So You Have To Do A Nationality Report!
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So You Have To Do A Nationality Report!



How to use Library resources to help you complete your assignment.

How to use Library resources to help you complete your assignment.



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So You Have To Do A Nationality Report! So You Have To Do A Nationality Report! Presentation Transcript

  • So you have to do a… Nationality Report
  • What do you need to find out?
    • Land & Climate
      • Location
      • Size
      • Geography
      • Weather
    • History & Government
      • Form of government
      • Leaders
      • Timeline & important events
    • Economy
      • Natural resources
      • Imports & exports
      • Money
    • Lifestyle
      • Food
      • Sports & Games
      • Folk or Fairy Tales
      • Famous attractions
    • People
      • Ethnic makeup
      • Language
      • Religion
      • Famous individuals
    • Symbols
      • Flag
      • National Anthem
      • Other symbols
  • Where do I begin? View slide
  • …but I don’t know the title of a book! Why not try a subject search instead? View slide
  • Look for books about Botswana Type in the subject and then click the GO button.
  • Some of these are too old… Do I have some great stuff to show you!
  • Check out the Library’s databases! There is something here to help with any assignment.
  • Begin with Try the Kids Edition first.
  • Click on the continent
  • I don’t see Botswana! The World Edition covers additional countries, lets try that.
  • Whew, there it is! You’re on your way to completing your assignment. Just click on your country.
  • Here is the main page about Botswana
  • For more detail click
  • Culture Grams is easy to use… Make sure to check out the links at the top of the page.
  • Here are some recipes
  • And a list of famous people But I want a picture of one of these people. How can I find that?
  • Go back to the Library’s databases! Let’s try another database – this one is called Biography Reference Bank.
  • Whose picture can we find? Let’s find out what famous people from Botswana are included here and compare that list with the ones in Culture Grams.
  • Enter the country name in the “Place of Origin” box, then click the Start button.
  • Here are the results Two of the people from the CultureGrams list are on this database with pictures! What does “view more images” under Khama, Sir Sereste mean?
  • Click on “view more images” You have four different pictures to choose from.
  • Okay, but what else is there?
  • Go back to the Library’s databases! This time we’ll look at the Gale Virtual Library. This includes a selection of electronic reference books.
  • How does this work? You can click the + sign to see what titles we have on a subject, or search all the books from the find box.
  • So what is there on Botwana? This time we’ll look use the find box.
  • There are 11 results Click on the first result.
  • You can view it this way…
  • Or as a pdf file
  • Whatever you choose… You can print, e-mail, or donwload the article. You can also use the links above the article to move to the next selection.
  • Here is the second source
  • So what do you think? This is great - I’m going to keep my library card handy!