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Not doing content marketing? Where’ve you been? Creating and sharing valuable content helps brands stay relevant and meaningful. If you don’t use it to sell, and keep it authentic and high quality, content marketing can be a great way to build customer loyalty.

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  • Beat the competition to the prospect / Can cost less than an outbound lead /
  • Add peerindex and klout
  • Content marketing b2 b

    1. 1. Content Marketing For your business customers
    2. 2. “ How a brand creates, delivers, and governs original or curated content to attract and retain customers, positioning the brand as a credible expert and, ultimately motivating a change in behaviour. – Joe Pulizzi ” There are a number of definitions to find today which explain what is Content Marketing. However the way we deliver Content Marketing is best defined by the 2
    3. 3. Why?• Huge Traction• Establishes credibility and thought leadership• Provides quality leads far easier and half the cost• Conversion rate of inbound marketing leads = x3• Competitive advantage• Engage with more of your prospects & convert more sales• As old methods pass out it’s the new tool in 3
    4. 4. Content is King 70% of the customers buying cycle is completed before a prospect is ready to engage with an actual 4
    5. 5. Uniformity of Offer No. of Value of Decision Sale Makers Simplicity Speed of of Buying Sales Process Role of Emotion B2B Quantity of Leads B2B 5
    6. 6. Lead Mgt Sales Thought Leadership Website Traffic Customer Recruitment Lead GenerationCustomer Retention Loyalty Brand Awareness 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Organisational goals for Content Marketing 6
    7. 7. Strategic & Long People & Term Resources Content Mapped to Segmented by Marketing Plan Prospect Journey Persona TypeThe 10 vital ingredients that you would Quality & Data Capture as need to have a successful content Quantity Priority marketing plan Social Media Capitalise on Optimisation Influencer Effect Ecosystem Measurable 7
    8. 8. Being Tactical Measurable Heart of Business Competitor KPI’s & Future Goals Differentiation Objectives 8
    9. 9. Your People & Resources Internal Thinking Like Expertise or Publishers Commission Senior “Being Management Creative” 9
    10. 10. Mapping with the 10
    11. 11. Personality based content• They don’t search the same things• They are not experts in the same field• There objectives are different• Their evaluation criteria is 11
    12. 12. Quality v/s Quantity QUALITY QUANTITY Strong Design Create, curate, re-create Different Reformat Useful Serialise Thumbnails not just links Compile a series of posts Tag & file name against key words Post with explanations Update with new titles & graphics & versions Monitor success Slide Share, 12
    13. 13. DataCaptureas apriority 13
    14. 14. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Maximising content visibility & 14
    15. 15. Capitalise the Influencer Effect• Brings the X factor to your contents reach and credibility• Work with influencers in your industry• Influencers have their personalities and quirks so be respectful of their high scores• Share what is “hot of the press” which they can use for bragging rights• Engage with them as your trialists by canvassing their 15
    16. 16. The Blog Tree Lists are Dead. Long Live the Blog Tree – Joe 16
    17. 17. Ecosystem for Content Content Content Hub Topic Plan & Calendar Create, Cur ate, Re- create Blog Formats Publishing 17
    18. 18. Content – The Flaura & Fauna Info Create New Best Graphics, C Videos Slide content versions Surveys harts, Grap Podcasts LinkedIn from Live (i.e. of Practices Share hs events surveys) Feed Revise Info News PPT’s, Whit You comments Graphics Demos e papers Live Events Twitter into Topic with Reviews Tube Plan comments Content Topic & Formats Publishing Create, Curate, Re- Calendar Tools 18
    19. 19. “ Business that blog at least 20x per month generate over 5x more traffic than those that blog fewer than 4x per month ” Business that blog at least 20x per month generate nearly 4x more leads than those who don’t blog• Source: 19
    20. 20. Impact and ROI – The Yardstick ROI Attribution Lifetime Value First Touch Last Touch Cost of sales & marketing Weighted Tracking Links are necessary appendages to all your content efforts without this you cannot track your 20
    21. 21. Remember the End Goal? 21
    22. 22. If you would like to know how toimplement this plan for yourbusiness get in touch with us! Email: LinkedIn: || Facebook: antonyregina80 || Twitter: 22