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Iron shield studios business presentation

Iron shield studios business presentation



Our Iron Shield Studios deck for Angellist.com

Our Iron Shield Studios deck for Angellist.com



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    Iron shield studios business presentation Iron shield studios business presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Iron Shield Studios Business PresentationContact:Ryan McKenna- (303) 902-4086; Rpmckenna94@gmail.comJordan Gervais- (774) 200-3753; Jgwa123123@yahoo.com “Competition for All” Put together by Ryan McKenna
    • Mission Statement Iron Shield Studios will create and dominate a new competitive system pertaining to online video games that enables every player in the world to play at a competitive level that they feel comfortable at.
    • Proposed Team Members Job Title Person CEO/CFO Ryan McKenna COO/Community Manager Jordan Gervais Senior Web Developer To be determined.. Lead UI Manager To be determined.. Head of Public Relations To be determined.. Public Relations Employee To be determined.. Public Relations Employee To be determined.. Software Engineer To be determined..
    • Why? In today’s system of competitive gaming, inorder to play professionally or at a competitive levelat all, you need to be signed with one of ourcompetitors; MLG and the IPL. That leaves a ton ofpromising gamers left in the dark, with noreasonable chance to be rewarded for their talentedplaying. Luckily for these aspiring gamers, the systemof tomorrow is run by Iron Shield Studios. ISS offerstournaments to anyone who can play, and rewardsthose who play well so that these gamers can seektheir claim to fame their own way.
    • The system of tomorrow -As ISS, we will have our own currency for our online site. This currency, aptly named Shield Points will have a transaction rate of: 1.00 USD – 100 SP. -The majority of our income will come from our subscription based business model. Players/customers would subscribe (recurring payments) to a payment plan. either: Paying per season, or paying yearly. Our seasons last for 3 months each, so there are 4 in year. There will be a discounted price for signing up for the annual subscription, this way ensuring it’s a more enticing offer. - Once they are subscribed to a season, they will put into the ranked rosters and will be eligible to receive rewards for how well they play, and how often. - There is also a free version for people not willing to play, but they will advance through the system slower, and will not be eligible for rewards (though the will see what they would be eligible for had they been subscribed and that should convince them to subscribe.) -As an added feature, we will present a Loyalty Program for users who sign up for our magazine subscription for a year and other benefits, such as discounted tournament entries, coupons, and an extra entry into our quarterly user giveaway.
    • The Technology that will make it all possibleFor our basis, we ran numbers and figured that the League of Legends (LoLfor short) game developed by Riot Games will be our best opening game, andmost likely one of more popular games as well.So this is how it is going to work:Fully Automated Matches- The tournament system, though simple will be one of our strongest assets as far as design is concerned. For example LoL already has a system of custom matches that players can use to pit against each other in contest, if they choose.- Players will register their teams/themselves on the site and when their entire team is ready to play a match they will enter our matchmaking system. This system will automatically pit them against a random team of their ranking. They will get on LoL and play the game against them in the custom matches, and submit screenshots and scores on our results page after the game is over.- For other games, such as Battlefield 3, etc. we would host our own servers to handle the match network that we set up.- If there is an issue from one of the teams during their play, or the results page does not match the outcome of the game, one of the teams may flag the match for it to be reviewed by one of our moderators.
    • • Refer-a-Friend Milestones – 15 friends gets the user aDistribution of the Idea free season pass, usable at the users discretion.Much of the Idea will be spread solelyby word of mouth, and free advertising – 30 friends gets the usersuch as Facebook & Twitter. another free season pass,However, we will also pay for banner and a complimentary Ironads on popular gaming sites, and willalso pay for TV ads. Shield Studios T- Shirt.- These TV ads will contain information pertaining to the – 60 friends gets the user a types of tournaments that we have complimentary annual pass and their easy accessibility. to our tournaments.- Another essential part of distribution will be our refer a – 120 friends gets the user a friend system built into our user free Iron Shield Loyalty sign-up section. When creating their account, users will be pitched Program for a year, and to invite 5 of their friends to the another annual pass to our site for free. Beyond account creation, they will still be able to tournaments. refer their friends to the site as – 240 friends you will receive well. The incentive here though, is 24,000SP and an annual pass. that there will be milestones in this program that they can work – More to be determined. toward.
    • Where does all the money come from?Subscription Seasonal Annual Loyalty Program Type -Advertising will also generate a large Cost 15$ every 3 50$ 20$ (Annual amount of revenue for us Recurring months Fee) Total 60$ 50$ 20$-With our online currency, Shield Points, customers will be able to purchasemerchandise and gear from our partners using our online store. The prices in thestore will be marked up 20% retail sale, only in the SP equivalent. SP will be acommon reward given to users on our site for playing in our season, this way theycan actively save these up toward something that they want in our store.-We are using SP as a safeguard from liability, once users transfer their moneyinto SP, there are no refunds and giving them SP doesn’t cost us anything as it is aplaceholder currency that we control. The only time it costs us anything is whenthey use them to purchase something in our store, but at that point we wouldhave already made enough profit to heavily outweigh it.
    • Costs of Acquiring Customers We calculated new customers on the basis of a year. We predict we will have about 500,000 customers at the end of year one. That means we would acquire 41,667 new ones each month. Our average customer will cost us about 0.42 cents to acquire.We expect to retain about 70% of our customers at the end of each year. That means that: The average customer life is = 1/.3 or 3.33 years If each customer buys 1 season, then we already vastly paid off our CAC with a ratio of: 35.71 : 1
    • CompetitionAs far as competition goes, our only real competitors or MLG and the IPL. However,there is a fundamental difference between us and them. We allow everyone to playrather than requiring them to be signed/sponsored. This allows us to manipulate ourmarket much more freely and will have a much larger following. This is not to say thatwe wont also sign players, because we also anticipate entering that side of the marketas well after startup so it is easier to spread the Iron Shield Studios name.
    • Iron Shield Studios is looking to raise approximately 300,000$ to cover our expenses, which are: Personnel Equipment-My partner and I -Website and maintenance costs-Our web developers -Servers and computers-Magazine Editors/writers -Hosting fees-Public Relations Department -Email -Bandwidth Miscellaneous -Travel -Office Space -Marketing -Legal Fees Contingency
    • Contact:Ryan McKenna- (303) 902-4086; Rpmckenna94@gmail.comJordan Gervais- (774) 200-3753; Jgwa123123@yahoo.comThank you for taking the time to review our presentation.