Evaluation Q4


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Evaluation Q4

  1. 1. Evaluation Q4 How did you use technologies in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Research & Planning The Weebly website has helped me and made it easy to post all my work such as my research and planning. It has different ways on how you can present your work, such as JPEG images, texts, html links, documents, YouTube etc. It also allowed me to add pages on my blog therefore I was able to organise my work in order. This made it easier for me to find my work as well.
  3. 3. Research & Planning For my research, I used PowerPoint as it was one of the easiest way to present my work. It also allows you to have a concise design to present your work throughout doing so. In order to present my work on the Weebly website, I made an account on Slideshare and uploaded the presentation that I wanted. I then copied the embed code and pasted it on the website so I could display my presentation.
  4. 4. Research & Planning YouTube allowed me to find existing soap trailers in order for me to analyse them as well as to do my preliminary task. It also allowed me to upload the video to the Weebly website easily therefore it can also be viewed easily.
  5. 5. Research & Planning As part of my planning, I have used Word to do some paperwork before we could film our trailer, such as the Shooting Script. I then posted this on the Weebly website.
  6. 6. Construction Equipment we used: A tripod to allow the footage taken to be steady and to allow to pan the camera from left to right A digital video camera to film high quality videos A DSLR camera to take pictures for the ancillary products at a high quality for a professional look
  7. 7. Construction For both of my ancillary products, the front cover magazine and the billboard poster, I have used Adobe Photoshop to edit the images and to create the products.
  8. 8. Construction – Magazine Cover Firstly, I opened the images we took at a studio that I wanted to use I then used the Eraser Tool and the Quick Selection Tool to get rid off the background
  9. 9. Construction – Magazine Cover I used the Horizontal Type Tool to add texts on the page. I then double-clicked the layer of a text to add effects. E.g. for the title of the magazine I added the ‘Drop Shadow’ effect to add a more professional look
  10. 10. Construction – Magazine Cover I clicked on the Rectangle Tool and chose the Line Tool, Ellipse Tool and Rectangle Tool to make all the shapes that I wanted on the magazine. I then used the Path Selection Tool to change the colour of the shapes.
  11. 11. Construction – Magazine Cover I added the rest of the images and texts to make sure that the whole page is covered and that I followed the conventions I also rotated some of the texts by selecting the layer of the text and going to Edit > Transform > Rotate
  12. 12. Construction – Billboard Poster Firstly, I edited all the images that I used one by one before creating the actual poster on Photoshop. I have done this by using the same tools for erasing the background as when making my magazine cover, which is the Easer Tool and the Quick Selection Tool
  13. 13. Construction – Billboard Poster Here are the images of the characters before and after:
  14. 14. Construction – Billboard Poster I flipped this image by going to Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Horizontal in order for my poster to look better I then put all the images together and added a brick wall background that I got from the internet by clicking File > Open. I also then added the rest of the texts by using the Type Tool, and changed the colour and added effects on them.
  15. 15. Construction – Trailer The music I have used in my trailer came from the Incompetech website. I clicked on Royalty-Free Music and chose ‘intense’ and ‘mysterious’, and then downloaded it.
  16. 16. Construction – Trailer I have added sound effects to my clips in my trailer by finding the sound effect I wanted on YouTube. I then copied the link of the video Then I went on the Video2mp3 website and pasted the link to convert the video into mp3
  17. 17. Evaluation Prezi is one of the easiest and the most creative way of presenting your work therefore I have used it to present one of the evaluation questions. It has allowed me to present something in a certain way that I want by adding paths. This enabled me to move from one location to another, e.g. from a text to an image.
  18. 18. Evaluation It was easy for me to add different frames and to add arrows to present my work more creatively by just clicking the Frames & Arrows box. Prezi has also allowed me to insert images easily by clicking the Insert box.
  19. 19. Evaluation For my evaluation, I also used PowerPoint to present my work. It was an easy and simple way to present screen shots of my work and to annotate them. Just like in my research & planning, in order for me to put it on my blog I had to upload it on Slideshare and get the embed code so I could post it on my blog.
  20. 20. Evaluation I have also used the Weebly website to display my evaluation work. I made a page for each evaluation question so that it was easy to access.
  21. 21. Evaluation I have used QuickTime Player to do a short screen recording of how I used iMovie to create my trailer for one of my evaluation questions. This has allowed me to easily demonstrate how I used iMovie and what I did in order to create my trailer.