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I pads in the classroom revisedra
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I pads in the classroom revisedra


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  • There are two models – iPad and iPad2. Difference between iPad and iPad II is there is a camera and Facetime.
  • Review device hardware. Home button- if you get lost, go home. The Home screen of the iPad has the Status Bar which shows the time, iPad, and the wireless connectivity.
  • Review device hardware. On the back of the iPad there is the sleep/wake button and on/off button. To turn it to sleep or wake, gently press the button on the back. To turn the iPad off, keep your finger pressed down on the button and on the front of the iPad “slide to power off”. To turn it back on, press down on the button and it will turn on. There is also an ear phone jack, microphone, and silent button in the back. On the student iPads they are programed for silent. There are dongles (VGA connectors) for presentation. With another cable, you can connect it to the ActivBoard with a box in the back directly. If there is not a box in the back, you will need to disconnect the cable with the computer and the ActivBoard.
  • Discuss the different areas of the Home Screen. The Home screen of the iPad has the Status Bar which shows the time, iPad, and the wireless connectivity. You can swipe through each of the screens. The dots tell you how many screen you have. The Dock bar is at the bottom and it stays on each one of the screens, as that is why is it is “docked”. There can be four to six icons on the dock bar. The ones that are on the student ones are Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod.
  • Operating system coordinators all hardware functions and App control of iPad. DCSS is currently using version 4 for now.
  • Apple has release version 5. There are definite difference between 4 and 5.
  • Explain that some Apps are built in by Apple and others are third party.
  • Review typing. On-screen keyboard.
  • Camera has been turned off for student devices.
  • There is no home page. It always shows the last page loaded. Go through the controls at the top. Point out that Flash does not work with Safari as of yet and so some pages won’t load. Safari- Internet When you click on Safari, you may see Airwatch. Just ignore it and type in an address. You can open a new page by clicking on the page symbol at the top. This will also show the number of pages that are open and where you can toggle amongst the pages. There is also a button where you can Bookmark pages and look at History (looks like a book). There is also a button with an arrow where you can Add Bookmark and Add to Home Screen. You can add a website to the Home Screen by resizing the picture by zooming in and out, clicking on Add to Home Screen, and naming the website app. Flash is not enabled so certain websites may not work.
  • Disabled for DCSS users…right now.
  • Demonstrate how to manage Apps on Home Screens. Managing Apps- keep your finger on an app until they all jiggle. You will not be able to delete any apps. You can move the apps around the screen when they are jiggling, and you can move the app from screen to screen by putting at the edge of the screen and it will go to that screen. To make it stop jiggling, press the Home button.
  • Creating folders- drag an app on top of another app, and this will create a folder. A name will automatically come up, but you can rename it. You can continue to drag the apps into the folder. For example, you may want to make a Math app folder. There is an onscreen keyboard. Whenever you want to type, touch the screen where you want to type and the keyboard comes up. To get rid of the keyboard, press the picture of the keyboard in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Teachers can add Apps, but can not delete. Students can not add nor delete apps. Discuss Apple IDs.
  • Don’t connect the iPad to the computer and add apps with iTunes and upgrade software
  • Don’t connect the iPad to the computer and add apps with iTunes and upgrade software
  • Airwatch- knows where you are and where you use wireless.
  • Transcript

    • 2. Agenda
      • iPad Training DCSS policy/procedures
      • Getting to know your iPad
      • Apps – Notes, Safari, FirstClass, etc
      • Using the Camera – teacher’s iPad only
      • Managing iPads in the classroom
      • Set wallpaper
      • Create folders
      • Using the VGA dock connector
      • Troubleshooting
    • 3. iPad Models iPad iPad 2
    • 4. Getting to Know your iPad
      • Powering up/turning on
      • Powering down/putting to sleep
      • Charging – status bar
      • Sound
      • Screens
        • Search screen
        • Home screen
        • Dock
        • Navigating/swiping
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. Status Bar Dock
    • 8. What is ?
      • Operating system for Apple's mobile devices
      • Latest DeKalb version is 4.3.5
    • 9.  
    • 10. iPad Training DCSS Policy/Procedures
      • Who can add/delete apps?
        • The current configuration does not allow students to add and/or delete apps, but teachers can add apps to any iPad configured as a teacher device. Teachers cannot add/delete apps from student devices.
      • Will the iPADS camera be activated?
        • At this time only Administrator and Teacher iPads will have the camera activated.
      • How do we purchase Applications for the iPads?
        • DeKalb County School System has set up an Apple account for volume purchasing. If a school wants to purchase apps, they must submit request to Instructional Technology.
      • Will teachers be able to access YouTube on the iPads?
        • The iPads route through the same filter as workstations and laptops, therefore YouTube is not currently accessible.
    • 11. What exactly is an App?
      • APP is an abbreviation for application.
      • Applications are various programs that perform various tasks.
      • As of May 2011, there are over 500,000 apps available in the Apple Store.
    • 12.  
    • 13. Taking Notes: Notes App
      • Take notes and automatically save.
      • Activity:
      • Change Font
      • Auto-Correct
      • Special Characters
      • Connecting Bluetooth Keyboard
    • 14. Say Cheese!: Camera & Photo App
      • View Photos
      • Create Slideshows
      • Camera is turned off for student devices
      • Activity:
      • Take a Photo
      • Take a Screen Shot
    • 15. Surfing the Net: Safari App
      • Web Browser
      • Mobile-Enable Sites
      • Flash Issues
      • Activity:
      • Create a Bookmark
      • Add to Home Screen
    • 16. FaceTime
      • Disabled for DCSS users
      • Video Conferencing
      • Uses WiFi Connection
      • iPad 2, iPhone 4, & iPod Touch 4 th Gen
    • 17. Managing Apps
      • Searching
        • + means iPad and iPod
        • screen size difference
      • Installing Apps
      • Organizing Apps
        • Move
        • Delete
    • 18. Create Folders
      • Keep your finger on an app until they jiggle
      • Drag an app on top of another app to create a folder
      • A name will automatically come up, but you can rename it
      • You can continue to drag other apps into the folder
    • 19. Management:  Set the Locking Screen Wallpaper of Each iPad with a Different Number
      • Open Safari
      • Go to Google Images and search for a number picture
      • Download a picture of the desired number
      • Go to Photos and launch the picture
      • Tap the Action Button
      • Tap Use as Wallpaper
      • Set Lock Screen or Set Home Screen or Set Both
      • You may use different pictures for each screen
    • 20. Managing iPads in the Classroom
      • Instructional Technology iPad website: it/ipad/pdfs/DCSS_iPadQuickTips.pdf
      • Tony Vincent’s website:
      • iPods and iPads in the Classroom website: /
      • 66 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the  Classroom:
      • http :// /
    • 21. There’s an App for That! App Store
      • Online store for over 500,000 categorized apps
      • “ Apple-supported” apps are only available through the Apple Store
      • Accessible via the "App" app or iTunes
      • Must set up an Apple Account to download.
    • 22. Searching for Apps On your Device
    • 23. iTunes: Syncing with the “Home Computer”
      • Home Computer is the workstation used to initially set up device and synchronize data.
      • DO NOT sync with any computer without guidance from MIS. You will corrupt the current installation.
    • 24. Connecting iPad Connect to workstation’s USB port Connect to mobile device (iPad, iPod, iPhone)
    • 25. Connecting iPad Connect to iPads
    • 26. Using the VGA Adapter
      • Use the Apple VGA Adapter to mirror whatever’s on your iPad 2 on your VGA-equipped projector
      • Watch slideshows and video by connecting your iPad to a television, projector, or other VGA-compatible display.
    • 27.
      • Mobile Device Management System
        • DCSS Mandatory Device Installation
        • Controls devices – Location, App & Network Management
      • Two Configurations for Schoolhouse
        • Faculty: Add Apps, Can’t Delete, No Video Conferencing
        • Student: Can’t Add/Delete Apps, No Camera, No Video Conferencing, No App Store, No iTunes
      • Current Settings may change at any time.
      • All devices reset will have to be re-enrolled before being used on our network.
    • 28.