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Breaking through the barriers - creative thinking tools
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Breaking through the barriers - creative thinking tools


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Slides from the Reed Learning seminar "Breaking through the barriers - creative thinking tools" presented by David White at the office* 2013 exhibition.

Slides from the Reed Learning seminar "Breaking through the barriers - creative thinking tools" presented by David White at the office* 2013 exhibition.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Breaking through the barriers: creative thinking tools David White, Reed Learning
  • 2. A taster of Reed Learning
  • 3. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein
  • 4. But on the other hand...
  • 5. We need to be creative! • The world’s most successful modern organisations are proof that creative ideas are more important than physical resources – Apple, Google, Twitter, Netflix, Samsung... • Whatever we do for a living – We need to creative too • Breaking through the barriers: creative thinking tools – Only have 1 hour • Objectives – Know three key tools – Try them out in some exercises – Believe in your abilities
  • 6. Your brain - is it up to it? • 10,000,000,000 neurons • It would take a CRAY supercomputer 100 years to accomplish what your brain can do in… • 1 minute • If you lost 10,000 cells per day by the age of 80 you would still have… • 97%
  • 7. Left and Right Brain LEFT • • • • • • • • • • • • • Speech Calculation Reading & Writing Naming Ordering Analysis & Evaluation Logic Fact-based Hierarchy Serious Adult Masculine Detail RIGHT • • • • • • • • • • • • • Art & Music Emotion Recognition Comprehension Facial expression Imagery Creativity Intuition Unstructured Sense of humour Child Feminine The Whole
  • 8. Let’s have a quick brain test...
  • 9. Topic One: The Power of the Positive
  • 10. Born creative, born lucky? • Recent research on luck invited two groups of people to take part – Those who thought themselves lucky - and those who did not • Both were given the same exercise to do – Sorting cards • Some of the cards had messages on them, such as ‘hand in this card for an immediate prize’ – Guess what?! • Only the lucky group spotted and/or acted on the messages – So luck is just about being awake... • Maybe creativity is the same!
  • 11. Attitude is everything If you tell a child: “Don’t touch the wet paint” What do they hear? “Touch the wet paint”
  • 12. The power of the positive “10 million children are starving to death: please help” “£1 saves a starving child: please save a life today”
  • 13. Were we more creative as children? Children have: • • • • Fewer rules Fewer maps More energy More curiosity
  • 14. Goal focused thinking ‘Focus on the gap, not the obstacle’
  • 15. Turn problem into a + goal • Let’s pick a problem or two that we all know... – Getting home late – Excessive reliance on email • How can we make them into positive goals? – Being home by six at least one night per week and taking the kids swimming... – A conversation with each team member by phone, or directly, at least once per day
  • 16. Putting it another way “I never look at the consequences of missing a big shot . . . when you think about the consequences you always think of a negative result.” Michael Jordan
  • 17. Topic Two: Creating a better map of the world
  • 18. How accurately do we perceive reality?
  • 19. Analogue vs Digital
  • 20. ty ali Qu £ Products Style m s ’m S s er W ts ke ar WW W Marketing Comms Di st r ib ut io n Ad ve rtis ing al git Di Sex n ti o a uc Ed to us C e Ag e ng Ra £ ho p Competition £s St ore s Se s ice rv ut yo La al git Di Location
  • 21. Topic Three: Reversing the Rules
  • 22. Rule Reversal • Rules are the patterns that stifle creativity • Lock us into old solutions that may have been outmoded by changes in technology, wealth, social custom…. • Trick is to identify the pattern of rules, conventions, assumptions, traditions… • Seek ways to contradict them • Explore uses and non-uses
  • 23. Rule Reversal Rule: we can’t say you won’t like our product
  • 24. Rule Reversal Rule: we can’t say you can’t buy our product
  • 25. Breaking rules to make life interesting Seen on the doors in a design agency’s offices
  • 26. Rule Reversal – a formula for jokes “I want to go to heaven but if Jeffrey Archer’s there I’d rather go to Lewisham.” Spike Milligan 1918-2002
  • 27. What are the rules of car advertising? • • • • Colour Country lanes Pretty people Perfection….
  • 28. Rule Reversal • How do you make people think again about clothes made from animals? • Start point: how are leather clothes advertised? The rules: • No pictures of the animal, or how it is processed, • Lovely colours, flattering the wearer
  • 29. Rule Reversal applied • ‘vacuum cleaners must have bags’ • ‘glues must set’ • ‘queues are no fun’ • ‘you can’t jump a red light’
  • 30. Rule reversal exercise • You own a nightclub in a residential area • Your patrons are keeping the neighbours awake when they leave in the early hours of the morning • Apply rule reversal to this problem to generate ways of keeping your customers and your licence • Identify rules & think of ways to break them • Some ideas will be useful
  • 31. Left or Right Brain? • Imagine a tennis tournament with 111 players • What is the minimum number of matches that need to be played to find the winner? • Singles, no tricks • Work in pairs or small groups • Everyone must have an answer!
  • 32. So how we can we improve our creativity? • The Power of the Positive • Creating a map of the world • Reversing the Rules
  • 33. Thank you and good luck! 0800 170 7777 David White