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Unit7 upa


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  • 1. Name:___________________________ Date:_________________________ Period:_________ Leveling the Playing Field Objective: Create an outline and essay that identifies and analyzes the conditions that led to the civil rights movement and evaluates the various goals and tactics of its key participants.Most high school history textbooks state that the civil rights movement began in1954 with theSupreme Court’s ruling in the case of Brown v. Board of Education and ended with the passage of thecivil rights act of 1968. However, the history of the civil rights movement in the Unites States beganwith early efforts to end slavery in the nation’s then fledgling democracy. Moreover, as of 1973, thecivil rights movement was still alive. Indeed, the major groups were still operating, but failed to adjustto the problems that arose out of federally imposed school desegregation. Thus, 1973 effectivelyended the era of the civil rights movement. Regardless of its timeline, the civil rights movement hashad an enduring impact in American society. Ultimately, it ensured for African Americans the samecitizenship rights that European Americans took for granted, inspired later social reform movements,and brought the nation closer to realizing the revolutionary ideals on which it was founded.Your task is to create an outline and a paragraph that relates the civil rights movement primarysource document that your group will be assigned.Step One: Analyze the assigned document and answer the related questions.Step Two: Each group presents their document and answers.Step Three: As a class, you will develop a thesis statement that: 1. Discusses two laws or actions that were used by those who wanted to maintain racial segregation in the United States. 2. Discusses two laws of action utilized by groups or individuals seeking greater civil rights for African Americans. 3. Evaluates the successes or failures of each of those actions.Step Four: Each group will outline a paragraph relating to their document. Once the outline has beenapproved by your teacher, you may write a correlating paragraph.Step Five: Each group presents their paragraph.Step Six: You will develop as conclusion, as a class, that brings together all of the information gainedfrom the unit and corresponding documents.Each group will submit their document with questions answered, their outline, and final paragraph.