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Custom Software provides competitive advantage
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Custom Software provides competitive advantage


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SolTech custom software development expertise in Atlanta ensures that CapSure can remain competitive in its markets. Solution uses .Net, embedded windows, and web application. Services provided …

SolTech custom software development expertise in Atlanta ensures that CapSure can remain competitive in its markets. Solution uses .Net, embedded windows, and web application. Services provided included custom development, strategic consulting, system evaluation

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Capsure – Case Study
    CapSure approached SolTech, looking for a vendor that had the required resources, and that could ramp up fast and  minimize the extent to which code would need to be rewritten
    Already well underway in developing their software product, CapSure realized that they were outgrowing the capabilities of their initial software vendor.
  • 2. Big Picture
    GateSure, gate security software, is a fully Web-based visitor management software program for gated residential communities, providing peace of mind to residents while making access control management easier for security and administrative staff. GateSure visitor management software delivers impressive benefits while enhancing the community’s image.
  • 3. Migration
    SolTech ….
    • workedwith the incumbent vendor to ensure that old code was preserved, while at the same time forking the codebase to add new system functionality. Soon afterwards new code was merged with the legacy codebase.
    • 4. appliedtwo full time .NET developers to analyze project requirements. The solution required the tight integration of a number of third party security/access control products, each from market leaders in their own verticals. These disparate products required integration such that the end product would provide a cohesive single point of operation.
    • 5. respondedwith a full project life cycle plan to design, build, implement and support a modular system that could be easily tailored to each individual access control project. Leading edge technologies for the access control market have been integrated into the solution, including voicemail, drivers license scan and lookup.
  • Core Capabilities
    Core Capabilities
    Custom application development
    project management, strategic consulting.
    Technology Used
    .NET, embedded applications,
    handheld device integration.
    “GateSure is the result of a collaborative effort that solved the gate security challenges of one of America’s premier gated communities, Country Club of the South (CCOS).”
  • 6. GateSure
    SolTech has subsequently taken the best lessons learned from GateSure and created, in record time, a new system for the protection of commercial properties.
    By leveraging SolTechs deep understanding of their initial product, coupled with the long standing relationship between the two companies, CapSure was able to enter new markets with greatly reduced investment.
  • 7. There is nothing stopping you…
    SolTech is a specialist developer of custom software on the .Net and Java platforms.
    If you feel that custom software will give you the edge you need, then
    contact us at 1(404) 601-6000.
    We should be speaking !