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CYMI Eco URJA is a consortium for addressing the renewable energy market especially the solar PV and Thermal EPC market in India.

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Cymi Ecourja

  1. 1. CYMI ECOURJA CONSORTIUM Building sustainable solar parks in India Confidential This document is solely for the use of its intended audience. No part of it may be circulated, quoted or reproduced without the prior approval of EcoUrja or CYMI
  2. 2. Our Core Values Customer Environment • Best of breed technology adapted • Sustainable and efficient energy to Indian context production • World class implementation • Reduction in CO2 footprint • On time and on budget delivery of services Transparency Collaboration • Full visibility of transactions and • Listening and understanding processes clients needs • Full visibility on project cost • Proactive engagement with clients structure and financials and partners to enable achievement of objectives
  3. 3. Grupo ACS – An Introduction
  4. 4. CYMI IN ACS GROUP M A I N C Others Y M I A Turnover Year 2007 (Million Euros) C T I V I T I E S
  5. 5. CYMI – Sector Expertise
  6. 6. CYMI – International Locations
  7. 7. Implemented some of the largest MW PV projects in Spain Project: Villar de Cañas II • Nominal Power: 9 MWn • Installation Type: Grid Connected • System: Fixed ground mounted • Location: Cuenca (Spain) • Grid Connection Voltage: 20 kV • Module Supplier: Yingli • Inverter Supplier: Siemens • Project Status: In Operation • Startup: March 2008 Project: Enersol Toledo • Nominal Power: 10 MWn • Installation Type: Grid Connected • System: Solar tracking ground mounted • Location: Toledo (Spain) • Grid Connection Voltage: 20/66 kV • Module Supplier: Suntech • Inverter Supplier: Siemens • Tracker Manufacturer Esaune • Project Status: In Operation • Startup: October 2008 Implemented more than 30 MW grid connected PV projects in Europe
  8. 8. The CYMI EcoUrja Advantage: Why A Bankable EPC Reduces Project Risks
  9. 9. The CYMI - EcoUrja Advantage • Relevant and significant sector experience with proven individual ability to deliver projects within time and budget Team • In-depth knowledge of the project delivery procedures with established relationships with vendors • EPC with extensive global experience with both Crystalline and Thin Films Technology • Global Supply chain including Indian manufacturers • Extensive database of Indian solar insolation • Ready to deploy 5 MW 10 MW models Deployment • State the art modeling software to visualize solar energy scenarios and data • Annual average CUF of more than 20% at optimum tilt • 4 parcels of land (100 acres) identified in Rajasthan with option to lease further tracts Land • Solar insolation factor between 5.9– 6.2 • Waiting for final purchase green signal • 5-8 Km to transmission substation for plant at > 33 kV Grid • Grid access & technical feasibility from state government and state utility arranged • Land acquisition and permits under way with state government and entities Permits • Construction and usage permits prior to PPA with STU. Talks are underway • Water permits to be arranged depending on land and requirement
  10. 10. Our Offering PHASE 1: PHASE 2: PHASE 3: Project Initiation MOU & PPA Execution •Land •Statutory and other clearances •Budget and timeline •Land identification •Permit management •Detailed budget analysis •Land Sale Agreement •Environmental management •Project timeline execution in less •Land registration •Usage permit management than 8 months •Site Development •Construction permit management •Financial Closure •Solar Survey •Preparation of other required •Support with financial closure •Geotechnical Survey permits •Design and Engineering •Detailed Project Report •Financial analysis and modeling •Inhouse enginnering •Plant layout and civil engineering •Preparation of detailed business •Innovation in implementation •Prelim Technical Design plan •Indigenization of resources •Configuration and specification of •Preparation of detailed financial •Project Organisation main equipments model •Procurement of main and auxiliary •Technology choice •Economic Analysis equipments •Implementation plan •Support with MOU with Power •Construction Purchase Authority •Civil construction •Prelim budget estimation •Support with PPA wit Power •Mechanical construction •Operation and maintenance Purchase Authority •Grid •Electrical construction •Grid route survey •Instrumentation and control •Grid route planning and systems preliminary design •Grid connection •Permission from STU for grid •Testing connection •Cold testing •Registration with government body •Warm testing •Documentation •Commissioning •Vetting of DPR •Operator training •Approval for grid connection •Guarantee of performance •Registration confirmation
  11. 11. Questions & Contact • • India Spain Tel: +91 1204540072 Tel: +34 630 05 88 92