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Property Lease Management Program by

  1. 1. RelocateEasily.Com<br />Residential Apartment Lease Proposal<br />City Synapse Information Pvt. Ltd.<br />#2494, 17th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage,Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008<br />080-40937122<br />
  2. 2. Owner faces the following problems while letting out his property for rent.<br />Search for preferable tenants i.e. family/bachelors and veg/non-veg<br />Arrange for property visits and follow-up with Genuine parties.<br />Negotiating the month rent, security deposits, time of payment, notice period, rental start date.<br />Sending out reminders for payment of rent.<br />Prepare rental agreements and settling brokerage to agents if anyone is involved.<br />Take care of renovation and maintenance works like painting, repairs, plumbing, etc. <br />
  3. 3. Owner faces the following problems whenever a tenant vacates<br />Charge the old tenant with the renovation and repair cost after examining.<br />Need for liquid cash to return the security deposit to the old tenant.<br />The owner is searching for a new tenant, he may have to bear brokerage charges.<br />The owner may bear rent for a period of time. (1,2,3.. weeks)<br />Owners might lose a considerate amount of money and time<br />in letting out a property for rent.<br />
  4. 4. Owner plans to sublet the property to RelocateEasily<br /><ul><li>3 years agreement for Subletting the property to RelocateEasily
  5. 5. Fix Monthly Rent & Security deposit with RelocateEasily after inspection
  6. 6. Monthly Rent will be paid by RelocateEasily with annual increment in rent
  7. 7. RelocateEasily will take care of all the transaction with the tenants during Lease
  8. 8. Premises will be rented out only for Residential Purpose according to owner's preference like family, spinster, bachelors, veg/non-veg etc.</li></ul>RelocateEasily will charge ONE month rental as service fee yearly <br />(exclusive of service tax)<br />
  9. 9. Owner plans to sublet the property to RelocateEasily<br /><ul><li>Owners may get contact detail of the tenants staying at the premises and will be granted the permission to inspect the property anytime
  10. 10. RelocateEasilyassures that the flat will be returned in the same condition except for the damages subjected to normal wear and tear
  11. 11. Any damage done by tenant will be taken care by RelocateEasily and any natural damage in the flat like crack, seepages, pipe breakage or electrical shock etc will be borne by Owner
  12. 12. Owner can terminate the agreement by giving 2 months written notice.</li></ul>RelocateEasily will charge ONE month rental as service fee yearly <br />(exclusive of service tax)<br />
  13. 13. The Owner gets benefited<br /><ul><li>Continuous Rent:
  14. 14. RelocateEasily would be responsible to pay rent for the property for next 3 years irrespective of the tenants staying in the flat or not.
  15. 15. Get well maintained Property:
  16. 16. Your property will be maintained properly by regular checks.
  17. 17. You can expect good reseller value if planning to sell at anytime.
  18. 18. No Negotiations:
  19. 19. Once the property is rented out by RelocateEasily, all the negotiations with the tenants will be handled by RelocateEasily.
  20. 20. Security Deposit:
  21. 21. So no more short term settlement of security deposit with each tenant for the next three years.</li></ul>Owner do not have to invest any time in the dealings<br />
  22. 22. The Owner gets benefited<br /><ul><li>No Maintenance Work:
  23. 23. RelocateEasily will be taking care of maintenance in the flat.
  24. 24. Tenant Complaints – Plumbing / Electrical / Interior
  25. 25. Painting & Polishing
  26. 26. Termite and Borer Treatment for Wood
  27. 27. No Documentation Work:
  28. 28. All the Documentation work (Rental Agreements) will be handled by RelocateEasily.
  29. 29. No Rent Collection:
  30. 30. Rent Collection from Tenant will be handled by RelocateEasily.</li></ul>Owner do not have to invest any time in the dealings<br />
  31. 31. Testimonials<br />“ I appreciate the cooperation and services provided by Relocate Easily team in renting out my flat. I've given my flat to Relocate Easily on the lease scheme. I'd especially like to thank Mr. KailashRathi, Head-Rental Division for his immense help to get the required interior and electrical fittings for my flat at very reasonable rates and in a very short time.I might have got a few hundred bucks more in terms of rent of my flat from some other source, but the kind of security and convenience provided by relocate easily is beyond comparison. It saves a lot of time and keeps me tension free regarding management of my flat in Bangalore, while working in Assam.I can now confidently recommend my friends to use services of RelocateEasilyGood Work, keep it up !!”<br />- ChandanJaiswal, Geologist, ONGC, Jorhat, Assam.. Flat Owner at Royal Enclave, Marathahalli<br />
  32. 32. Testimonials<br />“The icing on the cake was their Property Lease Management program headed by KailashRathi. He is another energetic guy to work with in Relocate Easily. Since I work and stay in US, I was naturally worried about who would take care of my house in Bangalore once I am out of country. Kailashpitched in and basically took away all my tensions on to his shoulder. Tensions like having to find a suitable tenant, negotiating on rent and security deposit with the tenant, formulating a rental agreement which is a fair and absolutely transparent, maintenance of house, timely payment of water/electricity bills were all taken care off by him and that too for next 3 years. He actually helped me rent out the house in less than 5 days time with assurance of me getting a rent for next 3 years no matter if the tenant is there or not. I basically rented out my apartment to Relocate Easily for next 3 years giving them the authority to further sub-let my house based on my tenant requirements. This is an excellent program especially for people like me who are not going be in the town to take care of their property. “<br />- SumeetChandiramani, Accenture, USA. Flat Owner at Mana Residency, Bellandur<br />
  33. 33. Thank YouThank You<br />