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Open Content Library @ Taiwan

Open Content Library @ Taiwan






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    Open Content Library @ Taiwan Open Content Library @ Taiwan Presentation Transcript

    • The Open Content Library An Overview of the Open Clip Art Library and ccHost
        • Jon Phillips, Community Developer
        • Creative Commons (HQ, SF)
        • [email_address]
        • http://creativecommons.org
    • Overall Concepts
      • HOWTO: Concrete Actions
      • Applying Open Source to Open Content
      • About Community and Contributing to Society
      • While we are ideal, action happens through specific banal tasks (pick up a shovel)
      • Please Help! This is an invitation.
    • Three Points
      • Current Landscape
      • The Open Content Library
      • Make More Libraries
    • Who is hosting your content? ?
    • Does your content host provide export of all your media? ?
    • What is being done with your data? ?
    • How many accounts do you have? ?
    • Is your content licensed properly? ?
    • What is the Open Content Library?
      • A collection of content (audio, video, text, etc) using open content licenses, stored in open formats with open source software that uses open services.
    • An Open Content Library Could
      • Be Any Size (People, Items, etc)
      • Use Any “Open Content” license
        • Creative Commons License (Prefer)
      • Be Public, Private, or Mixed
        • Allow Users to Control Privacy
      • Use Open Services (RSS, Atom)
        • Support Content Import/Export
      • Use Open Formats (svg, xml, odf)
      • Have Open Source Software power it...
    • Current Landscape
    • Current Landscape
      • Closed ___
      • Mixed ___
      • Open ___
    • Mixed ___
      • Flickr
        • Limits how-much you can upload
        • CC licensing deeply integrated
        • Has Import/Export
        • Groups/Privacy controls
        • Stored on Yahoo/Flickr's Hardware
        • Powered by Closed Software
        • Some Open Services/API (upload, streams)
        • Focused on Photo Storage and Sharing
    • Mixed ___
      • Google-dom (gmail, calendars, etc)
        • Stored on Google's Hardware
        • Licensing not integrated (beyond search)
        • Stored on both Open and Closed Software
        • Uses Mixed Services (API, RSS)
        • Various Privacy Controls
        • Ad-Supported
    • Open ___
      • Wikipedia
        • Stored on Wikipedia's servers
          • But full dumps available and many many public mirrors
        • Uses Open Source Mediawiki software
        • Uses Open Standards, Services
        • Focuses on Human Knowledge (history, primarily text-based)
        • Stores other media, but draws heavily from other Open Content Libraries
    • Open ___
      • Archive.org
        • Stored on many many mirrors
        • Import/Export available
        • Has specific requirements
        • Supports CC licenses
        • Trying to do everything (possibly problem)
        • Archive implies storage of old media
    • Open ___
      • ccMixter.org
        • Based upon Open Source ccHost engine
        • A remix community, not a content community
        • Support CC licenses
        • Uses Open Services
        • Uses Mixed Formats (AIF, FLAC, MP3)
        • Has import/export
    • Open ___
      • wordpress.org-based blogs
        • Open Source software for blogging
        • You install and host your own content
        • Focused on blogging, not content management system (CMS)
        • Supports Open Services (RSS, Atom)
        • Support Mixed Formats
    • The Open Content Library
    • Why are More Open Content Libraries Needed?
      • No Media Utopias (that can do everything)
      • Data Redundancy is a good thing
      • Niche-based like Social Network Services
        • Orkut's big in Brazil! Mixi is big in Japan!
      • Need different libraries that focus around:
        • Languages, Cultures, Specific Media, Usage
      • Privacy Anyone?
      • Do one thing well, or a lot of things not so well
      • Open Source Software communities have developed strong strategies for building communities of practice
        • Wikipedia, Open Clip Art Library and others have learned
    • An Open Content Library Empowers
      • Maintain your own library on-line
      • Or, Maintain community around library
      • Make it public, or keep it to yourself (same per-user)
      • Make it legal (and clear) using Open Content Licenses (CC licenses or Public Domain)
      • Insure longevity with open formats
      • Insure interoperability with open services
    • Business Commons Possibilities
      • Commercial Rights Brokerage
      • Advertising on libraries
      • Sell Services around Content
        • Digitization
        • Printing
        • Collection
        • Media Discovery
    • 1 st Way to View : Social and technical Strategy
      • Social
        • Good communities and projects need real people and real communication
        • Without good social, don't try technical (ASIDE: OLPC, eLearning)
      • Technical
        • Good software catalyzes certain types of communications and activities
        • Bad Software hurts social/community
    • 2 nd Way to View : Open Content Library as Superset
      • There are pre-existing libraries which exhibit these behaviors described
        • Open Clip Art Library
          • www.openclipart.org
          • A community focused on the collection and creation of public domain clip art
          • 16K+ images (SVG-based)
        • Open Font Library
          • www.openfontlibrary.org
          • A public domain and Open Font Licensed collection of Fonts
    • 3 rd Way to View : opencontentlibrary.org
      • Light-Interface to Open Content Library projects
      • Basic place to collect these types of libraries
      • Place for pooling of ideas around this subject
    • Make More Libraries
    • Community Development (Building)
      • How to build an online community that is to accomplish some goal
      • Really Means...
        • HOWTO build an Open Content Development Community with approximately 20 people
    • Open Source Constitution-lite
      • Make the source open
      • Release Early, Release Often
      • Reward contributors (with praise or some material reward if possible)
    • Need More Specific Model
      • Open Source Software Light-Constitution is abstract
      • It is aimed at software source code
      • We need a model that is:
        • community-centric
        • generalized for on-line communities
        • more pragmatic
    • More Concrete Structure
      • Concepts
      • Infrastructure
      • Social
      • ...and some misplaced Corollaries
    • Concepts
      • Make one solid goal for the project
        • Remember KISS: Keep It Simple
        • Do one thing well, or do many things not so well
        • Always ask: "Does this move us closer to our primary goal?"
      • Pick a solid simple name that can be simplified to a one word tag.
      • Use this tag/simple name for the domain name, etc for the project. It is your common branding.
    • Infrastructure
        • Also called Holy Trinity of Online Communication, or network of social software
      • Install CMS (ccHost, wiki, or blog)
        • collective memory
      • Maintain a group chat channel
        • irc.freenode.net, aim, gtalk
        • synchronous communication
      • Setup a mailing list
        • Asynchronous communication
    • Social
      • Help edit recent CMS edits
      • Answer all relevant emails
      • Stay in chat channel and answer questions
    • Corollaries
      • Social Atmosphere is defined in first days to 2 weeks of a project
        • Start with a positive atmosphere, then this is bread into the communities dna
        • Starting with a negative atmosphere of flaming and disses, then the community will develop this way and more than likely will die.
        • Generally, it is amicable to be extra-nice, and cordial much like one would like in the real world.
    • Corollaries, cont'd
      • Real vs. Virtual
        • Generally, treat developers and people in general just as you would in the real world, if not better.
      • Promote Contribution
        • Reward contributors with praise!
        • Material vs. Non-material Rewards
    • Corollaries, cont'd
      • Dealing with problems
        • Personal problems between people should be dealt with offlist
        • Group problems should be handled decisively by a core member in a positive manner
        • Problems in a community should be dealt with internally before being publicly exposed (if at all).
        • 99% of the time this solves conflicts that arise
    • Creative Commons' CMS: ccHost
      • http://wiki.creativecommons.org/cchost
      • ccHost is an open source (GPL licensed) project that provides web-based infrastructure to support collaboration, sharing, and storage of multi-media using the Creative Commons licenses and metadata.
      • It is used by ccMixter and other sites
        • http://ccmixter.org
      • PHP + MySQL + standard Open Source packaging
    • ccHost, cont'd
      • Most similar to mediawiki and wordpress
      • Encourages proper licensing , sharing and remix of many types of media (video, audio, text, image)
      • Highly customizable and stable
        • Development version used by most major installations, thus, it gets tested heavily
    • ccHost Users
      • Open Source Cinema uses
        • www.opensourcecinema.org
      • Open Clip Art Library moving to ccHost
        • www.openclipart.org/cchost
      • Open Font Library
        • www.openfontlibrary.org
      • Simuze.nl moving to ccHost
      • Teacherhost (teaching material coming out soon)
    • Recently Released ccHost 3.1
      • Full localization support (i18n)
        • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, English ;)
      • Replaced phpbb2 dependency with native forum/blog code
      • Feeds coming out of every pour (rss, atom, custom, etc)
      • Data dumping in feed formats for re-use
      • Sample Pool API (for interconnecting sites)
      • Sample/Clip Browser (show demo)
    • Beyond ccHost 3.1
      • WebDAV support for easier uploading and programmatic interfaces
      • Better support for other file formats
      • Better thumbnailing support
      • Better generic import of content
      • Better support for customization
      • Support for other licenses (OFL, CC GNU-GPL, CC GNU-LGPL)
      • See the webpage for more plugins
    • Get ccHost!
      • Thrice-daily builds of packages
      • Thrice-daily builds of phpdoc (trying to make development easy)
      • http://wiki.creativecommons.org/cchost
      • Requirements
        • Php 4 and above
        • MySQL 4
        • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
    • CcHost Extension Demo
      • Let's get you guys hooked on this...
    • CC Developer Community (CCDC)
      • http://developer.creativecommons.org/
      • Focused around CC licenses, standards, and technology
      • CC itself is inspired by Free and Open Source Software and also uses GPL/MIT licenses for its own software
      • Four main software projects (ccTools)
      • 4 Google SoC projects
    • CCDC Goals
      • Build a strong and supportive community of developers
      • Support Creative Commons Developer Community Projects
      • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons licenses
      • Build infrastructure around Creative Commons standards
    • CCDC: Get Involved
      • Mailing Lists
        • [email_address]
      • IRC
        • #cc on irc.freenode.net
      • Submit a Patch
        • http://cctools.sf.net
      • Wiki
        • http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Developer
      • Try some Developer Challenges
    • Useful Sites
      • Main sites
        • http://creativecommons.org/
        • http://icommons.org
        • http://www.sciencecommons.org/
      • Set up an RSS feed for both blogs
      • Graphics & movies that explain CC
        • http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/how1
        • http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/comics1
        • http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/
    • The Open Content Library An Overview of the Open Clip Art Library and ccHost
        • Jon Phillips, Community Developer
        • Creative Commons (HQ, SF)
        • [email_address]
        • http://creativecommons.org