A Real World Design Process


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If you want to get past designing brochureware, you're going to need to step up your game. Build a process, refine it, evolve it, enhance it and keep on keeping on. Nothing revolutionary, just some tricks and tips from the field.

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----HiSynopsisSort of mid leveli'm on the twitter
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----also - all the small business stuffeverything that follows came about from those projects and is applied to the projectsthe process grows and changes each time.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 11:59) -----I mention this because I want you to know that there's nothing particularly special about me. I didn't grow up loving design. I didn't obsess over photoshop as a kid.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 11:59) -----the first website was like - wow i'm a website. The second website was 10 examples of skeuo-flat design to make you more awesomeso i pounded on tutorials. i read MAGAZINES.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 11:59) -----so i obsessed over agency sitesread more tutorials.nailed my glossy - water, text as fire.----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----i stumbled into a job.doing flashlearning dreamweaver.spacer.gifs
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 11:59) -----i learned to love the pen tool. websites were funny. small rectanglesgrunge was still awesome. 2advanced, juxtaposition, hillman curtis!
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 11:59) -----totally functional brochure ware. I could work the tools.I could recreate trends and aesthetics. I coudl follow a brief or art direction.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----this is a great job.the pay is fantasticlo stresslots of work
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----is this sorta what you mean?i didn't invite wireframing. I just didn't know to google "wireframing" I didn't know it was a thing.so the next time someone asked me to design something i didn't fully get - i knew where to start.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----who has something like this on their website? I have written a dozen iterations on this over the yearsit's helpful. it takes a strange thing and puts in language that people understand. elevator talk. client talk.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----how do i do discovery? Is everything a neat little box. I move from discovery. to design. to development and everything just goes swimmingly?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----it's a big mess of crazy who knows what, and when we're done, it's a beautiful, functional tool. It's a thing that adds to peoples lives. IT's a thing that adds value to the world. so pick your 4 steps. give it a name. patent it. whatever. that's not what's going to set you apart. It's how you exectute. IT's your magic discovery dance that you do.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----plain english. how do you explain it to your mom? My mom is brilliant.instagram - make my ugly ass pictures beautiful. let me see my friends baby pics. let me see what they had for dinner.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----you ask this question. super awkward.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/27/13 12:38) -----personas - sapcard sorts - stock photo of a design agencyinterviews - super easysurvey - wufooo for the win
  • ----- Meeting Notes (6/29/13 00:34) -----all the amazing wonderful potential. i don't trust designers that don't wireframe. unicorn barf.
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