Tag Team Club Sandwich: Supporting the Learner Returner


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Pecha Kucha presentation at the JISC RSC NW annual event 2009, Anthony Beal & Eleanor Johnston, West Cheshire College. Contact 01244 670578 - http://library.west-cheshire.ac.uk/

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  • Who are AB and EJ
  • What is WCC
  • Building a difference – talk about the vision!!! New way of teaching and learning
  • Our delivery methods compliment the new teaching ethos and showcase innovative teaching methods across the curriculum
  • What is Springboard?
  • Who are we delivering too?
  • Why are we doing it? To provide support and guidance to ensure students have all the skills they need to progress through their studies and beyond It is a requirement of validation that this support is given to FD students
  • This is what we teach Academic writing Referencing Research skills Reflective learning
  • Broader how Club sandwich
  • How do we do it? Tag team teaching style
  • How to II Facilitated – no talking at the group
  • How III The style of the lesson Start with guided conversation to draw out the needs of the group (e.g. Martin Luther King web site., http://www.dhmo.org/
  • How to IV From conversation to theory to practical: Talk, learn, show, do
  • Instil an academic ethos The standard for a foundation degree is high, WCC and FD universities expect excellent skills to be demonstrated by our students
  • Overcoming barriers – how to teach the club sandwich and get students to learn?
  • But - Style of teaching 1 Fun Engaging Stimulating
  • Style of teaching 2 Interacting Discussion
  • Style of teaching 3: As session is facilitated, can also be by: Peer learning Self identified needs
  • Review Learning - the group get together to review what they have learnt – discussion.
  • Our success – student survey, how we change our teaching methods
  • Tag Team Club Sandwich: Supporting the Learner Returner

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