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Job Search readiness

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Career readiness training_ii 3

  1. 1. Career ReadinessTraining
  2. 2. ObjectivesTo understand the steps in careerpreparation.To understand a job skills assessment.How to conduct an effective job search.How to apply effective interviewingstrategies.
  3. 3. Pennsylvania Department Standards (PDE) forCareer Education and Work.13.1. A, B, D13.2. A, B13.3
  4. 4. IntroductionCareer Awareness and PreparationHave you researched your career options based on your personal interestand abilities?Do you know current labor market information; i.e education, skills andemployment experience required for desired job?What career preparation opportunities are available at your school?Do you have prior work experience?Do you have a resume and cover letter?Do you have computer access with internet?Do you have a professional email address?Do you have a professional voice message?Do you have appropriate interview and work attire?Do you know yourself?
  5. 5. PDE 13.1 Course ContentCareer AssessmentExperience OpportunitiesLabor market researchJob SearchingInterviewing Tips and Techniques
  6. 6. Self AssessmentWhat are your interest/What do you liketo do?What is desired salary expectation?Are you organized?Good at planning?What are your technical or computerskills?Are you dependable?Do you have good Communicationskills?Are you a team player?
  7. 7. Personal Interest– Helping others (nursing, social services, teaching,childcare)– Service worker (hospitality/hotel, postal, transportation.– Manufacturing/Labor– Outdoors (physical, recreation, gardening)– Office work (talking on phone, typing, memos/messages,reception)– Cooking– Cleaning– Computers– Typing
  8. 8. OrganizationTake notes, writing things down.
  9. 9. PlanningDo you plan ahead.Do you organizeyourself before animportant event.Are you prepared.
  10. 10. Computer/TechnicalSkillsMicrosoft OfficeExcelPowerpointOutlookTypingInternet
  11. 11. CommunicatingOn phoneIn personWriting
  12. 12. DependableOn timeGood attendance
  13. 13. Team PlayerWork well with othersGood attitude
  14. 14. Experience OpportunitiesInternshipVolunteeringPart-time employmentApprenticeshipTemp work“Career Days”Community ServiceJob Shadowing
  15. 15. Where do you want to work• Location– City, State, Region• Industry– Business– Social Services– Education– Health Care
  16. 16. Labor market research• Review education and experience required foryour desired career goal.• Identify possible job titles.• What is the current market salary range.• Is the position in demand in your local area.• Is there expected industry growth.
  17. 17. Begin the Job Search• Browse company websites• Search and register on local, state, government resources; i.e. Careerlinks, Civil Service, USA GOV.• Network professionally and socially; Linkedin, Facebook, ect.• Browse and register on internet job boards (monster, career builders,, Craigs list, snag a job)• Browse local and neighborhood newspapers.– TAKE NOTES!!!!! company HR contact names, email address information (ifavailable)• GET EXPOSURE!!!!!– mail letter of interest, or cover letter and or resume directly to HR contact.• Build profiles(if required)• Have contact info for at least three references.
  18. 18. Searching• I have an electronic resume on a flash drive or in my email.• I regularly check the career center web sites for openings.• I keep track of my contacts, interviews and other job-search activities.• I follow up on every interesting job lead immediately.• I let friends and family know I am job searching.• I keep updated copies of my resume in case I receive a callfrom an employer.• I follow-up each cover letter with a phone call or e-mail tothe employer requesting a job interview.• I send thank you letters or e-mails immediately to everyperson who interviews me.
  19. 19. 10 Effective Job Search Strategies
  20. 20. Effective interviewing skills.Top 10 Interview Questions and Best AnswersBy Alison Doyle, Guide
  21. 21. 13.2.B Sample interview Q & ATell me about yourself.What are your greatest strengths.What are your greatest weaknesses.How do you handle stress and pressureWhy do you want this jobWhy should we hire you.What are your goals for the future
  22. 22. Strength statements“When Im working on a project, I dont want just to meet deadlines. Rather, Iprefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule.”“My time management skills are excellent and Im organized, efficient, andtake pride in excelling at my work.”“I am dependable, on time and will stay until the job is finished.”“I have a good attitude, am a team player, and work well with others.”“I pride myself on my customer service skills and my ability toresolve what could be difficult situations.”**make sure strengths are related to job description and provide examples.
  23. 23. Weakness statementsReplace “weakness” with the word “challenge”“One of my challenges was to type faster, so I enrolled in a typing course”“I began taking an on-line typing tutoring course.”“This was a challenge for me so I decided to return to school to improve my skills andknowledge in this area…….”“I changed my time management methods to improve my efficiency.”“I developed a new method to improve my ……”*BE prepared to give an examples of how youimproved the weakness or challenge!!!
  24. 24. How you handle pressure or stress• Give an example of how you handled an irate orangry customer in your previous employment.• Give an example of how you handled a difficult co-worker.• Give an example of how you accomplished a difficulttask or assignment within a deadline.• Give an example of how you handled a situation youthought was unfair; steps you took, what was theresult.****DO NOT overstate, oneexample is sufficient!
  25. 25. Why do you want this job“I’m a people person and really enjoy working with all typesof people.”“I’ve done some research on your company and see that youhave been in business…..”“I’m looking for an organization that provides promotionand growth opportunities.”“I have always wanted to work in…….”*Responses should include why your skills would make youthe best person for the job; always job related!!!!Avoid discussing personal issues or problems unless asked!
  26. 26. Why should we hire YOU!“You should hire me because I am a good workerand Im sincere about my work.”“I’m dependable and will stay until the work getsfinished.”“I’m a hard worker, with a very positive attitude,and take pride in my work.”“If you hire me, you will be getting a hard workerwho is dependable, has a good attitude, willing tolearn, with excellent customer service skills.”DON’T BE AFRAID TO SELL YOURSELF!!!!!
  27. 27. Goal statements“My short term goal is to get a position with a stableand growing company.”“My long term goal is to return to school for anadvanced degree in ………”“Eventually I’d like return to school to…..”“’I would to to grow with the company ………….”
  28. 28. Job Interview Tips
  29. 29. 13.3 Career Advancement and Retention SkillsAttitude and habits that promote employment.AttendancePunctualityKeeping a positive attitudeEnthusiasmTeam WorkAvoiding conflict, problem solving.
  30. 30. Career PreparationAssessmentBegin
  31. 31. An Office Worker needs the following type of skills.1. Technical2. Communication3. Organization4. Planning5. All of the above
  32. 32. Technical SkillsGood try!!!!You do need technical skills in the office, but thatis not all.Go back and try another.
  33. 33. Communication SkillsNot quiteHaving good verbal and writing communication skills willimprove your employment opportunities, but there are othersskills an office worker needs.Go back and try again
  34. 34. OrganizationNoBeing organized shows you have order andstructure, but there are more skillsneeded!Try again
  35. 35. Planning skillsAlmostAs an office worker, you may be asked to planand arrange an event and you need goodplanning skills to accomplish this.Try Again!!!
  36. 36. All of the AboveCorrect!!!You must have Technical, Communication,Planning, and Organization Skills to be aneffective Office Worker!!!!
  37. 37. During your career preparation, whatis the first thing you should do?Browse newspaper articles and internet job sites.Write a resume and cover letter.Research the qualifications for my desired job.Do a personal assessment of my interest, skills, and,experience.
  38. 38. X NoBrowsing the internet is part of the job search process,but what skills and abilities do you currently have.Go back and try again.
  39. 39. No, Try Again
  40. 40. Correct!!!This would be the best starting point inyour career preparation to match yourskills and interest with the right careerchoices!
  41. 41. X NoResearching qualifications is a good, but do you knowyour skills and work experience?Go back and try again
  42. 42. X NoHaving a completed resume and cover before you beginyour career preparation would be a helpful guide, butyou have to know what your skills and work experienceare before you can begin to write it.Go back and try again
  43. 43. Sally feels she is ready to start her job search.She knows what she wants, knows her skills, andknows her work experience. Sally is ready tostart looking for the job.TrueFalse
  44. 44.  TrueSally needs to conduct the following market research activities tomake her job search more effective: Research organizations or companies in her area that hiresomeone with her skills, interests and background. Research potential career fields: typical entry-level jobs,typical salaries, best geographic location for her desired jobpositions. Identify the top three geographic areas where she would liketo live and work.
  45. 45.  Register with various Career Services agencies,and build her profiles (if required) by variousemployers. Create a resume, cover letter, and letter ofinterest. Identify three individuals who will serve asreferences. Develop her interview skills, and prepare bypracticing responses to typical questions.Sally will need to do more preparation before starting.
  46. 46. X FalseSally will need to spend additionaltime and effort preparing to make herjob search more effective.Go back and try again
  47. 47.  Have an interview suit that is appropriate forthe field in which she plans to work. Have a professional-sounding answeringmachine/voice mail message in case anemployer calls. Have a professional e-mail address to give toemployers.
  48. 48. Now you are ready to goget that job!!!!!
  49. 49. Thank YouShawn Linda Brownbrowns12@duq.eduM.S. Educational StudiesDuquesne University