RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter April 2013


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RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Newsletter April 2013

  1. 1. MGM NEWSLETTER April - 2013 RE/MAX MGM Safal Profitaire, Block A, G5, Corporate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden Road, Ahmedabad – 380 015 Phone : +91 99090 66999 Email: Management Speak: Congratulations to all the affiliates of RE/MAX MGM. We did it again at RE/MAX conven- tion by getting highest awards and by having maximum presence with highest number of participants from RE/MAX MGM region at convention. I congratulate all the affiliates for their outstanding performance and for getting awards for the same at the 4th RRR at Goa. I would also like to share the news that RE/ MAX MGM bid for the 5th RRR convention for the year 2014 and won the bid for organizing 2014 convention in the one of the cities of MGM region. We would be announcing the city for the RRR 2014 convention soon. In April we have grown in numbers with new BAs joining and new offices getting signed. I wish them all the best for the association with RE/MAX. This newsletter contains lot of exciting news and events we did in the month of April. List is very long but to name a few 4th RRR update, technology updates with some statistical data, BOs of Mumbai and Pune jointly participating in property exhibition, CSR activities done in our regions etc. As per apex industry body Assocham,Gujarat has cornered the maximum share, 41 per cent, of new investments attracted by the real estate sector across India during the last fiscal. Further the report says, while most of the States have seen a decline in attracting new invest- ments in the realty sector, Gujarat has seen a surge of over 700 per cent as the State has attracted investments worth over Rs 17,000 crore as of March 2013 from just over Rs 2,000 crore a year ago. So it’s a time for all of us to work hard and take advantage of the positive news. I hope you will find this newsletter informative and helpful. I am looking forward to exciting time ahead in RE/MAX MGM. Aashil Patel Regional Director RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra HighLIGHTS »» Management Speak »» New Broker Owners & Associates »» GOLD V/S REAL ESTATE »» Online Training »» BO & BA SPEAKS »» 100 % Commission Concept »» Events and Seminars »» Announcement of RRR 5 »» C S R& Branding »» RE/MAX MGM Slide Share / YouTube/ FB stats. »» Broker Office Activities »» Awards @ RRR 4 RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  2. 2. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra registered 7new agents in the month of April 2013. RE/MAX MGM congratulates all these Broker Associates for joining RE/MAX and wishes them all the best. RE/MAX Advantage SalimRavani RE/MAX Advantage Chirag Vyas RE/MAX Advantage KAUSHIK VYAS RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS Sameer Sud RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS Vicky Jhaveri RE/MAX CONNECTIONS ishal Wadhwani RE/MAX Realty Plus Pahilaj ONLINE TRAINING IN APRIL 2013 Date Session Name 3/4/2013 Technology at RE/MAX 10/4/2013 Working with Buyers Part - 1 17/4/2013 Working with Buyers Part - 2 1/5/2013 Working with Sellers Part – 1 13/3/13 15 Mistakes of BA And here we grow again! RE/MAX MGM congratulates Mr. Anand Choksi and Mr. Birav Shah for signing a new Broker office. Mr. Birav Shah, a very successful Broker Associate of RE/MAX Advantage, Ahmedabad has partnered with Mr. Anand Choksi, his broker owner and become a Broker Owner in their new Franchise Office, RE/MAX Properties. This is indeed very inspiring for all the affiliates in the network. Congratulations to Mr. Anand Choksi who has nurtured and trained all his associates and provided a platform to launch themselves into one step ahead. Many Congratulations to Mr. Birav Shah and Mr. Anand Choksi. Franchise Signing ceremony at RRR 4 Goa. Franchise Signing ceremony at Regional Office, Ahmedabad.
  3. 3. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra GTPL interview of Manan Choksi on Real Estate queries. BA INDUCTION TRAINING at Ahmedabad & Pune be 11 Broker Associates attended Induction training at Regional office Ahmedabad RE/MAX MGM organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with ARA Training for Broker Associates in Pune was held in Pune last month and 7 affiliates attended the training. Branding Advertisements in local newspapers.
  4. 4. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Gold V/S Real Estate: Investment Competitors Last Tuesday, the day of Akshaya Tritiya to be precise, one found crowds clamouring to buy a piece of the yellow metal that indisputably has been in vogue for 5000 years. But fans of gold have diminished and are now looking at other investments (except on days when they buy the yellow metal to appease their superstitions). It is true that even a few decades back people used to buy gold, especially during economically uncertain times. But then there was no other choice in terms of investment. In recent years Real Estate investments is giving gold a run for its money, literally! The biggest common factor because of which they are comparable to each other is the investment of black money. There are very few options available in the market for keeping black money safe, and earning a return on such investment. Gold advocates proclaim that the metal is immune to inflation, economic or political crises. And Realtors argue that investing in property is secure. They consider gold or any other metal to be money and are vulnerable like other currencies. They can be considered a part of savings but not as an investment as such. In the Gold Vs Real Estate scenario, real estate definitely has the upper edge as a potential of yielding higher returns consistently. A few reasons are- • Gold can be confiscated easily • Gold liquidity doesn’t work in terms of profitability as one needs to consider handling expenses, deductions for ‘melting’ and other expenditures • Lack of liquidity of Real Estate makes it less volatile and this is beneficial • Rise in Gold value coincides with paper currency devaluation and hence the appreciation of gold is actually nominal and not an increase in the buying power as we often think • Gold like other precious metals, is prone to manipulation by those who wish suppress its value to boost paper currency in a bid to benefit • Real estate has further income potential in terms of rent/lease which gold doesn’t have Ever since there was recession of 2008, Real Estate prices went south and Gold prices went north. Looking at the disparity the layman started investing more in Gold which further jacked up the prices. In fact most of the invest- ment done in Gold is because of the reason of lack of avenues of investing. One major thing which Real Estate provides and gold doesn’t is “yield”. Gold is the single biggest non yielding investment in the global economy. This makes gold the most speculated investment: as there is no discounted cash flow! Also if the capital appreciation is not present then the investors have no interest in investing in Gold. In the chart below you can see that gold has crashed for 5 years in 1963. And hence a crash was evident and which is exactly what we are experiencing now. So how to use this information to convince inves- tors to invest in Real Estate? * Investors have to be explained that Gold is a speculative asset while real estate cannot be consumed. * Gold is a movable asset which can be stolen * Non yielding asset, so no rent you can earn on this. * Can’t be used for own jewellery beyond a point. The main argument for buying gold as an investment was the capital price but now even that is as uncertain as real estate escalations. So go out and sell more real estate! By Manan Choksi
  5. 5. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra BO SPEAKS: Pranav Savardekar – Broker Owner RE/MAX STEPPING STONE, MUMBAI “Buying a home has become difficult as prices are high” – customer speak. Do you agree with this? If you are able to manage the financing aspect of the home purchase, then the home buyer today has got many options to choose from whilst making his decision to buy a home making it much easier to find their dream home. The primary sale market is maturing wherein the supply of inventories is more than the number of buyers. The home buyer is spoilt with fancy amenities by the builders to lure sales in new projects. This is the phase that the Home buyer can negotiate a good deal, as is being observed. Unlike the past, the developers are giving upfront discounts on the per sqft sale rates currently ranging anywhere between 10 to 20 %. However, the secondary sale market is where the home buyer can really get the best deal. Negotiations by the buyer are common on the asking price by the seller, if the home has been on the market for longer than six months especially! This is a buyer’s market where if you can pull off the finance, the home buying process can become a joyful event where each family member can find adequate space in their new home. BA SPEAKS: Kalpesh Prajapati, Broker Associate, RE/MAX ADVANTAGE, Ahmedabad Question: What are builders’ expectations from agents? Working with an experienced agent can mean the difference between sitting on or moving inventory. The National Association of Realtors’ most recent survey says that over 70% of buyers prefer to work with an Agent. Builders have more reasons to work together than ever, and needless to say their expec- tations are soaring from today’s agents in the market. Some of these Builders have prospered to spot reputed realtors who possess good standing in the market and have been successful in carrying out exclusive projects to be their official representatives to sell their products. A Professional approach towards business and consultative approach towards client’s requirement are necessary to ensure a successful real estate transaction. With an agent’s reputation fine-wrapped in professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability, Client Care is Builder’s main concern. While co-ordinating between Buyers and Builders, agents must know that communication skills, thorough real estate industry knowledge and information on competitive developments in that area are crucial to making a sound real estate decision. A large team with well-trained real estate agents if put on any project; can make real estate transactions just as pleasant, fun and enjoyable as it possibly can get. A good, experienced agent with a greater exposure and strong personality knows how to handle difficult situations and can set correct expectations of a buyer in no time even in tough negotiations. Client and Investor’s database play a vital role too in pitching the buyers and following up consistently with them in the process. Working cooperatively and with a protocol to follow, assures a better symbiotic relationship. Builders expect agents to not only accom- pany buyers to showings, but to register the buyer with the builder, and follow-up. They expect agents to know the community, including the infrastructure, roads, basic construction details and to be able to explain the builder’s product in depth. After sales service support includes other tasks and functions which involve legal formalities, quoting prices, loan execution, payment collection or other discus- sions influencing the contract for sale. At RE/MAX ADVANTAGE we strive not only to meet but rather exceed Builder’s Expectations and Client’s Satisfaction.
  6. 6. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra 100% Commission Concept: As we all know that RE/MAX has completed 40 years in the real estate broking business. RE/MAX as a company was started by Dave and Gail Liniger and was founded on the 100% commission concept which allows the agent to retain 100% of the commission that he gener- ates. That is why it was always referred to as the ‘Maximum commission company’ as it allowed everyone to retain the commission that they generate. With a fixed monthly fee per office, RE/MAXallows you to: • Be associated with a global brand • Provide a scalable and sustainable business model • Maximum lead generation • Best in class training programs • Increase your local, national and global network • World-class technology platform • Independence to do your business the way you want The RE/MAX model allows you to keep 100% of the commission with the office and agent even in India. The fundamental logic on why RE/MAX is able to attract top producing agents is that they need a certain set of fixed services which are provided to them by the franchise offices and the regional offices. The idea of shared responsibility and collaborative approach to doing business appeals to top producing agents as they are able to focus on meeting more buyers and sellers on ground thus increasing their ability to do transactions. Further, as more agents become part of franchise offices, there are more buyer and seller inquiries which lead to more transactions and probability of generating enough business increases. RE/MAX was started in India in 2009 and has since grown on to become India’s largest real estate franchise network. With more than 130+ franchised offices across more than 40 cities of India, RE/MAX allows one to do transactions anywhere across India and help in scaling up the business the way you want. The model aims to attract the top 20% agents in the market who are on ground commanding a market share of more than 80%. By attract- ing such top performing agents and entrepreneurs and helping them work on a common platform, RE/MAX aims to become one of the top real estate broking in India. RE/MAX MGM participating in FRO 2013 in Mumbai The 61st FRO 2013 will provide a direct opportunity to the investors and principals to come face to face and interact freely. RE/MAX MGM is proud to announce that the 5th RRR (RE/MAX yearly conference) will be held in our region. The place will be decided in sometime and conveyed to you all. It will be in the one of the cities of our region i.e. MUMBAI GUJARAT and MAHARASHTRA.
  7. 7. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MUMBAI GUJARAT MAHARASHTRA WON MAXIMUM AWARDS @ 4th RRR in GOA RE/MAX North Gujarat has been awarded the REGION OF THE YEAR for 3rd time since inception of RE/MAX in India OTHER AWARDS BY RE/MAX MGM * SUPER STRONG STATE * MOST SUPPORTIVE STATE * MOST RE/MAXed STATE
  8. 8. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Devansh Kothari – Franchise Sales Person Gujarat Region Sahil Shah – Franchise Sales Person Pune Region Pranav Pandya Franchise Development Person
  9. 9. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra OTHER AWARD WINNERS OF RE/MAX MUMBAI GUJARAT MAHARASTHRA REGION BhumikaKiri Rachit Parikh KalpeshPrajapati Amish Vyas Birav Shah Munish Gupta
  10. 10. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Dixit Shah Bijal Machado Ankit Patel Prashant Mehta Pranjal Patel accepting award on behalf of RE/MAX Real Estate Solution RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTION AHMEDABAD Harit Parikh & Nirav Vakharia Jay Shah, RE/MAX Connections.
  11. 11. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX ADVANTAGE RE/MAX METRO Anand Choksi, RE/MAX ADVANTAGE Vivek Parikh, RE/MAX METRO Sunil Mehta, RE/MAX Ronisun Realty Vinayak Patel, RE/MAX Ronisun Realty
  12. 12. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN REAL ESTATE: At RRR4 we had a wonderful session from the trainer of Israel and realized importance of Internet in promotion of listings. The efforts of RE/MAX MGM are in right direction and it has got endorse by Mr. Carlos Matias, Director of Gryphtech. We are trying to emphasize the use of several technological tools and sites to increase the reach of properties uploaded to more and more users. Summary of RE/MAX MGM’s Slideshareaccount.: On http://www.slideshare.netRE/MAX MGM have 7619 views as on May 3, 2013 on various Presentation uploaded on real estate topics and properties.
  13. 13. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Summary of RE/MAX MGM’s YouTube account On YouTube RE/MAX MGM have 5482 views and estimated 9419 minutes of videos were viewed by several viewers. Consistent increase in Facebook likes of
  14. 14. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra Google Analytics of shows over 22K unique page views
  15. 15. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX In NEWS: My Next Step’ Generates Huge Media Buzz Dave Liniger and his book,“My Next Step,” are the talk of the town - and very likely on the verge of the national best-seller lists. “My Next Step” was officially released April 23, and last week landed the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Motivational and Self-Help list. Brokerage Survey Ranks RE/MAX #1 DENVER, CO – RE/MAX agents continue to be the most productive real estate professionals, as reported in the 2013 REAL Trends 500, a respected national survey that was released today. The independent ranking of the 500 largest U.S. brokerages showed that more RE/MAX brokerages met the survey’s competitive qualifications than brokerages with any other competitor. “It’s clear that consumers recognize who the real estate professionals are and who provides the best customer service,” said RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly. “Others may talk about agent growth, but what really matters is agent performance. The REAL Trends 500 is another demonstration that more consumers prefer to work with a RE/MAX agent.” Read More RE/MAX Co-Founders Honored by U.S. Olympic Committee for Charitable Initiatives DENVER – In honor of their longtime support of the Paralympic Movement in the United States, RE/MAX Co-Founders Dave and Gail Liniger have been awarded the 2013 Amazing Investor Award by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Read more : RE/MAX Ranked #1 in National Report DENVER, CO – RE/MAX agents continue to lead the industry, ranking as the most productive among the elite national real estate fran- chises, according to preliminary results from the 2013 RISMedia Power Broker Report Top 500. The Report showed the productivity of RE/ MAX agents was more than double the average of all other competing agents in 2012. An analysis of the data also showed that 71 RE/ MAX brokerages were among the best 100, when ranked by transaction sides per agent. Read more :
  16. 16. RE/MAX Mumbai –Gujarat – Maharashtra RE/MAX MGM Safal Profitaire, Block A, G5, Corportate Road, Opp. Prahladnagar Garden Road, Ahmedabad – 380 015 Phone : +91 99090 66999 Email: NOBODY IN THE WORLD SELLS MORE REAL ESTATE THAN RE/MAX Please send us your reviews about this month’s newsletter. Feel free to give your suggestions and we will incorporate the same in coming news- letter. Send your suggestions to Broker Office Activities and news Open house by RE/MAX REALTY SOLUTIONS, Ahmedabad got tremendous response. They received many inquiries over phone. Their video about open house on Face book was very popular and over 4500 people saw it. RE/MAX MGM congratulates them for conducting such a wonderful event. RE/MAX Vintron Gold did an open house and got a good response out of it. RE/MAX Vintron Gold did an open house and got a good response out of it. RE/MAX VINTRON GOLD, Ahmedabad organized an Open House for Punya Residency and as a result of this open house they received 50 to 60 calls for the inquiry and out of which about 40 people have visited the property. RE/MAX MGM congratulates them for conducting such a wonderful event. RE/MAX METRO rents an apartment and gets commission from both the side. Congratulations to Broker Owner for guiding the broker associate and pro- viding quick service to client.