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How do living things survive in different places
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How do living things survive in different places



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. How do livingthings survive in different places?
  • 2. DesertDry and hot Gets veryenvironment little rain.
  • 3. Few kinds of animals and plants are adapted to live there. Example:Cactus LizardsStores water to use it later. Hide under rocks during theThey have sharp needles to day, when it is hot.prevent it from animals that They come out at night, whenwant to eat it. it is cool.
  • 4. Tundra Cold Snowyenvironment environment
  • 5. Plants grow Animals haveclose to each fur to keep other. them warm.
  • 6. Some animals have fur that change color with seasons. In fall In spring White fur grows to Brown fur grows tohelp them hide in the help them hide in winter. summer.
  • 7. Grassland Covered Elephants andwith grass. large animals travel in groups to.
  • 8. Elephants andother animalstravel in groupsto stay safe. Some animals are able to run fast to stay safe. Ex. Cheetahs
  • 9. Rain forest Wet Hotenvironment. environment.(Rains almost (Hot all year) everyday)
  • 10. The trees aretall to reach thesunlight.
  • 11. - Monkeys livehigh in thetrees.- They can holdonto brancheswith their tails.- This lets themgrab food withtheir hands.
  • 12. Batshunt atnight.
  • 13. Green treefrog hassticky feetthat helpit climbthe trees.
  • 14. OceanLarge body of salt water.
  • 15. Ocean animals To find thelive at the top food they part of the need. ocean. Ocean plantslive at the top To get sunlight part of the they need. ocean.
  • 16. Ocean animals stay safe in many ways:Fish changecolor to hide.Fish havescales toprotect them.
  • 17. Jelly fish stinganimals thatcome tooclose to it.
  • 18. Its body shape help it swim quickly.Shark hassharp teethto help itcatch food.
  • 19. Octopus usesits 8 arms tocatch food.
  • 20. Pond Freshwaterenvironment.
  • 21. They grow onthe surface to get sunlight.