Toolroom aviation


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Toolroom aviation

  1. 1. Toolroom—Tool Tracking Software for Aviation Why Manage Your Tools?  Know where the tool is when you need it    Reduce theft and shrinkage    Retain detailed maintenance records  for compliance purposes   Hold employees accountable    Retain accurate data for insurance  claims    Save labor hours searching for tools   Increase margins on the jobs  CheckMate ToolroomCheckMate Toolroom allows you to control your tools — their  Check In/Out  location, value and condition. Take physical inventory and compare to   Reserve Tools your current information. Keep updated records and print reports.   Overdue reporting To get started, take an initial inventory and put a barcode label on the  Kitting of tools item, in the catalog or on the shelf/location. Then scan the barcode into a portable handheld terminal and enter the pertinent information.  3 Categories of tools (serialized; bulk;Upload that information into the CheckMate database—it’s that easy. consumable)  CheckMate Toolroom tracks 3 classes of tools: Class A (tracked  Remote Job Site Toolkit capability  individually); Class B (bulk tools such as screwdrivers or hammers);   Maintenance scheduling Class C consumables (which will not be checked back in).  Complete audit trail  The system is designed to be very flexible and easy to use. For  Extensive queries & reports example, CheckMate allows you to label the fields in the program withyour own terminology. You can assign a description to the tool usingyour own unique phrases, and keep more detailed information, such asmodel number and serial number. A photo of the item can be attachedto the record to verify condition for insurance purposes.Maintenance Scheduler option allows you to schedule routine repairs,calibration and other maintenance on Class A tools, and keep track ofall maintenance history for audit and FAA compliance.Multiple reports and queries allow you to view your data as you want.Print an inventory list, a discrepancy list after an inventory, or querywhat tools you have in a specific location. DYNAMIC SYSTEMS, INC. 15331 NE 90Th StCheckMate Toolroom will save you money! Barcode data collection is Redmond, WA 98052virtually 100% accurate and fast. You will be able to hold your PH 800-342-3999employees accountable for lost tools, avoid purchasing duplicate tools FX 425-861-3976and will know that the tools required to complete a job are really there.
  2. 2. The CheckMate Suite CheckMate’s Suite of software offers a so- lution for companies who want to increase efficiencies and track their important as- sets. The software shares inventory and badge databases, allowing easy integration of functions. The Suite includes:  Document Tracking or Tool Tracking  Job Costing  Inventory Control Purchase one software package and add the others as needed. Or buy them all at once at a discount. Equipment chosen for CheckMate users is based on multiple environments experi- enced. You can be assured all products are selected for their ruggedness, reliability and ease of use.Labels for CheckMate UsersBarcode labels are available for virtually any environment from the la-beling of assts and inventory to manufacturing clean rooms and forfreezers or high temperature environments. They are available for ap-plications that have a need for special materials and adhesives andrange from tiny “dots” that are preprinted with 2-dimensional barcodesto very large labels that can be used on rolls of paper.We have tested a wide variety of label materials and adhesives; youcan be assured the products you purchase are right for yourenviron-ment. DYNAMIC SYSTEMS, INC 15331 ne 90Th St Redmond, WA 98052 800-342-3999 ; 425-861-3976 (fax)