Koi Treatment


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Koi fishes, also know as Nishikigoi in Japanese, are a crossbreed between the German carp and the Asian carp.

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Koi Treatment

  1. 1. Koi Treatment: Preventing the Diseases Effectively
  2. 2.   Koi Treatment: Preventing the Diseases Effectively Koi fishes, also know as Nishikigoi in Japanese, are a crossbreed between the German carp and the Asian carp. They are kept as pets specifically for ornamental purposes. These fishes can be seen usually in water gardens and outdoor ponds that people see first as they enter establishments or houses. Also called as the Japanese carp, koi fishes make very good pets since they are not picky on what kind of food they eat. In the past few years, breeding of koi fishes has been very popular and breeders have tried to find means to make excellent varieties. Because of the increase of koi breeding and the demands of these fishes in the market, the diseases are also at rise. This is the reason why koi treatment came to the surface. As there is a growing number of koi breeders, it also inevitable that koi fishes thrive in overpopulated, poor conditions and dirty environment. Just like any other creatures that live in the water, their habitat should always have good aeration, clean and filtered. This will enable them to live longer and livelier. Koi fishes do not show negative reactions once their environment is of poor quality which makes koi treatment a challenging task to the breeders. One effective way to resolve any koi disease is pond medication. Another way to prevent any problem with
  3. 3. koi fishes is regulate their food. Once a koi or a group has been detected to have diseases, they should be placed in a separate filtration system to allow the carp to live in a longer period of time. To make sure that the pond is clean most of the time, see if its bottom is free from dirt and foreign plants and objects which can harm your koi fishes. You can purchase chemicals that are koi-friendly, yet can clean the water in the artificial pond. This is a very effective part of koi treatment that owners and breeders should do. Parasites and ulcers are just few of the most severe diseases that can strike koi fishes since they are not very keen on everything that they eat. It is advisable to look after the koi fishes every after meal and apply koi treatment once the problem happens. This is especially true during winter season when their digestive system is slowing down which can sometimes get paralyzed and cause death among them. To make sure that they avoid this kind of problem, do not overfeed them, even lessen the amount of food provided to them. Once the pond water goes down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit their stomach becomes sour, it can cause them sickness. One can observe this condition once the koi fishes’ movements become too quirky.
  4. 4. Having a pet can pose very serious problems to their owners. Different pets require different kind of care. Some of these animals are very resilient to diseases while some are sensitive. If one has koi fishes as pets, one should know and research more about proper koi treatment in case they fall sick. This responsibility falls on the breeder’s responsibility. Once proper care is given, owners will keep their koi fishes for a long time.