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  1. 1. Media Studies<br />Group 48<br />Max, Ashley, Jess and Joe<br />
  2. 2. Film Plot<br />The film is about a teenager going to purchase some drugs of a drug dealer and then gets killed after the purchase of the drugs. After the teenager gets kill his girlfriend is on a quest to find the killers and get her revenge. <br />This film fits into the social realism category because it contains real life aspects within the film such as drug crime.<br />The intriguing aspects of the opening scene of the film is the the, young teenager is a innocent teenage who is just looking for some fun and he gets killed. So the mystery is where the killers have gone after the murder and if they get caught for their crime.<br />
  3. 3. Target Audience<br />Target audience<br />The target audience is aimed at the ages between 16-30. we decided this should be target because the genre of the film mainly based on the younger community within the city areas.<br />Research methods and approaches<br />The types of research methods we used to find the genre of our film is, we searched the types of genres first of all and match our film to the correct genre, researched other films which are related closely to our film and we produced a questionnaire to see what age group will refer to watch our film. <br />
  4. 4. Characters<br />Characters<br />“D-man” – The main drug dealer who will kill the teenager after the sale of the drugs. The life style of this character it mainly related around drugs, crime, suspended from school and his family life is a corrupt with no parents. He lives in a council estate on the top floor with another ten people within the property. <br />“Tom Tom” – This drug dealer is in the scene because if the sale goes wrong the main drug dealer has back-up. He is ‘D-man’s’ bodyguard because a few years back in his life “d-man” took a bullet in the chest saving “tomtom’s” life. Tom tom lives in the same tower block as “d-man” but on the bottom floor but in a higher quality of living conditions with only his mum and dad.<br />Rehab Joe– This is the main character in the first scene who goes to purchase some drugs and get murdered after the sale of the drugs. He grew up in a nice environment with well of parents and went to a private school, until he went off the rails at the age of 16 and started experimenting with hardcore drugs. He then started stealing money from his parents and friends to pay for his addiction and his parents then disowned him, making him have to have to apply to the council for housing. <br />The characters relate to the audience because the characters are young and the film is based on real life.<br />Our characters are going to relate with the audience preconceptions of stereotypical views against criminal activities in a city.<br />
  5. 5. Sophie – Sophie is very naive and doesn’t actually realise that joe is taking drugs. She lives with her parents and sister and attends the local church this character will persist with trying the find the murders after the teenager is killed.<br />
  6. 6. Setting<br /><ul><li> The setting mixes with the genre as we’ve chosen to set the film in a rough estate
  7. 7. In the papers you see a lot of drugs and murders in rough areas such as parts of London, which is why we’ve chosen to do our film in an alleyway.
  8. 8. The media shows that crime is mot often done in rough places, this mixes with our film.</li></li></ul><li>Suspense, enigma & action<br />Suspense – we create suspense using the music soundtrack that we will add. Also through using a build up through camera angles and what is happening during the opening.<br />Enigma - questions will want to be answered after seeing the opening such as why has he been murdered? Why did they steal the drugs back?<br />Action- action will be used especially when the murder occurs<br />
  9. 9. Miseen scene<br />The costumes to our film will be rough, beaten down clothes as the area isn’t post and is lower classed people living in poverty<br />The props used in our film will most likely be, a knife, phone and fake drugs<br />
  10. 10. Information about film<br />D.R.U.G - title<br />illegal productions – production company<br />Channel U and m.t.v – distributor<br />Sponsors of real time films<br />
  11. 11. Editing techniques<br />Back to back cuts.<br />Colour fading.<br />Freeze shots.<br />The captions fit the style of the film because we can use editing techniques when the teenage is killed.<br />Fading is typical in our genre because it causes suspense when action in the film is going to happen.<br />A fading transition would suit this film because it can be used when ever a fast scene happens.<br />
  12. 12. Director – Jessie<br />Scripts - Ashley<br />Production notes – Joe<br />Booking equipment – max<br />Editor – max<br />Music editor – Joe<br />Title design – Ashley<br />Storyboards - Ashley<br />
  13. 13. Film…<br />Filming with handheld camera, will try to capture more realism e.g. walking down streets.<br />The editing will be done by Max, he will try and add as more of an effect to the genre, realism.<br />