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Virtual dev-day-java7-keynote-1641807 Virtual dev-day-java7-keynote-1641807 Presentation Transcript

  • 1
  • <Insert Picture Here>Java Virtual Developer DaySimon RitterTechnology Evangelist
  • 3Virtual Developer Day: Agenda•  Keynote: The Java Platform: Now and the Future•  What is Java SE 7 and JDK 7•  Diving into JavaFX 2.0•  Java SE 7: New and Improved APIs
  • <Insert Picture Here>The Java Platform: Now and the Future
  • 5©2011 Oracle CorporationThe following is intended to outline our general productdirection. It is intended for information purposes only, andmay not be incorporated into any contract. It is not acommitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality,and should not be relied upon in making purchasingdecisions.The development, release, and timing of any features orfunctionality described for Oracle s products remains at thesole discretion of Oracle.
  • 6©2011 Oracle CorporationOracle Strategy•  Deliver a complete, open, integrated stack ofhardware, infrastructure, database,middleware, and business applications•  Exploit processor, systems, storage, andnetworking trends to deliver breakthroughinnovations by combining Oracle softwarewith Sun hardware•  Integrate components of Oracle s softwarestack to provide unique value to customers
  • 7©2011 Oracle CorporationMiddleware and Java in Oracle s Strategy• Comprehensive foundation for building andrunning custom and packaged applications• Extremely well integrated• Industry-leading reliability and performance• Unified development and management• Basis for Oracle Fusion Applications• Built with and for Java technology
  • 8Desktop Embedded TV Mobile CardServers©2011 Oracle CorporationThe Spectrum of JavaJava EEBD-JJavaFX Java TV MSAJavaCardJava MEJava SEJava language
  • 9©2011 Oracle CorporationPriorities for our Java PlatformsGrow Developer BaseGrow AdoptionIncrease CompetitivenessAdapt to change
  • 10©2011 Oracle CorporationJava Communities
  • 11©2011 Oracle CorporationHow Java Evolves and AdaptsCommunity Development ofJava Technology Specifications
  • 12©2011 Oracle CorporationJCP Reforms•  Developers voice in the Executive Committee–  SOUJava–  Goldman Sachs–  London JavaCommunityJCP starting a program of reform–  JSR 348: Towards a new version of the JCP
  • 13©2011 Oracle CorporationJavaOne•  Successful event in San Francisco,–  September 2011•  First regional event for Latin America–  Sao Paulo, December 2011•  More to come–  Tokyo, April 2012–  Moscow, Russia, April 2012–  Hyderabad, India, May 2012
  • 14Java Standard Edition<Insert Picture Here>
  • 15©2011 Oracle Corporation
  • 16©2011 Oracle CorporationNiagara 1 (2005) 8 x 4 = 32 Niagara 2 (2007) 8 x 8 = 64 Rainbow Falls!16 x 8 = 128 The rise of multi-core/processor architectures
  • 17Desktop ... notepad ...2 ... 4Desktop ... notepad ... phone2 ... 4 ... 8©2011 Oracle Corporation2002 2004 2006 2008 2010From high end servers to smartphones2011Desktop ...2
  • 18©2011 Oracle Corporation7July 2011 Java SE 7 Highlights•  Careful additions to the Java language•  New bytecode to speed dynamiclanguages on the JVM•  New Fork/Join framework for concurrentprogramming•  New filesystem API
  • 19©2011 Oracle Corporation8Mid 2013 Java SE 8 Projects•  Project Lambda–  Lambda expressions–  Interface evolution–  Concurrent bulk data operations•  Modularity for Java SE•  Careful additions to the Java Language•  Annotations on Java types
  • 20©2011 Oracle Corporation
  • 21©2011 Oracle Corporation• Download JDK 7•• Open project mailing lists• Download NetBeans 7.1•• JDK 7 supportTry JDK 7 Today
  • 22Java for the Client<Insert Picture Here>
  • 23©2011 Oracle Corporation100% of Blu-ray Disc Players5 Billion SIM Cards3 Billion Mobile HandsetsJava Client Deployment75m desktops updated/month
  • 24©2011 Oracle CorporationJavaFX 1.0JavaFX ScriptScenegraphMedia2008 2009 2010 2011JavaFX 2.0Java APIsUI ControlsNew media stackNew graphics stackJavaFX 1.1MobileJavaFX 1.2UI ControlsJavaFX 1.3PerformanceMore UI Controls
  • 25©2011 Oracle CorporationJavaFX 2.0 Motivation• Java developers didn t want to learn a new language forRIA development• Web developers did not adopt JavaFX Script as quicklyas we d hoped• Interest in using JavaFX features in other languages
  • 26©2011 Oracle Corporation15Desktop: JavaFX 2.0 takes a fresh view• Development now in Java language• New Java APIs for JavaFX functionality• New media stack• New lightweight graphics stack• Swing integration
  • 27JavaFX RoadmapJavaFX 3.0•  Included in JDK 8•  Concurrent OS support(Windows, Mac OS, Linux)JavaFXScene Builder GANetBeans•  JavaFX 3.0 SupportJavaFX 2.2•  Linux GAJavaFX 2.1•  Mac OS X GA•  Linux Dev. Preview2011 2012 2013 2014JavaFXScene Builder EAJavaFX 2.0•  Windows GA•  Mac OS X Dev. PreviewNetBeans 7.1•  JavaFX 2.0 SupportJavaFX 2.0.2•  JDK 7 co-install
  • 28©2011 Oracle CorporationJava ME 2011 focus• to modernize platform•  Integration of web technologies•  New device APIs•  Scalable, high performance runtime solutions
  • 29©2011 Oracle CorporationOracle Java ME Products•  Commercial Implementations–  Oracle Java Wireless Client–  Oracle Java Embedded Client•  Developer Products–  Java ME SDK–  JavaCard SDK–  LWUIT–  NetBeans IDE Mobility Pack
  • 30Java Enterprise Edition<Insert Picture Here>
  • 31©2011 Oracle CorporationThe Java EE Journey1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010J2EE 1.2Servlet, EJB,JSP, JMS,Mail, …J2EE 1.3JCA, JAAS,XML, CMP,…J2EE 1.4WebSvcs,JMX,Deployment,…Java EE 5JPA, EJB3,Annotations,Faces, …Java EE 6More POJOs, WebProfile, EJBLite,Restful WS,Injection, …Web ServicesSimplicityCloud
  • 32©2011 Oracle CorporationLines of Code*Lines of XML*Java Classes** Based on a Sample POJO/JPA/REST Based Application Built for JavaOneJava EE 6 : Simplified development and deployment•  Standardized POJO Programming Model•  Simplified deployment descriptors•  Simplified APIs•  Dependency injection•  RESTful web services•  Web Profile
  • 33©2011 Oracle CorporationJava EE 5: Widely Available Java EE 6: Fast UptakeOpen Source and Commercial Implementations
  • 34©2011 Oracle CorporationGlassFish Areas of Focus•  First to market for new platform versions•  Continued emphasis on developer-friendly characteristics & popular OSS•  Production quality deployment features–  Clustering in current 3.1.1 release–  Web & Full Profile Java EE6 applications–  Virtualization/Cloud features in upcoming 3.2 release•  Shared components with WebLogic Server–  Ref Implementation APIs: JPA, JAX-RS, JSF, JAX-WS, JSTL, JAXP, JAXB, CDI–  Web server plug-ins•  Certified Interoperability with WebLogic–  Web Services, OAM, RMI
  • 35©2011 Oracle CorporationOracle WebLogic ServerProduction JavaApplication DeploymentOracle GlassFish ServerProduction JavaApplication Deployment•  Best commercial application server for transactional JavaEE applications and in near future, Java EE6 Full Profile•  Platform of choice for standardization•  Focus on lowest operational cost and mission criticalapplications•  Best integration with Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware& Fusion ApplicationsGlassFish and WebLogic Together• Best open source application server with support from Oracle• Open source platform of choice for OSGi or EE6 Web/FullProfile• Focus on latest Java EE standards and community OSSinnovation• Certified interoperability and integration with Fusion Middleware
  • 36©2011 Oracle CorporationBeyond Java EE 6: Moving into the cloud•  Develop•  Deploy•  Manage
  • 37©2011 Oracle CorporationJava EE Today – Roles and ResponsibilitiesDeployer/AdministratorDeveloperContainer ProviderJava EE
  • 38©2011 Oracle CorporationCloud Requires Data Center And Tenant RolesTenant 1 Tenant 2 Tenant nPaaS AdministratorApplicationAdministratorDeveloperContainer/ServiceProviderApplicationDeployerJava EE Cloud
  • 39©2011 Oracle CorporationClouds parting: Java EE 7•  Cloud computing is the major theme–  Java EE as a managed environment–  Application packaging reflecting new roles–  Application isolation and versioning–  In-place application upgrade•  Also significant Web Tier updates–  Web sockets, HTML5/JSF, standard JSON, NIO.2•  JSRs–  JSR 342: Java Platform Enterprise Edition 7–  JSR 236 : Concurrency Utilities for Java EE–  JSR 107: JCache–  JSR 347: DataGrids for Java EE
  • 40Java Tooling<Insert Picture Here>
  • 41©2011 Oracle CorporationJava Developer Tools
  • 42©2011 Oracle CorporationNetBeans 2012•  Over 900k active users•  NetBeans 7.1–  JDK 7 and Java editor support–  Glassfish 3.1 support, WLS and Oracle database supportimprovements–  Maven 3 and HTML 5 editing support•  More information––
  • 43