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Set of slides with phonetics symbols.

Set of slides with phonetics symbols.

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  • 1. Phonetic symbols
  • 2. The English vowel system
    • The Received Pronunciation – RP , is a variety of British English .This relatively large vowel system is characteristic of Germanic languages .
    • There are seven short vowels, five long vowels and eight diphthongs.
  • 3. First rule: Don’t be scared !
  • 4. How to learn it:
    • Learning all the symbols demand time, patient and practice!
    • Do not try to learn all the symbols at once:
    • Take your time, relax, breathe and practice
  • 5. Once you mastered Step one , go to the second and so on… Little by little your pronunciation will improve …..just take it easy…
  • 6. Step One: Vowel sounds Let's do a facial massage and start with a smile /i:/
  • 7. Vowel sounds (leave the sounds of / 3:/ and / ə / to practice later.) Start with a smile /i:/ sound, until you open your mouth completely / ɑ ː /. After that, round your lips / ɒ / until you get to the /u:/ sound
  • 8. The shape of the chart is modeled on the shape of the phonetic space, ie the shape of the oral cavity produced by various positions of the mouth and the tongue.
  • 9. Remember to practice the following sounds:
    • /3:/
    • /b ɜ ː d/ / ˈ f ɜ ː st/ /w ɜ ː r / / ˈ ɜ ː .li/
    • bird first were early
    • / ə /
    • / ˈ let.ə r / / ˈ k ɔ ː . nə r / / ˈ d ɒ k.tə r / / ˈ ʃʊ g.ə r /
    • letter corner doctor sugar
  • 10. Listen and practice the short vowels:
  • 11. Listen and practice long vowels:
  • 12. Step 2: diphthongs Before you start : Would you like some ………..?
  • 13. Diphthongs : Let's practice
  • 14. Listen and practice
  • 15. Step 3: Here they are: the consonants
  • 16. Listen and practice
  • 17. Extra practice: Perseverance, secret of all triumphs. Victor Hugo
    • Listen to the songs suggested and find out which word the symbols represent
    • For further practice, look at those charts and practice some more:
  • 18. HAVE FUN WITH THESE GAMES: http:// /#
  • 19. Authors: Luciana Maia Luciano Valadares Mauricio Horto Caroline Amaral Duarte Group three - CEI