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A Comparison between the epic films Matrix: Revolutions and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

A Comparison between the epic films Matrix: Revolutions and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.



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    Reece Reece Presentation Transcript

    • Matrix Revolutions vs. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King By Reece Massey
    • Main Heroes
      • Neo
      • Brave, fast, selfless
      • Believes in his power
      • Gives hope to others
      • Loves Trinity, curious
      • Frodo
      • Brave, smart, selfless
      • Pure heart, strong willed
      • Sees good in others
      • Small and weaker
    • Sub Heroes
      • Morpheus, Trinity, Seraph, Oracle
      • Save Neo from Trainman
      • Wisdom, love, partnership
      • Believes in Neo “the one”
      • Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Sam, Gandalf
      • Protect Frodo from Orcs
      • Wisdom, loyalty, guides
      • Faith in Frodo and ring
    • Quest and Conflict
      • Matrix
      • Machines, Agent Smith
      • Outnumbered greatly
      • Smith takes over matrix, machines destroy Zion
      • Virus with mechanical vengeance
      • Middle Earth
      • Orcs, The Ring
      • Overwhelming power
      • Complete destruction of human race
      • Consumed by greed and hate
    • Setting
      • Matrix, Real world
      • Matrix infinitely big, unreal
      • Zion, Machine world
      • Middle Earth, Mordor
      • Minas Tirith, Gondor, Mines
      • Very vast distances
    • Courage
      • Humans fight Machines
      • Trinity fights for Neo
      • Neo goes to Machine World
      • Fights impossible battle
      • Humans fight Orcs
      • Fellowship protects Frodo
      • Frodo travels to Mordor
      • Insane odds of survival
    • Guides - Wisdom
      • Oracle, Morpheus
      • Sees future (program), knows consequences of choices
      • Morpheus is smart, tells Neo what he needs to know
      • Saved Neo from Matrix
      • Gandalf, Galadriel
      • Predicts future, Elf witch, gives tools to hobbits
      • Wizard (magic) very wise, guides Frodo and fellowship
      • Pulled Frodo from the Shire
    • Supernatural
      • Matrix, do what you believe
      • Replication, programs
      • Oracle sees future
      • Machines have intelligence
      • The Ring, unnatural power
      • Orcs, Nazgul
      • Gandalf is a wizard, elves
      • Army of the dead
    • Parallels
      • Going into Machine world --> Going into Mordor
      • Zion facing destruction --> Middle Earth facing destruction
      • Neo destroys Agent Smith --> Frodo destroys The Ring
      • Neo pulled from Matrix --> Frodo pulled from Shire
      • Bane betrays Neo --> Schmeagle betrays Frodo
    • Theme
      • Theme of Matrix is to believe in yourself and have the courage to do what you believe in, no matter the consequences.
      • Theme of LOTR is to trust in yourself and don’t let your will be broken down, to have courage and bravery.
    • Villains
      • Agent Smith
      • Virus in the Matrix
      • Replication abilities, no true form
      • Superhuman strength and speed
      • Death by corruption
      • Witch King
      • Nazgul as their mount
      • Shadow wraith form, magical
      • Magical strength
      • Death by woman
      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d14jRsAobtk