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Standard text messaging rates apply does light travel and interact with matter


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  • 1. How does light travel and interact with matter? Chapter 12: Lesson 3:
  • 2. Distance traveled by light from sun to earth =90 million miles
  • 3. What is light made up of? Electric waves Magnetic waves
  • 4. Light can travel through vacuum. Speed of light in vacuum is faster than its speed in solid, liquid or gas.
  • 5. Distance between one peak and the next in a wave. To calculate the speed of a wave: Speed = Wavelength x frequency
  • 6. Types of materials Transparent Translucent Opaque Allow most light to pass through them. Allow some light to pass through them. No light can pass through them.
  • 7. Determine what is transparent, translucent and opaque.
  • 8. When light does not pass through opaque objects it forms SHADOWS.
  • 9. Position of the SHADOW depends upon the position of the light source. Example:
  • 10. Draw the sunlight rays falling on the objects.
  • 11. Determine the position of the sun in the following pictures.
  • 12. To change the size of the shadow, move closer or away from the light source.
  • 13. How do we see objects? Light hits the objects and scatters (we see objects).
  • 14. Law of reflection: Angle of incoming light = angle of reflected light
  • 15. How can we see images in mirrors?
  • 16. Draw the light rays that helps the girl see her image.
  • 17. The image in a mirror is clear because most of the light is reflected off the mirror’s smooth surface.
  • 18. Look at the spoon in the glass of water. Is the spoon broken?
  • 19. The spoon is not broken. When light enters a different medium it bends and when it is leaving it bends to the opposite side again.
  • 20. Bending of light while passing from on substance to another is called REFRACTION.
  • 21. Draw the light rays to explain what is happening.
  • 22. WaterAir Air Draw the light rays to explain what is Refraction.
  • 23. Sunlight is white light, when it passes through a rain drop it is divided into 7 colors.
  • 24. When white light passes through a prism it comes out as a spectrum (7 colors of rainbow)
  • 25. The colors of the spectrum.
  • 26. Each color has a different wavelength.
  • 27. Red light has long wavelength. Violet light has Short wavelength. The way we see colored objects depends on the color that is reflected.
  • 28. Example: The leaf is green so it absorbs all light and green light is reflected.
  • 29. The apple is red so it absorbs all light and red light is reflected.
  • 30. Predict what light is reflected for you to see the color.