Task 3 evulation


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Task 3 evulation

  1. 1. What kind of mediainstitution mightdistribute our mediaproduct and why?
  2. 2. What is distribution?Distribution is when a company buythe rights to distribute a big featurefilm, they physically have the rolls offilm and send them off to differentcinemas all over the country.
  3. 3. What company will distribute our film?Lionsgate films.
  4. 4. Why will lionsgate want to distribute our film?We chose lionsgate to distribute our film becausethey are a well-known American distributor andare known for bringing out outstanding horrorand thriller films. We feel that Lionsgate will giveour film a very good chance of becoming amassive hit in Europe and the US.Lionsgate have distributed such films as; crank(2006), saw 2 (2005) and lord of war (2005).
  5. 5. What audience will our film appeal to? We feel that the target audience for our film would be around 15-21/22 both to males and females but mostly aimed towards the male audience. We think this film will be well received in Europe and if it does well with the help of lionsgate distribution we will launch it in the US and other countries, which will hopefully improve ticket sales and ratings which will help us fund other projects.
  6. 6. Marketing strategiesFor our marketing of the film we have a smallbudget which we could do many things with. Firstoff, we could create posters and put them upeverywhere possible, this will mean that peoplewill notice posters and word will spread about ourfilm. Secondly, we could use all our budget oncreating a TV ad which could go global andcreate a lot of publicity for our film. Finally, wecould create one big poster to put up at thecinema which would catch the eye of everyonewho would enter the cinema.
  7. 7. Release strategiesFor our film running blind we are going to use ablanket release strategy, so that a largeraudience will be able to view the film at one time.If the film is a success in the UK we will use aplatform release strategy in the US and if theplatform release works out well we will use ablanket release all over the world.
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