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Introduction to Internet for Library Patrons

Introduction to Internet for Library Patrons



Introduction to basic Internet

Introduction to basic Internet



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    Introduction to Internet for Library Patrons Introduction to Internet for Library Patrons Presentation Transcript

    • Intro to Internet forLibrary PatronsRobin BeaversMultimedia ReferenceLibrarianGrande Prairie Public LibraryHazel Crest, IL2013
    • What is the Internet?The Internet is a vastnetwork (group) ofcomputers and devicesthat communicate withone another via cable orwireless signals.The Internet is short for"interconnection ofcomputer networks"The Internet provides theframework that carries theWorld Wide Web as well aschat, messaging and emailservices.
    • Why learn to use the Internet?Information & Communication!Becoming an Internet userallows you to become moreindependent and informed!We are moving towards a“Greener” society...the push touse less paper and the risingcost$ of producing printedmaterials means both businessand government are choosingto move many of theirresources online.
    • How do you get the Internet?You need an Internet ready device(computer, Smartphone, tablet,e-reader, etc.) and anInternet Service Provider (ISP).An ISP can connect you to the Internet via,cable, DSL, or dial up services.You can also connect using Wi-Fi.Wi-Fi allows your device to access the Internet using signalsnot a cable.
    • What is the World Wide Web?The World Wide Web (www) isthe millions of connecteddocuments known as web pagesor websites that you can exploreusing the Internet.http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/internet101/f/the_difference_between_internet_and_web.htmone tech writer put it “the Internet is therestaurant, and the Web is the most popular dish onthe menu”.
    • The difference between the Internetand the World Wide Web?They are often used interchangeably, but they aretechnically different. As one tech writer explains;“the Internet is the restaurant, and the Web is the mostpopular dish on the menu”.
    • How do I access the World Wide Web?A computer program called a browser allowsyou retrieve and view websites.The most popular browsers today are:
    • Search EnginesUsing keywords, a search engine allowsyou to find websites that are of interest.The most popular search engines todayare:Google.comAsk.comYahoo.comBing.comAsk.comMSN.com
    • Web AddressesA web address is called a Uniform ResourceLocator or URL.Reading a web addresswww.grandeprairie.org is readgrandeprairie(dot)orgThere are no spaces between charactersin a URL and they are not case sensitive.
    • Web addresses continuedSometimes you will see http:// before theaddress, it means hypertext transferprotocol and it is a way of letting othercomputers know that a computer is requestinga web page.Many times http:// is implied and not all addresseswill show it in the address bar
    • What does dot com mean?That little dot and those letters behind it are part ofThe Domain Name System (DNS). Generally it letsusers know the type of website being represented..com—commercial enterprise.edu—educational institution.org—non profit organization.mil—military site.net—networks, ISP’s, organizationsCountries have domain names too, to let you know the country of origin..il-Israel.ca Canada.jp Japan.uk United Kingdom.in India
    • Navigating the WebUsers navigate the web using a series of hyperlinks that youclick on to move to another section within a website or to a newwebpage.Hyperlinks can be a word, phrase, or image.If it’s a hyperlink your cursor will go from an arrow to a handsymbol.to
    • SecurityInternet security is a major concern for those whosurf the Web.Websites that require your personal information add layers ofsecurity called encryption, to protect your personal informationand their reputation.A good way to tell if a website is secure is to look at the webaddress. A secure web address will begin with https:// whichmeans Hypertext transfer protocol secure.
    • Security…continuedWebsites that require you to log in to access your account(email, banks, stores, social media,etc.) should begin with thehttps:// . This lets users know that the website is encryptedand making every effort to provide secure online access toprotect potentially sensitive information.
    • Resourceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internethttp://netforbeginners.about.com/od/i/f/What-Is-The-Internet.htmhttp://www.webopedia.com/TERM/I/Internet.htmlhttp://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-the-difference-between-http-and-https.htm#did-you-knowhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wide_Web