Why Cell Phones Should not be Banned While Driving


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This presentation by Scott Turza suggests that cell phones like the #RefurbishedApple iPhone should be allowed when driving. Researches show that people who are using their cell phones while driving is more accident-prone. However, this presentation implies the opposite.

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  • Hello. My name is Scott and this is my presentation on why I believe cell phones should not be banned while driving.
  • This slide shows the reasons why cell phones should be allowed in cars. Cell phones can help in an emergency situations when you need help.
  • Cell phones can keep you in contact with other people that might need you. And if you cannot find the location that you need to go to, cell phones are useful to be able to call someone for help.
  • These are the reasons why people are against having cell phones in cars. Many people believe that cell phones cause accidents and are a distraction in the car.
  • This slide shows why I believe that those reasons are not legit. Careless driving is why accidents happen, not cell phone use.
  • An alternative way is by using Bluetooth devices. This is a device that enables you to talk on the phone hands-free while driving.
  • This is a chart showing the percent of drivers who have phones in their cars and the percent of drivers who actually use their phones. As you can see, many people use phones while driving.
  • This slide shows tips that people might find effective while using their cell phones while driving. These tips can help people avoid accidents.
  • To conclude, cell phones should be allowed while driving. To prevent many accidents, people need to be smarter on the road. Phones are not the cause of accidents.
  • These are my references that I used for my presentation.
  • This is the end of my presentation. Thank you for your time.
  • Why Cell Phones Should not be Banned While Driving

    1. 1. Scott Turza CIS 1055 Sec: 609Date Due: 11/14/07
    2. 2.  If you get into an accident, you would need to call the police, insurance agent, tow truck, family members, etc. If you are going to work and you get into an accident, you would need to your cell phone to call your boss and tell him/her that you will be late, so you don’t get fired.
    3. 3.  If an emergency occurs and someone is trying to get a hold of you, you would need your cell phone to stay in contact with that person. If you are lost, you can call someone for directions. Me in my Car
    4. 4.  Research shows that 8 out of 10 car accidents are caused by people using cell phones. People become distracted while using cell phones in cars.
    5. 5.  Cell phones in cars do not kill people or cause accidents. The person driving the car is the reason why an accident would happen. A lot of people just don’t know how to drive. People just need to learn how to drive better. I always have my cell phone on me when I drive and I do talk on it, yet my cell phone has never been a distraction towards me. If you ban cell phones, you might as well ban smoking in cars and playing music in cars because those can be just as much of a distraction as using cell phones.
    6. 6.  Bluetooth/Hand-Held Devices ◦ Many people today use Bluetooth devices to talk on the phone while driving. This allows people to talk on the phone, while having both hands on the wheel, or allowing them to concentrate more. ◦ I have a Bluetooth device that I use while driving.
    7. 7. 80%70%60%50%40% Series130%20%10%0% Drivers who have a phone in their car Drivers who use their cell phone while driving
    8. 8.  Always be aware of your surroundings Inform the person on the other end that you are driving Try to keep the phone call short Try not to use the phone in bad weather Always pay attention to the road
    9. 9.  Cell phones should not be banned while driving. ◦ People need to be smarter drivers ◦ If an emergency occurs, people need cell phones to call for help.  According to the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association, 139,000 emergency calls are made a day by drivers, which shows that cell phones are needed in cars. Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Device
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    11. 11. Thank you for watching my presentation on why I believe cell phones should not be banned while driving.