Eve & rhi 1930s british film


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Eve & rhi 1930s british film

  1. 1. 1930’S BOOMBy Eve Austin and Rhianna Soyvural
  2. 2. KEY MOMENTS Sound was introduced to films First sound version of PatheGazette Alexander Korda creating London films in1932 In 1933 The film The Private Life of Henry VIII was the firstBritish production to be nominated for the Academy Award for BestPictureProduced by London films. Color was brought in to films.
  3. 3. KEY FILM MAKERS Michael Powell and Emmeric Pressberger worked together Alfred Hitchcock confirmed his status as one of the UK’s leadingyoung directors with his influential thrillers The Man Who Knew TooMuch (1934), The 39 Steps (1935), and The Lady Vanishes (1938), beforemoving to Hollywood. Anthony Powell
  4. 4. KEY ACTORS In the silent era, English actor Charlie Chaplin was it biggest star, hewas a silent actor. Charles Laughton won the Best Actor Oscar for The Private Life ofHenry VIII in 1934 Robert Donat, starred in 39 steps and goodbye Mr. chips , so he wasconsidered a key actor at the time. Tyrone Power began to star in many films from the 1930sonwards, mainly romantic comedies.
  5. 5. P RO M I N E N T P RO D U C T I O N C O M PA N I E S / M OV I E S T U D I O S Gainsborough’s pictures and Gainsboroughs studios were quite large in 1930 British Paramount studios founded in 1931 and late 1931 Alexander Kordajoined Paramount. Alexander Korda establishes London Films in 1932 and in may 1932Shepperton studios open. The Good Companions (d. Victor Saville) in 1933 Pinewood Studios built at Iver, Buckinghamshire. In 1935 Michael Balcon becomes head of Ealing Studios, replacing Basil Dean, in 1938
  6. 6. BOOM OR RECESSION In the 1930s there was a Boom in the film industry and many filmsbecame successful , such as The private lifes of Henry VIII (1933)almost won an oscar. Other successful films were, Song of Ceylon (d. Basil Wright)(1935) Night Mail (d. Harry Watt, Basil Wright) (1936) , ElephantBoy (d. Robert J. Flaherty, Zoltan Korda) (1937) The Drum (d. ZoltanKorda) (1938) The Four Feathers (1939)
  7. 7. WERE THE FILMS DISTINCTIIVE In the 1930s all the British films were very distinctive and all Actors were British and all accents were British. The settings werealso very British, there was nothing that would make it American,Even the clothing in every film was very British and the names.