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With a dedicated team of professional document editors, you will be able to get the best support with regards to your editing & proofreading dissertation needs. You will also be able to get all sorts of help with regards to your needs of Academic, Scientific and Book Publishing needs.

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Regentediting India

  1. 1. Regent Editing An established name in the field of academic editing and publishing support services Call us at 011-41558530 or Email us at
  2. 2. Who We Are A team of professional writers, editors and publishing support specialists that focuses on providing high-quality review services and publication assistance. Email:
  3. 3. What All We Do Editing of all types of academic, scientific, business and research documents Proofreading of dissertations, theses and other academic papers Support for publishing fictional and non-fictional books Support for publishing journal papers Email:
  4. 4. Who We Serve Research Students Professional Researchers Scientists Business Professionals Book Authors Others seeking support on journal paper publication Email:
  5. 5. Academic Review • We edit and proofread PhD theses for doctoral candidates and make their documents completely error-free. • We edit and format research papers while considering professional styles and standards of language and formatting. • We also help students with the printing and binding of their theses. Email:
  6. 6. Scientific Documents Review • We aim at increasing the chances of manuscript acceptance by journals through the conduction of peer reviews. • We also edit scientific manuscripts or papers to make them suitable for journal submission. • We review medical research papers and provide detailed feedback to clients. Email:
  7. 7. Publication Support • We intensively proofread and edit all kinds of fictional and non-fictional books before publication. • To make books suitable and appealing to a wider range of audience, we also typeset them. • We help in converting regular books into e- books in various formats. • Additionally, we support clients in publishing their e-books on the Web. Email:
  8. 8. Focus of Our Editing Services  To make all client documents completely flawless after editing or proofreading  To review all research documents according to specific client requirements  To follow professional linguistic styles and formatting standards while working on research papers  To make a document logical, coherent, accurate, clear and well presentable Email:
  9. 9. Focus of Publication Support Services  To maintain the quality of content in a paper so its chances of approval become higher  To edit manuscripts and journal papers according to stated guidelines of a publication  To offer reader-oriented services for books by using latest tools of typesetting and conversion  To provide quick and timely delivery services in order to help clients stay ahead of the competition Email:
  10. 10. What We Assure 100 percent client satisfaction Delivery of zero-error documents High-quality publication support Timely delivery of all documents Constant feedback on client projects Quick turnaround time on all client queries Email: