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ReklamAction Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. 2. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliate Marketing Offer Types Lead Pay per lead or filling of a form Sales Sales commision payments Install Pay per download or installation of sofwares or applications Watch Pay per video watched Mobile Pay per mobile action
  3. 3. Why Affiliate Marketing?
  4. 4. Why affiliate marketing? Risk Free -It’s risk free -Advertiser only pays when earned -Precise measurement of end results -Complete turnkey solutions for advertisers
  5. 5. Why affiliate marketing? Precise Cost Measurement -Most precise unit cost calculations -Advertiser defines unit cost per action and knows the budget -Unit costs can be modified during the campaign to improve results -Access stats in real time
  6. 6. Why affiliate marketing? Result Oriented Performance -Publishers only earn when they achieve desired results -They use all their experience and creativity to achieve results -They constanly improve their ways to increase performance
  7. 7. Why affiliate marketing? High revenues for Publishers -Publishers who analyze the customer and the market well and can target appropriately, can begin earning even if they have low web traffic -If allowed by the advertiser, publishers can also use alternative publishing methods like Google and Facebook PPC advertisements, Twitter ve Facebook posts, bulk e-mailing, and preparing special pages to push the offers
  8. 8. How Affiliate Marketing Works? Advertiser Opens offer to ReklamAction publishers. Defines payout per conversion. ReklamAction Finds most suitable publishers and have them run the offer. Works to optimize performance. Publisher Creates unique content to draw customers’ attention and convince them. Gets rewarded per conversion. Customer Either buys the product, fills the lead form, downloads the app or views the vide. Meets advertiser requirement.
  9. 9. How traffic is provided? Web sites with unique content for the offer Adwords, Facebook and banner ads Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts Allowed and targeted e-mail marketing Product review forums Video and news sites Mobile sites and applications Incentive applications Aggregator sites CashBack sites Coupon sites Legal download sites
  10. 10. Mobile Affiliate Marketing Targeting possibilities Operator targeting (Turkcell, Avea, Vodafone) Category targeting (games,news,leads, entertainment) Device targeting Android, IOS,Tablet,Feature Phones Push notification targeting Mobile Publisher Types Mobile website owners Mobile app owners Website owners’ mobile traffic Global mobile networks
  11. 11. Top 10 offer categories 4% 4% 4% 27% 5% E-ticaret / e-Commerce Oyunlar / Games Özel Alışveriş / Private Shop. 6% Mobil Üyelik / Mobile Subs. Arkadaşlık / Dating 7% Tek Ürün Pazarlama CPV - Video İzleme Finans / Finance 19% 11% Tatil / Travel Mobil Uygulama / Mobile App. 13%
  12. 12. Why ReklamAction?
  13. 13. Team Found Publishers 18 2300 Offers 2011 250 Monthly Mobile Actions Monthly Leads 300.000 100.000 Monthly Sales $500.000 Monthly Video Views 250.000
  14. 14. ReklamAction users can take advantage of one of the oldest Turkish display networks ReklamStore’s traffic sources and technical infrastructure Team 22 Publishers 6500 Found 13 Million 2007 CPM - CPC Pay for impressions or clicks Daily Unique Impressions 1,3 Million DSP Retargeting Re-targeting website visitors in other platforms Daily Clicks Mobile Mobile CPM & CPC Reachable platforms SSP Managed Yahoo, Doubleclick, FB inventory X, Rubicon, AOL, Micro 25 % of all Turkish soft RTB traffic
  15. 15. ReklamAction Apps ReklamAction, constantly develops new tools under ReklamAction Apps brand to help publishers achieve better results and improve offer performances
  16. 16. Why advertisers prefer ReklamAction? 1 2 3 4 5 Reach campaign targets easily with risk free, measurable and result oriented affiliate marketing method Advertiser budgets are spent effectively and timely thanks to high number of publishers and convertion capacity Easy campaign setup and precise tracking with finest technology cloud based tracking infrastructure Professional operations team solves all technical and trade issues to ensure campaigns are published effectively Overall, having ReklamAction professionals manage all of the affiliate operations is much easier and cost effective for the advertisers
  17. 17. Why publishers prefer ReklamAction? 1 2 3 4 5 Large and profitable offer selection Net 30 day payment terms and precise payments Ability to optimize campaign success with dedicated professional publisher account managers Constant training of local publishers via publisher training seminars ReklamAction Apps provides easy to use tools aiming to increase publisher earnings
  18. 18. Begin affiliate marketing with ReklamAction Lead Sales Install View Mobile