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Promotions powerpoint

  1. 1. Hidden Rating: 15
  2. 2. Plot Curious, the girls follow and find out that the singing is in fact a nursery rhyme coming from the attic. Alicia investigates and soon realises that a little girl (aged 12ish) is in the corner, drawing on the wall. Alicia, assuming that the girl needs helps, goes to her, but is then horrified to see that the little girl is brutally harmed and could only have been through self-harm. In a hurry the girls try and escape, but Alicia is dragged and killed by the girl because she was too slow. Alicia has moved into a new house and the girls, (Lily. Georgia and Reema) go round for a sleepover. They begin to compliment the house but Alicia senses there is something wrong and in that moment a faint child singing is heard.
  3. 3. Plot Continued… When investigators arrive the group of girls are told to stay away from the attic; this is not good enough as they can’t explain to them that a little girl exists without the police thinking they’re mad, so it is up to them to solve this. At night they all sneak back into the attic and find that the words written on the wall were nursery rhymes. Lily researched into this and found that the only way for a demon to be released ifs by being able to find the clues and make an incantation so that it could be released. Lily writes the rhyme out backwards and then the little girl appears. As she runs up towards them, Lily chants that incantation and the demon of the little girl is released. The little girl does not survive as the demon has possessed her for too long. The girls are made to continue on with their lives despite the fact that that their best friend has died and the house has been boarded up. A couple years after and a poster is found that a Halloween party will be held at the house and the girls begin to become scared that the demon is still in the house. This means there will be a sequel.
  4. 4. Exhibition • The target audience that is the primary focus is teenage girls age 15 to late 20’s. Because the rating is 15, it will involve supernatural spirits, an all girl group and chase scenes. This type of thrill and drama would most likely attract girls who are seeking this kind of emotion and because Halloween is near they would be psychologically more attracted to a thriller/supernatural movie. • The girls are cinemagoers and this can be correlated with boys who are too cinemagoers. The boys however have a different, more staggered age group. From the age of 17 to 18 latest this is because that there are mostly girls in the film and the type of thrill supernatural behavior will need more promotion to get across to the boys however due the occasion of Halloween again, there maybe some hope that this thriller would be chosen against the typical slasher horror. Scary Movie (Hidden!)
  5. 5. Promotions • The trailer release will be put on the online web on the official site where the history, images, budget information etc. will be displayed. With this the teaser trailer will be shown. There will be posters held rarely in the cinemas and the film will then rely on word of mouth. • The teaser trailer will be cut dramatically more and shown on the TV, but on channels such as MTV, E4, Musical Channels, ITV Channels etc. • Red carpet events will include young stars, that are mainly female for example the ‘Hills’ cast on MTV and the girls from 90210 as they are the favored by PR and so more awareness is made. Associated Channel to target audience Associated Websites to target audience
  6. 6. Genre Conventions Thriller- The elements of thriller that is used in the teaser trailer are for example: The attic; this dark and vacant place builds tension to the screen and this emotion is jumpy and adds a more eerie feeling towards the audience which relates to the thriller genre. The convention in costumes can be in the thriller genre for example the white nightie dress that the little girl will wear, it has been used in ‘The Others’, ‘The grudge’ and some Victorian era films. The girl will be ghost. And her ’innocent image’ will be contrasted with her demon like behavior. This will make the audience shocked and more terrified of the character. Supernatural- The fact that demons and vulnerable characters are involved in the sequence, it will give a super natural genre affect. Other films that have the same type of conventions to ours in this sub genre is ‘sixth sense’. Horror- The teaser trailer will give a hint of horror conventions as there will be murder involved (blood and gore). When Alicia is dragged round the stairs for example will have a horror affect because other films used this technique e.g. ‘Nightmare on elm street’, where chase and tension is built to a horrific ending in the dreams of the characters in the film.
  7. 7. Storyboard Long shot – new house mid- shot of living room mid-shot going up the stairs Medium shot – coming
  8. 8. Zoom from long shot to close up Cut in close up of hand Tracking shot of running down corridor Long shot – being
  9. 9. mid-shot to close up - crawling Audio ‘where is it’ Close up to extreme close up– girl screaming
  10. 10. mid-shot to close up - crawling Audio ‘where is it’ Close up to extreme close up– girl screaming