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Working title thriller
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Working title thriller


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  • 1. Working Title: Vanishing Balloons
  • 2. Characters• David James- David is the protagonist of the film. He is a twisted human who preys on little children and the hopeless. An apparently normal man with a sickening past time. Growing thoughts make him increasingly experimental in an increasing catalogue of crimes against people.• Little girl- an innocent young girl around the age of 5 with not a care in the world who is just enjoying her day at the park and her new pink balloon.• The mother- The mother of the little girl who has not got enough time to properly watch her child as she chats away on her phone and ignores her daughter.• Background characters are just other parents and children at the park.
  • 3. Casting• My Niece• Steve Brush• My Sister
  • 4. Inspirations• Monster- I live the fact that in monster the protagonist is the serial killer and we get to understand her as a person and what drives her as well as the complications along her journey• Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs- In these I like the psychological side of the serial killers and the fact that they are twisted in deeper ways that just the way they look.
  • 5. Conventions Used• Sub Genre-• One of the conventions of thrillers is that there is usually crime at the center of the plot like murder. This is the case with my movie.• I will also use theatre of the mind which can also be much more compelling to the spectator as what we see in your heads can often be much worse than can be portrayed on screen.• The protagonist in thrillers are normally ones with flaws and often question the audience whether they are good, in my case the main character is the killer and follows this convention.• In some ways I will come away from the conventions as it wont use a lot of quick cuts but rather longer takes to create and build tension within the scene.• I will also come away from the conventions as I will be using higher key lighting rather than the low key lighting usually thought of in thrillers.
  • 6. Storyline• The story begins by the spectator witnessing one of Davids kidnappings through a very restricted narrative. After the title there would be a flash back to 5 years before as to when he first took a child and killed it. After the flash back we see him a years later and who was once scrappy, become almost obsessive over his methods on capturing and killing children. Throughout the film we follow him through some of his murders and kidnappings to his eventual demise and capture by the police. It would be narrated as to make the audience still feel some kind of connection with this twisted being and make the spectator question their morals along the way.
  • 7. Introduction• The intro begins with an establishing shot of the park playground with few kids playing as it’s a cold day. We then see and hear a woman speaking on the phone as her child plays with her balloon skipping about innocently. As the child skips over to her mother asking to play with her, her mother just shouts in rage as she is trying to speak on the phone. As she screams at her child the kid begins to slowly walk away leaving her mother to speak on the phone. She wonders off from her mum and ends up out of her sight as she gets carried away with her balloon. In the distance shes sees a man who also has a balloon. The shady looking man with the balloon holds out his balloon as if to offer the child. Out of her innocence and naivety she is easily persuaded and runs over to grab a hold of It as he kneels down and begins to whisper in her ear. With all this going on the mother is still on her phone. He then takes the little girls hand and walks around the corner of the gate. To which the balloons are seen floating away.
  • 8. Sample Titles
  • 9. Locations• The main location I will be using is Streatham Vale park as it isnt usually too busy so will be sure to not attract to much attention. It is also easily accessible as its around the corner from my house.• Another location I will be using is the small forest around the corner from my street as it looks very creepy and when I was younger there was always mystery around it.
  • 10. Mise en Scene• I will need two balloons, 1 for the little girl and one for the Protagonist. I will use a pink balloon for the girl and a black balloon for David, This also shows the polar opposites and contrast between good and evil.• I will need a phone for the mother what she is talking on whilst shouting at her child.
  • 11. Costume• School Uniform-This is to show the innocence of the little girl and the polar opposites of the protagonist wearing dark clothes and her wearing a school uniform.• Casual Clothes for both the protagonist and the mother. This is to show the normality he tries to give of on people rather than looking like a psycho.