two days straight. (snow)
    • LET’S CHECK OUR ANSWERS: At 10 pm last night, I was sleeping. (sleep) Yesterday, he was playing outside all day. (play) Yesterday morning, my dog was barking a lot! (bark) This past Tuesday, my throat was hurting me. (hurt) The other day at school, she was talking a lot. (talk) This past winter it was snowing for two days straight. (snow)
    • PARALLEL TIME: THIS IS THE IDEA THAT BOTH ACTIONS WERE HAPPENING ATTHE SAME TIME. THE ACTIONS ARE PARALLEL. 3. Parallel TimeExample: She was studying while he was washing his car. While I was reading, Andrew was watching television. Were you listening while I was talking? What were you doing while you were waiting? The children were talking while the teacher was reading. He was honking the horn as the children were crossing the street. The water was boiling as I was sleeping.
    • LET’S PRACTICE! OPTIONS FOR ANSWERS: 1. She ______ while he _____his teeth  was cooking  was watching 2. While I_______, Andrew _________ television.  were, listening  was talking 3. ____ you ______ while I  was whistling ______?  was sleeping 4. The children ______while the teacher__________.  were playing  was teaching  5. The tea pot _______as I  was singing ________.  was brushingYOU WILL HAVE 5 MINUTES.
    • LET’S CHECK OUR ANSWERS! 1. She was singing while he was brushing his teeth 2. While I was cooking, Andrew was watching television. 3. Were you listening while I was talking? 4. The children were playing while the teacher was teaching. 5. The tea pot was whistling as I was sleeping.
    • While I was teaching, were you listening??? (joke)
    • LET’S REVIEW! Past Continuous Form: was/were + present participle Today, we learned 3 types of uses: Interrupted Action in the Past : Use the Past Continuous to indicate that a longer action in the past was interrupted. Specific Time as an Interruption: the past continuous is interrupted at a specific time Parallel Time: This is the idea that both actions were happening at the same time. The actions are parallel.
    • GET READY FOR TOMORROW’S LESSON: USE 4: Polite questions USE 5: Irritation
    • SOURCES: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/pastc ontinuous.html http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verb- tenses_past-continuous_s.htm http://www.englishtenses.com/tenses/past_c ontinuous