Fundamentals in Real Estate Part 3 Prospecting Systems


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The key to success in real estate is lead generation, turning those leads into appointments, appointments into contracts and contracts into sales. Sales Associates want to generate as many leads as possible, in the shortest amount of time and at the least expense.

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  • The key to success in real estate is lead generation, turning those leads into appointments, appointments into contracts and contracts into sales.
  • Fundamentals in Real Estate Part 3 Prospecting Systems

    1. 1. Fundamentals in Real Estate Part – 3 Prospecting Systems Pranav Pandya Franchise Development Manager RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
    2. 2. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Recap • Part 1 - Getting Started o Nature of the work o Market trends o Become the Sales Associate of choice o Four reasons why Sales Associates fail o Sales Associate mission statements o Goals o Marketing plan
    3. 3. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Recap • Part 2 - Marketing o Needs and wants of consumers are changing o The brand o Marketing a service o Building relationships o Marketing rules o Personal promotion o Specialize o Elements for your marketing plan
    4. 4. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Today’s Agenda • Repetition • Seek opportunities for leverage • Six steps to getting started • Farming • Direct response marketing • Expired listings • For Sale by Owner • Ad/sign call system • Open houses
    5. 5. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Methods of Prospecting • Passive – Waiting for business to come to you - floor time, website leads, and open houses. • Active – Referrals, FSBO’s, expired listings, canvassing – door knocking, cold calls. • Purchase – Ads, signs, flyers, personal brochures, media – radio, TV, billboards, ad words.
    6. 6. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Prospecting is: • Giving a business card to everyone you meet. • Letting everyone you meet know you are a RE/MAX Sales Associate • Asking for business • Farming and personal leads • Preparing a personal brochure • Advertising • Sending thank-you cards to everyone who helps you Ask everybody for business - friends, relatives, the dentist, everybody. Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no!” Realize that prospecting is a numbers game.
    7. 7. REPETITION
    8. 8. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra • There are lots of myths about prospecting, like the one that “You can only call a prospect once.” • Your prospect doesn’t want to buy from you today but they may tomorrow.
    10. 10. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Some people are able to send you a lot more referrals • Lawyers • Loan Executives and bankers • Builders and developers • Companies needing relocation services • Human Resources departments • RE/MAX Sales Associates across the system
    11. 11. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Prospecting Method • Online campaign • Signs • FSBO (For Sale By Owner) • Mailers • Open Houses • Past clients and centers of influence • Door knocking • Farming
    12. 12. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra 6 Steps to getting started 1. Get your current list all in one place. 2. Make contact the way you usually do. 3. Go ahead and categorize by how you know them. 4. Develop your announcement content and send it out. 5. Plan ongoing contact and do it! 6. Do some quick list-building activities.
    13. 13. FARMING
    14. 14. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra A Farming System: 1. Keeps your sales volume consistent. 2. Avoids burn out. 3. Increases your income. 4. Offers you a better quality of life.
    15. 15. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra • Neighborhood farm • Look for Good Turnover • Know Your Competition • Consider Distance • Give away and send out items of value – Magnetic business cards or calendars – Promotional flyers or postcards – Notepads – Just listed/just sold cards
    16. 16. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra – Free market evaluation certificates – Emergency (police, fire) contact phone numbers on a magnet or a letter opener – Magnetic memo pad • Effective mailers • Results of farming
    18. 18. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra To be effective: • Targeted • Measurable • Personal – you know who gets it • Testable – test headers, copy, color • Flexible – you can change it easily
    19. 19. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra • Direct mail campaigns – Identify your objectives – Sell benefits not features – Include an offer. Give your prospects a reason to respond—now – Personalize – Keep it simple – Always include a call to action (CTA) – Include a response device – Deliver – Use targeted lists – Track and measure your results – Mention your offer immediately – Show a picture – Feature words – Use testimonials
    20. 20. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra Ideas for brochures and information pamphlets • How to Sell a House That Didn’t Sell • Easy Fix-ups to Sell Your Home for the Best Price • First-time Buyer information booklet • Home makeovers that every seller should know • Relocation Handbook • Buyer’s Guide / Seller’s Guide
    23. 23. AD CALL SYSTEM
    24. 24. OPEN HOUSES
    25. 25. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra • Why Open Houses are Important • Open House System • Open house checklist • After the Open House
    26. 26. THANK YOU