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iRise software modeling …

iRise software modeling

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  • 1. CIS 532 Network Architecture and Analysis
    • Mehmet Akcora iRise
  • 2. iRise layout of typical shopping steps. I have featured two possible endings and provided two scenarios for the shopping experience.
  • 3. The homepage of . The next step is to select “corals” since we assume that the buyer is interested in buying a coral.
  • 4. Roscoe’s Blue coral is selected and added to the cart. The next step is going to be a summary of the items currently in the shopping cart.
  • 5. The shopping cart is showing the item and shipment pricing. The next step is going to be logging in.
  • 6. The site offers two different types of log in. The first one is for new customers and the second log in option is for returning customers. Returning customer log in helps the system keep track of the customer’s purchase preferences and history.
  • 7. The confirmation page is the last step towards completing the order. This website offers a number of ways for payments and one of them is merchant credit card payment method as featured here.
  • 8. The second scenario for this example could be purchasing more things. The website lets the customer to edit the shopping cart and add more things even after the confirmation page, however this should be done right before the payment finalizing the order.
  • 9. Selecting to continue shopping the customer is directed to another page and can freely roam the website. Nevertheless, his/her previous items are still in the cart.
  • 10. Whether the customer wishes to continue shopping or confirm his/her payment, this is the last step in order to place the order.