Doc that rock qtr 4 2011 2 21-12


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John Muir Medical Center 4th Quarter 2011 Physician Awards

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Doc that rock qtr 4 2011 2 21-12

  1. 1. DOCS THAT ROCK!The Transforming Care Collaborative celebrates the“Doc That Rocks” Program—a quarterly recognitionprogram of physicians.Please join us in recognizing our fourth quarter 2011recipients.Robert Kadas, MD and Girlynda Gonzales, RNCo-Chairs, Transforming Care Collaborative.
  2. 2. D O C S TH A T ROC K! Doug Zlock MD Diabetes Center Dr. Zlock cares about his teammates as much as his patients and herecognizes the value of every member of the team. He is a knowledgeableand gifted mentor, and he is always available to answer calls and questions about patient care needs. He is widely respected by peers as well as his patients. His positive attitude is refreshing and he motivates everyone D O C S TH A T around him! We are so lucky to have him as one of our! R O Medical Director.members. C K team Dr. Zlock is a GREAT
  3. 3. DOCS THAT ROCK! Bradley Crow MD Home Health Dr Bradley Crow is being recognized for consistently respondingquickly to any patient care issues that arise and for making prompt referrals for patients who transition from Home Care to Outpatient services. The glowing comments heard about him from our patients also make him deserving of this award.
  4. 4. DOCS THAT ROCK! Janine Senior MD Labor and DeliveryDr. Senior has always shown great attention to detail and cleanliness.She recently has made even greater strides to reduce infection risks in the Labor and Delivery population by changing her own practice Nurses find her to be open and supportive of ongoing patient   education and nursing education. She is a clear communicator and an effective team player.
  5. 5. DOCS THAT ROCK! Viviane Alfandary MD Medical SurgicalDr. Alfandary spends the utmost time with her patients as well as their family members. She takes the time to explain things, confirms that an understanding has taken place and always presents with a professional demeanor and bedside manner. She collaborates with staff and listens to our comments and assessments.
  6. 6. DOCS THAT ROCK! Nicole Jones DO Nutrition ServicesDr. Jones has the unique capacity to maintain a professional demeanor whilealso being down to earth, friendly and caring. She values the Dietitian’s inputand is open to our recommendations. She also respects and appreciates our practice and utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care. Dr. Jones always allows the Dietitian’s voice to be heard and acknowledges our role as the nutrition professional. Dr. Jones is definitely a DOC THAT ROCKS!
  7. 7. DOCS THAT ROCK!Dr. Klebanov is an incredibly caring,professional and approachable clinician.He delivers excellent patient care,ALWAYS makes himself available to thenursing staff, patients and families; nomatter how big or how small the concern.He is a team player, collaborates with allthe physicians on his patients’ case, andalways makes sure the nurse is on thesame page.It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Klebanov; Mark Klebanov MDhis consistent level of compassion and CPICUlevel of professionalism make him the docthat rocks!
  8. 8. DOCS THAT ROCK! Reid Rubsamen MD Surgical ServicesDr. Rubsamen was nominated by the Surgical Preoperative Department because he is always accessible, is always willing to help us out if we need him to read an abnormal EKG. He explains all of the procedures thoroughly to the patients. He is always early to see his patients, most often calling them ahead of time. He will do an anesthesia consult ifneeded when we ask. He even comes to see the patient in the clinic on short notice and is always very cordial.
  9. 9. DOCS THAT ROCK! George Slater MD TICU/NSICU Dr. Slater is the epitome of professional practice. A great example of this is when he was caring for a patient admitted to the Trauma ICU on a busy Saturday. He stayed late to fill out paperwork in order to get a patient on an experimental drug to try and save her life after a tragic accidental poisoning. He is always polite and apleasure to work with. All of the critical care staff agrees that Doctor Slater rocks! On behalf of the John Muir Critical Care Staff, we thank you Dr. Slater.