Obama Proposals

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  • 1. Barack Obama’s Proposals for the United States By the 5th Graders of Chestnut Hill
  • 2.
    • While Barack Obama was campaigning for the 2008 Presidential Election, he made proposals about education, the environment, healthcare, the economy, Iraq, terrorism and national security, and immigration. This presentation will explain his proposals on each of these issues.
  • 3. Education
    • Believes in Early Education
    • Wants to change “No Child Left Behind”
    • Feels Science and Math should be main subjects
    • Wants to reward good teachers
    • Give poor schools support
    • Fire bad teachers
    • Create a “Zero to Five” plan which will help young children, infants and parents
    • Reduce our high school dropout rate by helping parents get more involved in their child’s education
  • 4. Environment
    • Wants to create a government program that would share climate-friendly technologies with other less wealthy nations
    • Have reward programs for forest owners, farmers, and ranchers
    • Make better environmentally-
    • friendly vehicles
  • 5. Iraq
    • Start to remove troops from Iraq immediately
    • In 16 months all combat will be gone
    • Keep no troops in Iraq
  • 6. Terrorism & National Security
    • Increase security on dangerous chemical plants near places with a high population
    • Create nationwide systems for evacuating people and reuniting families during problems like hurricanes
    • Give money to places with large
    • populations and not enough
    • protection for anti-terrorism
    • and security
  • 7. Jobs & the Economy
    • Raise the wages that workers get
    • Make new laws to keep people from losing their homes
    • Help smaller companies stay in business in small towns
  • 8. Health Care
    • Lower health care costs
    • Require coverage for all children
    • Wants large businesses to help pay for employee insurance
    • Wants the government to loan families and without money for health insurance
    • Wants insurance companies spend more for patient care
  • 9.
    • We hope that you better understand Barack Obama’s ideas about each of these issues. Obama will be President for at least the next four years. Remember these issues and we will see if he keeps these promises.
  • 10. Credits
    • Nolan Berkenfeld
    • Jayda Brown
    • Joe Catalano
    • Max Harris
    • Nicole Epstein
    • Hailey Katz
    • Chad Katzelnick
    • Spencer Manus
    • Brian Rhee
    • Jordan Russo
    • Joley Schneider
    • Parker Siegel
    • Jacob Sycoff