Repurposing Content to Keep your Hospital Intranet Vibrant


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Co-Presented with Kadesha Thomas, Founder, CareContent. Hospital Marketing and Communications departments have their hands full between juggling public facing websites, internal communications channels including the intranet among others, PR, social media, and the perennial need to create content for each of these outlets. Add to the mix the fact that most Communications departments do not have dedicated budgets for generating unique content for each of these media and there is the realization that in order to actually do it all, content must be repurposed and repackaged for use in these diverse publications.

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  • Repurposing Content to Keep your Hospital Intranet Vibrant

    1. 1. Repurposing Content to Keep Your Hospital Intranet Vibrant
    2. 2. Session Agenda Webinar • Duration: Approximately 45-50 minutes • Q & A any time during the session Your Presenters Agenda and Goals • Current state of internal communications in hospitals • Repurposing Content to Keep Your Intranet Vibrant • Question and answer session • Please complete the short survey before you leave the web seminar.
    3. 3. The recording of this session is available at
    4. 4. Current State of the Typical Healthcare Intranet • • • • Functional, but not engaging Lots of hyperlinks, minimal graphics Lots of stale content Typically no dedicated budget for internal communication
    5. 5. Intranet connects everyone in the organization The line between internal and external can be very fuzzy = OPPORTUNITY for a Unified Branding Message
    6. 6. Stage Content • Crossover content between public facing website and intranet • Set effective and expiration dates for content to avoid things falling between the cracks
    7. 7. Social Emphasizes Impact • • • • Forums Blogging Commenting Newsfeeds
    8. 8. Utilization Measurement Business Objectives Accomplished, ROI 0 • Page View Stats • Comments • Poll/Survey response • More Sophisticated Reports from SQL
    9. 9. The content that never grew up...
    10. 10. What is repurposing It’s having a compelling topic, gathering the right information up front and then ... Thinking series with different angles Targeting different audiences Using a different format
    11. 11. Web content is an asset Your time and creativity Google search results Promotes your staff Drives patient volume Encourages engagement
    12. 12. New content: Think strategy Why are we writing this? Who is the primary target audience? Who are secondary target audiences? What is the goal? These questions determine other possible formats and venues for the content
    13. 13. Current content: Is it worth it? Has similar content gotten high traffic? Has it gotten particularly low traffic? Does it support our goals? Could the content have more than one audience? Especially patients
    14. 14. 5 Steps to repurposing content
    15. 15. Step 1: Start with the patient angle
    16. 16. Step 2: Start with the feature style More elements in a feature story: quotes, stats, narrative explanations Easier to review Easier to carve into other content types
    17. 17. Step 3: Pick other formats Infographic Blog post Status updates Slideshow Digital signage Q&A feature
    18. 18. Step 4: Identify other vehicles Digital signage Social media Main website Blogs Printed pieces External website Industry publication
    19. 19. Step 5: Drive people back to the website
    20. 20. 3 Heads Ups
    21. 21. Heads up 1: No duplicate content
    22. 22. Heads up 2: Give the disclaimer Patient consent Vendor agreements Physicians and medical staff
    23. 23. Heads up 3: What goes up must come down Prevent bloated website Prevent broken links Best practices how long to keep content (location, content, links)
    24. 24. Q&A Enter your questions into the “Question” area of the GoToWebinar dropdown menu. • Please help us by answering the survey at the end of this presentation. • Contact us at 866-580-7700 or with any questions or thoughts. • Register for Upcoming Webinar sessions: “5 Ways to Update Outdated Employee Communication” September 24.