Potatoes: So now you know

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  • 1. Potatoes: So now you know
  • 2. Oh, hello, Steamy Lee. My friends and I want to learn all about potatoes. Great. Let’s go find my cousin, Lil’ Jake.
  • 3. There he is! Hiya, Lil’ Jake. Hi, Steamy! Hi, Lil’ Jake!
  • 4. So, guys, where do potatoes come from? I know. Tell ‘em‘, Jake!
  • 5. Potatoes are made in a factory in Mexico by Tom and Imelda. Looks like Tom needs a haircut.
  • 6. Thanks, guys. Are there any safety rules regarding potatoes? Hmmm …. There are.
  • 7. When peeling potatoes, beautiful white ladies must be very careful.
  • 8. Remember that, guys. Is there such thing as a “bad” potato? Aaaaaahhh! Don’t be afraid, Jakey.
  • 9. The Potato of Doom is not only crudely rendered, it is evil. Make it go away, Steamy.
  • 10. Boy, that was scary. Do potatoes ever get venereal diseases? I had the sniffles once. No, Jakey, he means sick from sex.
  • 11. This potato may look silly but it has herpes. See?
  • 12. Yikes! Hey guys, when do potatoes take naps?? I know this one. ‘ Atta boy, Jake.
  • 13. Potatoes wear red shoes when they take naps.
  • 14. Awww. Hey, what happened when Fatty McGoo went on a diet? Who? You remember, Fatty, don’t you, Jake?
  • 15. Fatty McGoo once went on a diet of only grey potatoes, carrots and a bird’s nest. He was SO sad. Poor, Fatty. 
  • 16. UH-OH!!!!!!!!
  • 17. Thanks, guys. I think that’s it for today. That was fun. Don’t forget to say good-bye to ‘Tata Skins.
  • 18. Adios, ‘Tata Skins! Adios!!!