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Flow  Fiber Ppt 2007
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Flow Fiber Ppt 2007


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Propriatary technology for manufacture of solid or hollow optical fiber from a soft glass melt in arbitrary lengths appropriate for telcom or laser fabrication applications. Contact Flow Pharma, Inc. …

Propriatary technology for manufacture of solid or hollow optical fiber from a soft glass melt in arbitrary lengths appropriate for telcom or laser fabrication applications. Contact Flow Pharma, Inc. 650 462 1440

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. March, 2010
  • 2. Management Team
    Reid Rubsamen, President and CEO
    A.B. Computer Science, Berkeley
    M.S. Computer Science, Stanford
    M.D. Stanford
    Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT
    Doctoral candidate 1989 - 1991
    Founded Aradigm (IPO 1996)
    Founded Flow Pharma 2002
    Named inventor on 65 issued U.S. Patents
  • 3. Flow Focusing Technology
    Liquid guided by “lens” of gas producing precision micro-jet
    Jet does not touch sides of the hole
    Immaculate Extrusion
  • 4. Flow Focusing Technology
    Invisible “lens” of gas can be qualitatively demonstrated experimentally
  • 5. Flow Focusing Technology
    Concentric needle configuration
    Allows production of clad fiber or encapsulated microspheres
    Cure early for fiber
    Cure late for spheres
  • 6. Flow Focusing Technology
    Steady state jet characteristics described by a formula
    Dependencies are on liquid density, gas pressure drop and liquid flow rate
    Patented Physics
  • 7. Molten Material ExtrusionFiber Production
    Traditional optical fiber fabrication process
    Pre-form is mounted in a tower and heated
    Fiber is drawn down
  • 8. Molten Material ExtrusionFiber Production
    No pre-form required
    Core and cladding can be co-extruded
    No heat or strain introduced by viscous fiber draw-down
    Wide range of possible materials
  • 9. Fiber Optic Light Transmission
    Traditional approach is via total internal reflectance (TIR)
    Process is lossy and not phase preserving
    Photonic bandgap (PBG) transmission allows potentially lossless, phase preserving light transmission
    PBG fiber can be used to transmit very high energy laser light
    Short lengths of PBG fiber have been produced but no process exists for kilometer length production
  • 10. PBG fiber is very high performance with ultra low loss
    PBG fiber has specialty fiber roles e.g. can serve as a notch filter
    Blaze founder Russell described simple structures for PBG transmission
  • 11. Potential Benefits of PBG Fiber
    Long Haul Fiber
    << 0.1db loss/kilometer
    Phase preserving
    Broad band
    Specialty Fiber
    Transmission of high power laser light
    Passive notch filter
  • 12. Potential Demand
    Internet optical backbone capacity requirement
    In-place internet optical backbone capacity
    Emergence of video-on-demand
  • 13. Fiber Optic Applications
    • FF may be the only viable process for mass production of low loss PBG fiber
  • Parallel Co-Extrusion
  • 14. Simple PBG Structures Viable
    rp/rc = 0.8
  • 15. Flow Focusing Draw Tower
  • 16. Flow Focusing Draw Tower
  • 17. Flow Focusing Optical Team
  • 18. Draw Tower Parameters
  • 19. RF Heated Crucible
  • 20. Tower and RF Generator
  • 21. Crucible and FF Nozzle
  • 22. FF Nozzle in Open Position
  • 23. FF Nozzle Under Crucible
  • 24. FF Nozzle In Open Position
  • 25. FF Nozzle Assembly
  • 26. FF Nozzle Alignment
  • 27. Molten Glass In Crucible
  • 28. Molten Glass Entering Open Nozzle
  • 29. Hollow Core Fiber Cross Section
    Randomly selected hollow
    fiber cross section. There
    are still instabilities evident
    in this early draw. The
    ten micron diameter core
    has good circularity and
    concentricity, but the fiber
    body is 10% elliptical.
    Several hundred meters
    of comparable fiber were
    produced in this
  • 30. Goal
    • Make kilometer lengths of precision, multicore PBG fiber and test performance
  • Path To The Goal
  • 31. Flow Focusing Patent Position