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Bjana Vaishali

  1. 1. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Bharat Vikas Viklang Punarvash Kendra, and Sanjay Anand Viklang Hospital & Research Center Pahari, Patna-Gaya National Highway (Masaurhi Road) P.O. Guljarbagh, Patna 80007 Telephone: 0612-324725This center provides specializedservice in:  Prosthesis  Orthopedics  Audiology  Physiotherapy  Correction Surgery  Research  Innovative Surgery/rehabilitation This hospital is equipped with the state of the art techniques and is operatedunder the guidance of specialists. Our service is free of charge and intended for thoseless fortunate and in need of special care. The hospital sets up camps in Bihar,Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh,West Bengal and Nepal. These camps conduct surveys inorder to assess the need for artificial limbs and rehabilitation. This set up functions under the control of Bharat Vikash Viklang Nyas, Patna (aregistered trust). Bharat Vikas arishad is a socio-cultural non-political organization,resolved to develop the service center with devotion, support, and involvement ofmembers, socially conscious philanthropists, elits including their family members.Services at a Glance - # of Patients Examined Suitable Artificial Corrective Total Hearing Phyio- For Limbs Rehab Provided Surgery Camps Aids therapy99. 198 80 61 100’. 01. 4,270 834 344 490 1601. ‘02. 5,185 2,004 957 153 2502.’-03.’ 6,710 1,958 1,584 524 3203.’-04.’ 6,800 2,200 1,182 945 3404.’-05.’ 5,707 1,900 942 571 3005.’-06.’ 4,032 1,200 724 359 1906.’-07.’ 5,222 1,310 785 457 5107.’-08.’ 8,020 4,032 3,158 588 4908.’-09.’ 4,110 2,200 1,179 261 1609.’-10.’ 2,400 1,260 941 247 10 40 217Total 52,654 18,978 16,362 4,595 293 40 217
  2. 2. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Village Hope Foundation Adivashi School near SimdegaIn 1999, 13 schools in 13 tolis were started from class 1 (kindergarten). Each year anew class was added and later we started merging schools. Now we have one schoolup to class 9 and about 180 to 200 students with 10 local Adivasi teachers. More than20 of our initial Kindergarten class have already reached the High School level.Over the years, several mud-wall classrooms were built with voluntary labor from villagepeople, and funding from a private US Foundation. Currently, we are constructing twostory brick building with several class rooms. No Government funding has been soughtto avoid being trapped by Govt. bureaucracy and corruption. Therefore, we greatlyacknowledge a donation of $2,000 from BJANA during last two years. Members of the upper castes have achieved most of the progress in India. A transformation of values is needed if the tribal and poor castes are to progress. In the absence of a long lasting concerted and respectful effort to bring such transformation, they are gravitating towards the rapidly growing Maoist/Naxalite movement of extreme violence, which, if not checked, could engulf entire India in the next 10 to 20 years AID INDIA ( group of IIT and BITS alumni decided to quit corporate careers and started AID INDIA to workfull time to educate poor children in villages in India. For the last 14 years, AID INDIA has beensilently implementing a number of very successful education initiatives that has had a largeimpact on learning levels of poor children. Their work and impact has attracted more and morepeople and today the organization has 100 fulltime 300 expert teachers and 1200 villageteachers working in 500 villages in Tamilnadu and 100 villages in Gaya, Jahanabad andArwal districts in Bihar.Eureka SuperKidz Village Education Centers selects and educates really poor children fromfamilies where the entire family earns only Rs. 2500 per as teachers and train them. Thesevillage teachers conduct 3 hours of after-school evening classes every day for 75 children fromKG to Std 6. Parents pay a small fee of Rs.25 (50¢) every month to support half of theteacher’s stipend. This combined with parent meetings and monthly tracking of their children’sprogress, has built strong local accountability and a sense of ownership in the parents. Using acombination of fun activities, attractive learning materials and special skill charts to individuallytrack each child’s learning outcomes; Eureka SuperKidz is dramatically improving learninglevels of the poorest.The annual cost of running a Eureka SuperKidz Education Center in a village is $1000(Rs.50000). This donation supports 3 village teachers, workbooks and attractive learningmaterials given to all children every two months and on-field training and support by a resourceteacher.
  3. 3. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 ORGANIZERS and CONTRIBUTORSEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2011 PATRONS 2010Dr. Binod K. Sinha, President Diamond Patron $1000 ContributorDr. Sudhansu Prasad, Vice President Dr. Brijendra KumarMr. Subodh Kumar, General SecretaryMr. Kamlesh Tiwary, Joint Secretary Gold Patron $500 ContributorMr. Upendra Sinha, Treasurer Dr. Avinash & Dr. Geeta GuptaMr. Birendra Kumar, Exec Member ChairPhilanthropy Mr. Sunil & Anupma AnanadMrs. Subha Bajpaye, Exec Member Cultural Mr. Birendra & Maya KumarMs. Ruchica Tandon, Exec Member Drs. Bijoy & Chinta MehtaMr. Sunil Anand, Exec Member Dr. Ajoy & Madhu SinhaMr. Alok Kumar, Exec MemberMr. Sanjay Gupta, Exec Member Silver Patron $250 ContributorMr. Gyaneeshwar Prasad, Exec Member Dr. Keshav & Pratima PrasadMr. Milan Saha, Exec Member Dr. Sudhanshu & Suravi Prasad Mr. Sugriv & Shalini BarnwalPATRONS 2009 Mr. Upendra & Dr. Sujiti SinhaDiamond Patron $1000 Contributor 2009 Mr. Amod & Dr. Ratna ChoudharyDr. Brijendra Kumar Dr. Satya & Nita Kastuar Drs. Rajiv & Nishi SahayGold Patron $500 Contributor 2009 Mr. Sanjay & Sarika BarnwalDrs. Baleshwar & Shanti Prasad Drs. Deo Narayan & Usha SahaDr. Satya & Nita Kastuar Drs. Pravin & Jayshree Ballabh Silver Patron $250 Contributor 2009Mr. Birendra & Maya Kumar Mr. Upendra & Dr. Sujiti SinhaDr. Binod & Madhu Sinha Drs. Avinash & Geeta GuptaDr. Sudhanshu & Suravi Prasad Mr. Subodh KumarBJANA thanks all Patrons and other Past Contributors to BJANA Philanthropy:Dr. Binod & Meena Verma; Rakesh & Ritu Sinha; Dr. Arvind & Nita Das; AndrewBose; Ranjan & Neelam Kumar; Ranbir & Sangita Kumar; Dr. Rajinder & JyotiGandhi; Shiv Prasad; Dr. Harvey Poniachek; Rajesh& Madhulika Sahu; Ajoy &Renu Sinha; Divyendu & Pratima Narayan; Dr. Binod & Renu Sinha; Dr. Navin &Mary Sinha; Kamlesh Kairab; Mritunjay & Indira Sinha; Megati Sreenivasulu andJohn Weber, Pankaj & Kalpana Kumar, Narendra Prasad, CEO of Bank of India.Any omission is regretted:please email to