Thursday, september 26th
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  • 1. English 9 and 10
  • 2. Thursday, September 25 Sponge 1. Sit down 2. Get your notebook 3. Answer the sponge question Sponge question Describe a time when you had a disagreement with someone. What was the outcome?
  • 3. Thursday, September 26th English 9 Today’s activities 1. Review terms on our learning intention board 2. Interloper’s Readers Log 3. Begin reading story 4. Practice Reading Strategy and identify terms in the reading 5. See movie
  • 4. Interloper’s Reading Log Turn to page 303 Connect: What’s the longest argument you had with someone? Background: Read the paragraph and write down the most interesting and important sentence. Literary analysis: Write down the definitions for the terms Conflict, Internal and External and indirect characterization. Reading strategy: indentifying cause and effect Vocabulary: Complete an immersed in words chart
  • 5. English Immersed in Words Chart 9 Create a chart like this using – words are on pg 303 ALL OF THE WORDS Word Experience What it is/what it isn’t Definition Precipitous (adj) Steep; sheer Marauders (n) Raiders; people who take goods by force Medley (n) Mixture of things not usually found together. Picture representing image
  • 6. Thursday, September 26th English 10 Today’s activity 1. Sponge 2. Review research article a. b. c. d. Review one experiment Summarize the experiment Review APA citation Compare it to MLA 3. Create a Reader’s Log for the Short Story 4. Begin reading our new short story, The Widow and the Parrot
  • 7. Parrot Reader’s Log Turn to page 428 Connect: How do you feel about animals? Background: write down the most intersting and important sentence in the paragraph Literary Analysis: Write down the definition for the terms- Motivation and Plot (all boldly printed words) Reading Strategy: Drawing inferences (write definition) Vocabulary development: Immersed in Words Chart
  • 8. English Immersed in Words Chart 10 Create a chart like this using – words are on pg 429 ALL OF THE WORDS Word Experience What it is/what it isn’t Definition Ford (n) Shallow place in a river where people can cross Dilapidated (adj) Shabby and neglected Sovereigns (n) British gold coins worth one pound each ($2.00 us money) Picture representing image