RE/MAX Metro October Newsletter


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RE/MAX Metro October Newsletter

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RE/MAX Metro October Newsletter

  1. 1. Happy Diwali o October Newsletter BROKER OWNER SPEAK : HIGHLIGHTS Broker Owner Speak BA Speak Property Of The Month Deal Of The Month Real Estate Terms Press Release RE/MAX News New Restaurant Safe Diwali Photo Gallery Properties Hello All, First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year. Hope you and your family have a great time bursting crackers, greeting friends and relatives. The month of October has gone past and the year 2013 is drawing to an end. We at RE/MAX Metro have been consistently making efforts to help people with their real estate needs and guiding them in the right direction. October was a month where we had more movement in Rentals than Sale. We have also tried to get good listings from the market which I am sure will result into Sale or Rent in the coming months. Markets have been stagnant and to make the most of our time we have started meeting and visiting the sites of builders which will help us gain confidence as it is always said “Seeing is Believing”, and only when we have deep belief in our products can we sell it well. This activity will enable us to always market the right product to our customers and this will benefit them in the longer run. As a first step we visited “APPLEWOODS TOWNSHIP” of Sandesh Group. I was invited to visit the site, along with my team of Business Associates, by Mr. Sachin and Mr. Ditesh of Applewoods to have a better understanding of the project. On the site visit we got a proper insight into the advantages of investing in Applewoods Villas and Apartments. You will come across more details about the project with pictures in the newsletter. As a part of the continuous process of learning, I and my team have been attending training sessions given by RE/MAX Gujarat and RE/MAX International very frequently. This has made us more effective as we have been getting good results as these trainings have taught us how to handle the clients before and after the deals. o 407, Shangrila Arcade, Nr.Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380015. Gujarat, India. Contact : 079-40322757 Email : Web : We have also taken few suggestions from our readers and tried to put some topics on family and press news and I thank them for spending time to read the newsletter and sharing their valuable inputs. Hope you all have a great time with family and friends. Please burst crackers with care. HAPPY DIWALI AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! Regards , Vivek Parikh
  2. 2. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 BA SPEAK Since last 10 years I am in touch with real estate in a way, either as an investor or helping my group people in their investments. And I have joined RE/MAX Metro just four months back as a Business Associate. Real estate is a very good business because it is sound, stable & business without having any risk. compared to other businesses it requires very less investment & no risk factor. Size of the market is very huge in Ahmedabad & now with the help of technology and network of RE/MAX you can work anywhere in India & abroad. Now a days market is slow because overall industry segment is running very slow. Due to Government Policy & International Recession all over the world Real estate has also been affected. At present actual users for 2 & 3 BHK flats are at a high demand with the budget size ranging from 35 lakhs to 70 or 80 Lakhs. RE/MAX, a very good international real estate brand helps us very well to present our selves as one of a leading brand’s associate. Now at the completion of 4 years of RE/MAX in India, people actually got aware about the brand name and its success. In this auspicious month I would like to wish all of you a very happy and a prosperous Diwali Regards Rajesh Mehta. 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at a High Demand these days Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  3. 3. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 PROPERTY OF THE MONTH 3 BHK Exclusive Bungalow for RENT at Shilaj, Ahmedabad. Gujarat. 3 BHK exclusive well maintained bungalow for RENT in Shilaj, It has got 3 air conditioned rooms, dinning room, air conditioned drawing room, well maintained garden, servant room, water softning plant, RO Plant for whole bungalow, good parking space and its bang opposite the common plot. This bungalow is available for family stay Atit Fozdar Business Associate RE/MAX Metro Address : 407, Shangrila Arcade, above Samsung Showroom, Nr. Shyamal cross roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad. Gujarat. E : M : + 91 9825036406 Please visit : Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  4. 4. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 DEAL OF THE MONTH Just SOLD Shashwat Bungalows Opposite Ratnakar - 3 Prahladnagar 4 BHK Bungalow Total of 440 Sq.Yd. plot size & 400 Sq.Yd. Construction area It was a fully furnished bungalow with 2 car parkings. Just SOLD Located in a prime and very posh locality. Very well maintained society, clean and beautiful. It was sold by Mr. Ankit Patel, Business Associate of RE/MAX Metro. Ankit Patel Business Associate RE/MAX Metro M : 9825333907 E : Address : 407, Shangrila Arcade, above Samsung Showroom, Nr. Shyamal cross roads, Satellite. Ahmedabad. Gujarat. May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. Best wishes for Diwali. - Ankit Patel Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  5. 5. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 SOME REAL ESTATE TERMS FOR CLIENTS: Carpet Area : When you buy a flat, you actually area on which you can lay carpet is called as “carpet area”. Note that builders advertise the property based on other parameters, but as a buyer this is what you are going to actually use for next many decades. Higher the Carpet area, better space you get. Built Up Area : Built up area is the area which covers Carpet Area and the Walls and doors . A good 15-20% of space goes into walls and doors and your super built up area is generally 20% higher than carpet area. Ideally the rate quoted by builders is based on “built up area”. Super Built Up Area : A lot of times you will come across a term “Super Build Up area” , which is nothing but built up area along with all the space common to all the residents of society like Corridors, staircases, parking area etc . So Super Built up area is higher than Built up area. A lot of builders also use “super built up area” to advertise the projects which gives an artificial picture of property. Never rely on that Have A Happy And Safe Diwali Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  6. 6. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 PRESS RELEASE Japan’s infra boost for state TIMES NEWS NETWORK Ahmedabad: Japan has assured Gujarat that it would pump in much-needed resourcesin many of projectsthat arein pipelinein thestate.Atthe National Urban Vibrant Gujarat Summit atMahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on Thursday, Japanese ambassador Takashi Yagi informed that 10 days back Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)hadsigned a MoU with Indian Railways for commissioning a study for highspeed railbetween Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Yagi also said that earlier this month the Japanese government had commissioned Toyota to conduct a survey for the new proposed Ahmedabad international airport on Public Private Partnership (PPP). Yagi said, “The best expertise for airport management in Japan will be involved in conceptualizing the new airport for Ahmedabad andensure a world-class airport for thecity.” The pending Rs 11-crore intelligent traffic system that was proposed for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and traffic police will also be put on the fast track. Yagi said he had high hopes for the industrial park developed by JETRO, in cooperation with GIDC, which was aimed at promoting Japanese manufacturers. It would house more than 50 Japanese companies. Chief minister Narendra Modi met a 35 member-Japanese delegation led by Yagi and Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industries president Masakazu Sakakida. A large cross-section of participantsfrom 17statestook part in the summit. The mood at the convention center was festive with many delegates posing with Modi cut outs kept at the entrance of the convention center. To a packed audience at the convention center, Modi urged civic bodies to adopt a sensitive approach towards urban poor andundeveloped areasof urban sector for balanced development. However, during the summit e-mails regarding protests over theMadhavnagar EWS collapseincidentin Vadodara were being circulated where nearly 458 families have been rendered homeless. CM Narendra Modi with Japanese ambassador Takashi Yagi Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  7. 7. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 RE/MAX NEWS RE/MAX Holdings Inc : RE/MAX Celebrates The 35th Anniversary Of Its Iconic Hot Air Balloon DENVER, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon, one of the most recognized real estate logos, is commemorating its 35th anniversary this month with celebratory balloon flights around the world . The familiar red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon made its debut at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1978, when a RE/MAX Region Owner based in Albuquerque thought of putting RE/MAX in the sky. Soon after, the balloon was featured in the first RE/MAX advertising campaign on television, and was quickly adopted as the official company logo, appearing with the slogan, "Above the Crowd(®)." While RE/MAX grew as a company, so did the RE/MAX balloon fleet, and by 1985 there were approximately 48 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons in the U.S. and Canada. Today, it's recognized as the largest corporate hot air balloon fleet in the world with 108 balloons in 26 countries on six continents. "The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is an integral part of our company's storied history and has played a significant role in RE/MAX becoming the No. 1 name in real estate. We're thrilled to see the many celebrations of its 35th anniversary during the entire month of October," said Abby Lee, Vice President, Brand Marketing and Advertising. The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon recently returned to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta earlier this month. And this past weekend, it appeared at the Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville, N.C., where the first RE/MAX Balloon was manufactured. RE/MAX Balloons are part of many community-centered events, including flyovers at festivals, night glows, school programs, charity fundraisers, RE/MAX office grand openings, parades, music/art festivals and more. RE/MAX Balloons continue to increase the brand's visibility, and also bring joy and entertainment to communities around the world. Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  8. 8. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 In 1992, RE/MAX became a supporter of Children's Miracle Network, which also uses a hot air balloon for its logo. The co-branding of the two organizations features both balloons and creates awareness for the partnership that has raised more than $123 million for sick and injured children. For more information about the history of the RE/MAX Balloon, please visit NEW RESTAURANT IN AHMEDABAD H.O.T - House Of Taste, Prahladnagar Shipra Khanna, the winner of MasterChef India season 2, Tuesday, 11th Sept. 2013 opened her own restaurant H.O.T. - House of Taste - in Ahmedabad. "I believe people in Gujarat love food like nowhere else. And that's precisely the reason why I chose this place for my maiden venture instead of my own town," says Khanna who hails from Shimla and is now settled in Mumbai. She would be shuttling between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Along with Indian fusion food she plans to introduce French style cooking fused with Himachali influence presented to the vegetarian palette of Gujarati's. Under the tutelage of acclaimed French Chef Alain Passard in Paris, she learnt a lot of cooking techniques that she would be showcasing to the food patrons in Ahmedabad. "I don't want a pseudo elite kind of a restaurant but a place that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people," Khanna, 30, says. Khanna's culinary journey has not been a conventional one. As a 19-year-old bride, she was locked in a bitter custody battle for her children and faced dowry abuse from her estranged husband and his family. Overcoming the various odds and challenges before her, Khanna managed to wow the judges on the popular culinary show. Reminiscing her days back home in Shimla she says, "As a child, while playing with friends we used to make a drink with marigold flowers. Somehow everybody loved it and it became pretty much my first brush with cooking." Much later, in a dramatic turn of events after her marriage, Khanna was evicted from her husband's home and barred from seeing her two small children. She started cooking to escape from the daily miseries of a hostile home and landed as a competitor in the show, which gave her a second chance in life. An alumnus of the Lorreto Convent and St Bede's, Khanna's forte has always been fusion food. She is now waiting for the launch of her book The Spice Route in which she shares her food journey and many food recipes. The star chef wants to take baby steps for now, but she aspires to venture out to other parts of India soon with her restaurant. Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  9. 9. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 HOW TO CELEBRATE A SAFE DIWALI : Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year and is a favorite of many old and young hearts. One loves everything about Diwali - the sweets, the gifts, house full of Diyas, the firecrackers. And, for me the best part of Diwali is that you can celebrate it for almost a week. Yes, at many places its still done in that fashion. And, its real fun. But, Diwali brings with it a lot of concerns too. Environment Concerns, Safety Concerns, Concern for Animals. When Diwali is a festival of celebration, why should such concerns be given a place. So, my message for everyone is to try and celebrate Diwali in the most fun way but with as much consideration for everything around you. The day of Diwali records more sound pollution than all the other days combined together in the year. Pets are afraid of the sounds made by the crackers on the day. The bomb sounds are deafening even for the human beings. Some naughty children do not think of anything but lighting crackers and do not care if they are on the road or if there are vehicles. There is always a danger of vehicles catching fire or the crackers harming someone else. And, the crackers release lot of harmful metals into the atmosphere and the smoke from the crackers is always choking. Well, we definitely do not want a day of celebration to bring so many evils upon us, right? So, "Say No to Crackers". That would solve all the problems from making Diwali environment friendly to saving our pets. Lets strive for a healthier Earth. Have A Happy And Safe Diwali Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  10. 10. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 PHOTO GALLERY At Applewoods... RE/MAX Metro team visited Applewoods site to see the progress of their schemes and had a great get together with Applewood team with full of knowledge and satisfaction regarding the schemes. Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  11. 11. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 PROPERTIES FOR RENT AND SALE For rent 1517 sqft ground floor showroom space, road facing, Anandnagar Road, Ahmedabad. At a very prime location. Rent : Rs. 1,50,000. For more details contact Amish Vyas : 9924128343 or visit : 3BHK Flat for Sale, Nr. Prernatirth Derasar, Satellite, Ahmedabad. Gujarat. Price : Rs. 98,60,000. For more details contact Ankit Patel : 9825333907 or visit : 3 BHK Fully furnished flat on 3rd floor on rent, Opp. iskon Temple, Ahmedabad. Rent : Rs. 35,000. For more details contact Atit Fozdar : 9825036406 or visit : Dev Aurum Residency 3BHK Flats on Prahladnagar Main Road, Ahmedabad. Price : Rs. 100,46,400. For more details contact Jigar Pandya : 9099115000 or visit : 3BHK Satyam Bungalow for SALE Nr. Shalby Hospital, Opp. Karnavati Club, SG Highway, Ahmedabad. Gujarat. Price : Rs. 2,60,00,000. For more details contact Rajesh Mehta : 99 7892 7894 or visit : 2 BHK flat for sale in Naranpura, Ahmedabad. In a well maintained Society. Price : Rs. 65,00,000. For more details contact Aja Shah : 9687274881 or visit : 2036 Ground floor Brand new Showroom on Rent, Satellite Ahmedabad. Rent : Rs. 2,03,600 Lakhs. For more details contact Chintan Parikh : 7600010530 or visit : Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year
  12. 12. RE/MAX Metro, Oct., 2013 With gleam of Diyas And the Echo of the Chants May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!! From RE/MAX Metro Team o 407, Shangrila Arcade, Nr. Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380015. Gujarat, India. Contact: 079-40322757 Email : Web: / Please send us your reviews about this Month’s newsletter. Feel free to give your suggessions and we will incorporate the same in coming newsletter. Send your suggestions to Or Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year