What You Should Know About Pranic Healing


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Western medicine requires laboratory tests, surgical procedures, and pharmaceutical drugs. Eastern medicine on the other hand concentrates on treating the soul, mind and body.

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What You Should Know About Pranic Healing

  1. 1. Pranic Healing: Increasing And Balancing Life Energy To Improve Health
  2. 2. Western medicine is a proven approach to do away with health problems. However, many peoplealso turn to ancient Eastern medicine to heal a variety of diseases. Western medicine calls forlaboratory tests, surgeries, and pharmaceutical drugs. Eastern medicine on the other handconcentrates on healing the soul, mind and body.Many alternative therapies have been developed or rediscovered over the past several years. Atheme that is present in many of these alternative treatments is the concept of energymanipulation. Putative energy medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicinewhich claims that a healer can direct healing energy into another individual. One example of thiskind of alternative therapy is Pranic healing.What is Pranic healing?Pranic healing is developed by Choa Kok Sui and it encompasses a number of therapeuticapproaches in line with the belief system that ailments are a result of an imbalance or blockage inthe flow of life energy, called as prana.The two main beliefs of pranic healing is that our body can heal itself and that the process ofrecovery can be sped up by raising ones prana. This healing approach requires no drugs,gadgets, not even physical contact with the patient.Several therapies employed in pranic healingTraditional healing methods
  3. 3. The notion of prana is central to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. In both alternativetherapies, usage of herbs and foods that are full of vital force, acupuncture, physical exercisesand massage help increase and balance pranic flow.PranayamaAdvocates of pranic healing are convinced that prana can be drawn in through breathing, and so,breathing exercises is an important component of the healing process. Pranayama, also calledyogic breathing, is said to be effective in soothing the nervous system.Exercises
  4. 4. It is thought that certain postures and movements, when done every day together with breathingexercises, can encourage optimal prana flow. This is why yoga and t’ai chi are viewed asessential elements to pranic healing.MeditationMeditation used in pranic healing relies on a blend of breathing, chanting, certain postures andmental exercises to create an elevated or altered state of being. Meditating helps quiet the mindand allows for a greater flow of cleansing and healing life energy.Studying to perform DIY pranic healingIt is very empowering to be knowledgeable on how to manage simple ailments effectively byyourself. Numerous courses on pranic healing are offered in many locations globally. With theseclasses, you will learn how to scan, sweep and increase prana so you can take better control ofyour health.