Being part of the herefordshire brand - creative workshop 26-10-11


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Being part of the new Herefordshire Brand, notes from the Creative Workshops of 26-10-11

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Being part of the herefordshire brand - creative workshop 26-10-11

  1. 1. Three important things.....• Ownership• Control• CreativityThis means.....
  2. 2. Understand the story...
  3. 3. Know what we’re all aboutThey say that a great logotype draws its strength from what it symbolises.Whoever “they” are, we think they’re right. So before we designedanything we did a lot of work to understand our proposition.Our core proposition is:where things grow. Herefordshire has theconditions to choose and grow a balancedpace of life. The heart of this propositionis that Herefordshire provides visitors,the community and business with uniqueopportunities for discovery and fulfilment.
  4. 4. Know what we’re tryingto achieveOur brand is much bigger than this visual identity. It has a key role to playin our present and our future.The brand’s agenda:- Protect Position Character & ‘Where’ proposition Brand agenda Push Promote Position ‘change’* as Herefordshire acceptable Attraction *But it must be aligned with our character & values Tourism Business Community
  5. 5. Getting into characterStop and think of Herefordshire as a person: this is how we woulddescribe them. Research identified a clear set of brand characteristicswhich should drive and be embodied in the brand.BeautifulWe are beautiful but not over the top glamorousEnglish with a twistA little quirky, a bit surprising and not always what you’d expectMotionWe are vibrant and rich in colour, there’s choice and things going onaround usWorkingBehind beauty there is always purpose, there’s things going on andsuccess being built
  6. 6. The logo explained... The big idea
  7. 7. Countywide logoDescribe and inspireWe use this structure when we are talking about the county as a whole, this isbecause it represents an aspirational positioning. It is the lead logo that is usedin county wide campaigns and activities. For example a tourism campaign onroad signs or to promote the county at a trade showHereyou canHere is an Herefordshire you canexample ofhow it works See the stars
  8. 8. Endorsing LogosIdentify and instructWe add short words which either identify or instruct. These logo optionsare used for products, services or businesses to endorse their own brands.Depending on the type of business you are, you may want to use one or more.Visit LiveHere HereInvest MadeHere Here
  9. 9. Campaign logosFor big organisations and major or high profile activities, we have anoption to create a campaign logo.These follow the same rules of the County wide logo, but an image canbe created, specific to the activity. Here fordshire you can
  10. 10. Having fun with bully is activelyencouragedCreate your own logo 1 Login to our brand toolkit website 2 Click download stuff 3 Click make your own bully 4 Download Logo template 5 Download texture 6 Place texture in bull outline in illustrator* 7 You have your very own approved logo. Cool eh!* You will need professional software to create your own bully. Please see Bully’s list of lovely friends atthe back of the brand guidelines for a list of endorsed design agencies and printers to use.
  11. 11. Becoming a brand partnerPartnership optionsWe have developed three separate partnerships you can have with our brand.Each partnership allows you use of different brand elements. In order to use theHerefordshire brand you must join the relevant partnership through our onlinebrand toolkit. All this requires is an approval of your business/service (via aquestionnaire) and approval of how you intend to use the official Herefordshirebrand. 1 Logo partner This partnership is for businesses with an already established brand and who wish to show support by using the official Herefordshire logo on communications. Logo partners can use all endorsing logos. Additionally, logo partners can create their own bully logo enabling them to personalise the Herefordshire logo to their business.
  12. 12. Becoming a brand partner2 Shared Identity partner This partnership allows businesses and brands a slightly flexible usage across brand elements. Shared Identity partners wish to promote Herefordshire as a county because the destination is directly relevant to their business and it reflects their brand essence. Shared Identity partners have access to the logos, colour palette, Herefordshire story, photography online library), Our messages and a selection leaflet templates. Also, they can create their own bully logo enabling them to personalise the Herefordshire logo to their business.
  13. 13. Becoming a brand partner3 Campaign partner Here you have access to the entire Herefordshire brand. You generally wish to adopt the complete Herefordshire brand because Herefordshire is almost as important to your business as the business itself. You want to play a significant role in strengthening Herefordshire as a destination and would like to tell the story of the Herefordshire brand. Campaign partners can use all brand material for communications specifically pertaining to a campaign/event. You can even create your own campaign logo.
  14. 14. What’s availableLogo partner Shared Identity Campaign partnerBrand guidelines partner Brand guidelines Brand guidelinesEndorsing logos All logos Endorsing logosMake your own bully Make your own bully Make your own bullyGetting the Campaign logosmessage across Typography Typography Leaflet templates Leaflet templates Getting the Getting the message across message across Colour palette Colour palette A short paragraph A short paragraph about Herefordshire about Herefordshire Photography Photography
  15. 15. Inspiration and ideasIdeas from the brand toolkit website. Say it with flowers
  16. 16. urYo ologher e Chilli Jamtastic
  17. 17. Your Company name T: (44) 01234 567890logo E: Managed by the Herefordshire Business Board A vanhere that can
  18. 18. Say it outdoorsYourlogohere
  19. 19. Managed by the Herefordshire Business Board On a letterhead
  20. 20. FreshlyBaked
  21. 21. Bottle itCIDER
  22. 22. Your Idit, sed quiatibusci dendan-logo tusdam harum dolent.Ora dolo blacera volo ma cus iduciis nati aped qui remporepre net, volore, volori oditate num veliquatem ut pratiunt ut Thehere chickens would be proud
  23. 23. Yourlogo here This Your advert Hotel should be association with Herefordshire Tourism Board
  24. 24. This an Address This an Address Let’s do T: (44) 01234 567890 E: BusinessYourlogo Company name T: (44) 01234 567890 E:
  25. 25. Theseal ofapproval
  26. 26. Choppingboard
  27. 27. Theapplescamefrom...
  28. 28. Managed by the Herefordshire Business BoardYour Your Yourlogo logo logo here here here Balancework Grown locally&life eaten Connect Pick A sign of brew drink Make a thousand friends the times Your Your logo logo here
  29. 29. Your logo herefood Oliver Kington Jamie festival Live A foody Duntiber ibusam volupti orerio. Aligenecero Duntiber ibusam volupti orerio. Aligenecero show for all dolupiet fugit volorem dolupiet fugit volorem saperuptatur restius as saperuptatur restius as es es exernat hillant iaerio exernat hillant iaerio blaut blaut quas eos eos quas eos eos audant. audant. Dae. Ceste imus illitiu ntiatempore venit aut asitias porest escient ate elendis quiaern
  30. 30. Your logo here Adverts in action Action adventure days Canoeing on the Wye with your business association with Herefordshire Tourism Board
  31. 31. rYoulogro he e Bully bag
  32. 32. BullyYour logo here Jean
  33. 33. A localCoffee
  34. 34. Apronand mug
  35. 35. It’s allabout thebadges
  36. 36. Exercises
  37. 37. What next...1 Fill in form2 Contact Rachel3 Send work in (Quick check)4 Toolkit launch