Developing digitally literate staff and students


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A Skills Scan to help you develop digitally literate staff and students within your organisation

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Developing digitally literate staff and students

  1. 1. #jiscdiglit Anthony Beal, e-Learning Advisor MILT / LILT Forum - 1 April 2014 Developing digitally literate staff and students within your organisation ©aidan.expedition LicencedunderCreativeCommons © katyscrapbooklady Licenced under Creative Commons
  2. 2. An Introduction to Skills Scan ● Based on the Electronic Training Needs Analysis (ETNA) survey developed by RSC Scotland ● Provides strategic information to decision makers within the institution to help identify training needs and inform staff development But… ● Need to incorporate other educational sectors (WBL, ACL, etc) ● Demand to incorporate key aspects of digital literacies into the survey
  3. 3. The staff development challenge... The work of art depicted in this image and the reproduction thereof are in the public domain worldwide. The reproduction is part of a collection of reproductions compiled by The Yorck Project. The compilation copyright is held by Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
  4. 4. How does it work? Contact your Jisc Regional Support Centre to set up an initial consultation to identify:- ● What staff development issues you would you like to address? ● What questions you would like to include? ● Over what timescale would you like to carry out the survey? ● Which staff within your organisation would you like to target? ● How granular would you like the feedback report to be? The Jisc RSC advisor, facilitates the meeting, creates the survey, analyses the data and provides feedback and any follow-up actions.
  5. 5. The Skills Scan allows you to: ● Tailor the questions to your specific needs ✔ ● Identify gaps in current staff skills and behaviours ✔ ● Target specific roles within your organisation (i.e. Curriculum, Support, etc) ✔ ● Plan meaningful staff development activities based on demand and pitch ✔ ● Access support in developing resources to support staff development ✔
  6. 6. Key sections ● Be safe in a digital environment ● Find evaluate and apply information ● Use digital tools ● Showcase achievement ● Awareness and management of digital identity ● Collaborate – education, community & work life
  7. 7. Tailoring the Skills Scan to your needs ● Can be branded with your logo to give more ownership ● Questions tailored to your needs & can be added ● Questions can be targeted at different roles ● Survey results can be mapped to training resources for the elements of DL ● Pilot at Northwest college focused on HE
  8. 8. Tailor questions Screen shot of master question bank to show how it can be customised
  9. 9. Staff development ● Your Jisc RSC can provide training for selected, identified areas for development ● After deciding on priorities organisations can discuss their options with their RSC ● They will provide you with an offer of training or direct you to other training opportunities ● Recommended training resources for each element of DL will be included in the report
  10. 10. Be safe in a digital environment: SD examples ● Jisc RSC support and guidance on esafety. ● Jisc Legal's template esafety policy. ● Jisc RSC Eastern's esafety Moodle course. ● Jisc Netskills advice and guidance on developing a social media strategy. ● Jisc Infonet’s e-Safety Toolkit
  11. 11. Showcase achievement: SD examples ● Building a Professional Online Presence - Moodle course material ● Prince’s Trust - Digital Literacy Survey 2013 ● Students...Kick-Start Your Personal Brand Online ● How to Clean Up Your Online Presence and Make a Great First Impression. ● How To Use Twitter To Help You Find A Job.
  12. 12. Over to you…. You can see an example of the Skills Scan survey at:
  13. 13. More details: If you would like to carry out a Skills Scan at your organisation or would like to know more contact:- Northwest region: Anthony Beal @redsontour Yorkshire & Humber region: Scott Hibberson @scotthibberson #jiscdiglit (You must be a supported learning provider to qualify for this service)