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Chris marks- Closed Door productions presentaation
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Chris marks- Closed Door productions presentaation

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  • 1. + DEPARTURES A Closed Door Production
  • 2. + Logo draft for closed door productions
  • 3. + Synopsis• Chris Marks is a teenage boy who is curious of what his farther does for a living.• He witnesses his fathers murder after finding out that he works for an illegal Drugs Cartel business.• The Men that murdered his father, hunt Chris Marks down as they look to cover the death up, As Chris trys to leave his fathers mistakes behind he attempts to flea England and travel to Cuba were his uncle resides.• His Uncle is a ex Cuban policemen, now providing information for the British intelligence officials on drug smuggling, he is shocked to here of John’s actions and death, and offers Chris a way out of the UK, thanks to contacts in the intelligence industry.• After 5 years of living undetected in Cuba his conscience leads him to a trail of destruction of the very people that murdered his farther.• He ends up at the drug cartel on revenge killing spree, in the hunt for his fathers murders, his actions are in haste and he fails to kill the true suspects but still damages much of the Cartel.• However he is caught mid-spree by intelligence officers who were following the same cartel• He is met by Evar Fox, an MI5 agent, they strike a deal, his freedom for his help and information on the organization. He is used as bate to draw out the lead men• Eventually the main men are drawn out of their hiding in order tie up loose ends and kill Chris, the MI5 move in to arrest the men, however chris’s family feelings lead him to risk the whole operation…
  • 4. + Characters Chris Marks  Chris Mark’s is a college student who gets straight ‘A’ grades. He is quiet student who belongs to a small but close friendship group, because he has been moving from town to town since a child. He has always been curious about his mothers disappearance but feels threatened to ask his father. He is a good looking boy but lacks self confidence and lacks the impact that his mother would have had on him. He is very paranoid about how he is viewed by others.
  • 5. + John Marks + Antonia Rodriguez  John Marks is a closed off man who keeps his working life separate from his family life. However his two best friends are also his partners in his work. He has become more and more distant from Chris as he has become more involved with his work.  Antonia fell in love with John Marks when he visited Cuba on a business trip, They began a relationship, and Antonia became pregnant. Through out the pregnancy Antonia became suspicious of John and his Job. After giving birth Antonia soon learnt of Johns involvement with the trafficking of Drugs. Realising the dangers and risks she confronted John- this ended in a bitter row and Antonia disappearing, leaving her new born sun in the hands of a dangerous man.
  • 6. + Pedro Rodriguez  Pedro was a police officer in Cuba, however now works undercover for the British intelligence officials. He does not know of his sister(Antonia’s) whereabouts and never trusted John, and longs for word of his nephew. He is so desperate that he is prepared to risk his job and reputation for it, this leads him to miss using his powers to locate and contact Chris.
  • 7. + The Cartel The Cartel is a drugs trafficking business, they are located in Cuba and the UK and ship Worldwide. After the Cartel began to lose clients in the UK, they began the trafficking of child slaves- John disagreed with his having brought up a son of his own and wanted out. However he new to much and the Cartel murdered him to cover themselves. The two assassins sent to kill Chris Mark’s are the same who killed John and are desperate to tie up any lose ends and prepared to do anything to stop Chris after he witnessed the murder.
  • 8. + Influences  A Chase scene that could be repuduced- Point BreakThis is the audience from Casino Royale, it itroughly the same audience that our film willbe aimed at.