Characteristics of the Church

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  • 1. Characteristics of the Church Jeffrey M. Mayor St. Paul University Quezon City Quezon City, Philippines
  • 2. The Church as ONE
  • 3. The Church as One• The is one from her very source, the one living God in three Persons. “The Church shines forth as ‘a people made one with in the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’” (LG 4)• Sacred Scripture: Eph. 4:4-6
  • 4. • Church Unity as a task• Ecumenism is concerned with restoring unity of the Christian Churches.• Inter- religious dialogue• Ecumenical unity transcends human abilities grounded in the prayer of Christ for the Church.
  • 5. The Church as ONE
  • 6. The Church as HOLY
  • 7. The Church as HOLY• Christ loved the Church as his bride and gave himself up for her, to make holy.• The Holy Spirit graces her with the fullness of the means of salvation and holiness.• The Church’s holiness is a process for growing, a “Paschal Pilgrimage”.
  • 8. • Sacred Scripture: Eph. 4: 22-24• …justice and holiness are born in truth• We all need God’s mercy continuously and must daily pray: “Forgive us our sins’” (LG 40)• In 1 Thes. 4:3 All baptized are called to live the full challenge of Christian holiness.• Charity and Love is the center of holiness.
  • 9. The Church as HOLY
  • 10. The Church as CATHOLIC
  • 11. The Church as CATHOLIC• Catholic means universal, complete, all-embracing.• The Church is world-wide, sent to all the peoples and by faith endowed with the “fullness of the means for salvation”.• “Catholicity” external and internal
  • 12. • The Church as Catholic is both gift and task which involves mission and inculturation.• The Catholicity of the Church is more fully realized when its able to assimilate and use the riches of a people’s culture for the glory of God.
  • 13. The Church as CATHOLIC
  • 14. The Church as APOSTOLIC
  • 15. The Church as APOSTOLIC• The Church is “Apostolic” based on the Foundation of the Apostles (Eph. 2:20)• APOSTOLATE, The work of all the faithful who carry on the original mission entrusted by Christ to his Apostle.
  • 16. The Church as APOSTOLIC
  • 17. MISSION AND MINISTRIES OF THE CHURCH • Christ founded his Church to continue his saving mission on earth • Mark presents mission as proclaiming the Gospel to lead others to the faith. • Matthew’s mission stresses the teachings of the Christian community- the Church
  • 18. • Luke emphasizes the Gospel’s transforming power to work conversion to God’s merciful love and liberation from the root of all evil.• In John’s Gospel sends forth his disciples on mission, just as the Father sent him.
  • 19. • Mission is at the center of Church’s being, the whole Church is missionary.• “…All are called to mission… -all without exception… -are called to evangelize” (PCP II 402)